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Who is God?

God has lived in all levels of human consciousness, placing what takes us closer to Him. We’re navigating through our ideas and ways for deeper knowing. God is consciousness living as resonance. He embodies the light within all life and serves as the blueprint for life itself. It’s important to recognize that God is not confined to religious ideologies. Instead, He represents the essence of all existence, with variations of His light giving rise to diverse light in consciousness.

God shaped human consciousness out of His energy and placed the word for consciousness to exist. God has been alive for hundreds of billions of years. His light placed energy for knowing itself at different levels for self-organizing energy to shape human photosynthesis. Human photosynthesis is energy in temperature, placing matter for human consciousness.

God created everything in existence, and only His ideas live as life. We’re an idea in the mind of God and everything we think is an idea in our mind. 

God doesn’t live in our reality; He is beyond it. Life is living on many levels, but we only experience our level of consciousness and what is in front of us. There is more here. We’re more advanced than we know. 

We often live to conform to society rather than seeking to expand our knowledge beyond it. Our thought processes are often limited to material matters rather than delving into spiritual understanding and enlightenment. We tend to associate God with religious concepts and false idols due to our lack of awareness about the greater world. Many of us have not yet embraced the idea of surrendering ourselves to a higher power. Instead, we remain entrenched in a lower level of consciousness, identifying with our physical bodies and viewing society as reality. We are unaware of the multitude of other intelligent races that coexist with us, and we have yet to fully comprehend the immense span of time that has contributed to our human existence.

We’re a thinking species that hasn’t lived for consciously evolving. We’ve missed the opportunity to know God because we choose religions instead. 

We come into a world already existing. We see cars, trees, and oceans, but there’s only energy here. Matter is a nothingness only existing in consciousness. If we saw creation’s level of life, we would see grids of energy crisscrossing for as far as the eye can see. Human beings are imprinting upon energy matters level from our level of consciousness.

Knowing God

Understanding God comes from being able to hear His voice. Until that happens, we are influenced by the lower mind, with ego and satan designing our idea of God. It’s only when we hear His voice that we truly know Him. Until then, we are caught up in self-chatter, shaping our ideas of self and society as reality. No one can design what it is to live with God, fulfill it, and truly believe it is so.  Throughout history, only a few people have lived with God teaching about Himself.

The walk is not in the mind; it’s outside of the mind and deeper within the Soul. We are a variance of God learning to know it. God does not adhere to the mind’s eye; He knows the light of the Soul. The mind is always caught up in a story based on this one level of consciousness – the temporal story. God knows the eternal.

Consciously Evolving

The journey of the Soul involves transitioning from everything other than Love to Love. Although we always carry blessings, some life experiences require more light to navigate. Embracing Love brings light.

God has given us a way to elevate our thought system to higher levels of the world. He provides more light for those who seek it. As we become more acquainted with God, Heaven becomes apparent. Heaven consists of other races blending their light with ours. Angels, Celestial Light, Conscious Energy, and Spark beings are all present with us. God bestows His light upon those whom He chooses.

When God moves in us, it is beyond anything else in life. It reminds us we’ve been created, and more is here. His Love is beyond our idea of Love, and His giving to a human being for His depth is rare and a miracle. When He does, it is to change human consciousness for eternity. No one can buy it or process it themselves. More has to be acquired in another level of our existence.

God’s light opens our eyes to a world no one else has seen. We live with other races knowing a deeper Truth of being human. Translight, telepathy, and knowing our future are gifts God gives when He opens our light in Him. It isn’t through an ability we have. It’s His light placing us in Heaven. See how telepathy works here.