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Who is Self?

Self is the idea of the temporal world. We try to shape who we think we should be based on the perspective of what we think others think of us.  We come into the world already existing and immediately see what pleases our parents. The mind begins placing markers for a representative to exist. No one knows God is our mother, father, brother, or sister or that Spirit is how we live. 

The mind starts attaching meaning to what is around us and through our senses. We identify what is tangible without knowing God. The body is used to create the representative. We make the body self out of assuming. No one is carrying depth for the invisible world to know more. The idea of self at this level of consciousness is trying to awaken.

When God created human consciousness, He shaped a light out of the many. We are a blend of light, only knowing a single idea with other ones in us. We’re an idea in the mind of God, and everything we know as life is an idea in our mind. The word created the world and gave us the way to know only our thoughts as life. We live in oru narrative only knowing one level of thinking out of an infinite. 

Once we make the body self, we place self-identity in temporal objects and ideas. We place self-identity in our clothes, name, car, family, hairstyle, job title, neighborhood, and bank account. We’re making an idea exist instead of uncovering depth for Truth. No one is trying to know creation or live for enlightenment. We’re going along with what we see, having no aptitude or Spirit or Love. The mind doesn’t know light. We live matter identification instead of Spirit identification. We shape what is in front of us instead of knowing a deeper part of our existence. 

The mind places other people’s ideas of us as the building blocks of self. We don’t catch it happening. But the daydreaming mind is the builder of our costume for self to exist. What we believe people perceive of us we shape as the best costume we can. 

Nothing we think of as who we are ever lives again. When we leave the body, every idea of self fades, as does this world. When we live more, we will have another body and story. We’re experiencing one level of consciousness in matter. 

The magnitude of our being is the Soul, which is consciousness and Love. The Soul is always in Heaven, giving the Spirit the way to live in the matter for a brief time. We’re accumulating Love for our light in God to deepen in Him. The more depth we acquire, the more Love we become. 

Hear an Angel Speak

 Here is an Angel telling us “You Are Him.” Referring to God. 

Love is All that is Real

Thoughts are transitory and part of the story: they fade and never return when we leave the body. Living in a life continuum for eternity already told us self didn’t exist. We’ll have a trillion bodies, and each one will live with a story of family and self. We’re conscious energy traveling through matter for light in God. 

The earth, the universe, and all of life are consciousness.  

 I am not the body. I am Love. Love is all that is real. Everything else is the story for knowing it.