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  1. God isn’t in religion. He is the creator of everything in existence and is with us whether we know Him or not. He is the blueprint to life, giving us consciousness to know matter. God is hundreds of billions of years alive and is keeping measure of every atom for human consciousness to assign the atom’s purpose and the livingness of the particle.
  2. Jesus isn’t in religion. He’s the Son of God and is Love. He’s our door to God. The more Love we become, the more light we have in consciousness. The light is God’s energy moving in us.
  3. Satan doesn’t exist as a someone. It’s the darker idea of life. It’s been shaped with ego and the little person’s idea of life. It’s matters level in lower earthly energy. Satan quietly weaves millions of tiny snakes into our thought system and steals light by denying higher-minded ways of living. It hides pain energy in our thinking. Some know it as darkness, the lower mind, the little person, wounded thinking, or the shadow.
  4. Ego is the rabid dog chasing after any idea that can fit its own idea of self and life. Ego doesn’t care if we’re wrong. It’s constantly searching every little speck of life to make itself feel good. The ego is the denier of Truth. It has bent every idea to keep itself safe.
  5. The Little Person is the idea of self at matters level. We live to be something for society instead of unraveling everything, we are to know our divine light.
  6. The Devil isn’t a someone. It’s the dark in human consciousness being brought into matter. Our thoughts live in so much fear we are evil, jealous, cruel, angry, and harmful to life. It’s satans energy knowing selfishness, and greed for ideas of darkness to live validly. The devil is also society’s idea of life. The lower earthly living keeps us in attack & defend creating opponents. We’re living matters level because we can’t escape it. To leave, we need hear God. The thought system has to change from one reality to another, knowing Love as life. We’re living everything other than Love to live as Love. 

The Little Persons State of Mind 

The right-minded idea of life won’t carry feelings that override consciousness. We feel before we hear thought and develop algorithms of darkness at birth. The world we come into is the devil’s level because religion capsized knowing God, and humanity made money as a second God. We don’t know light and shape light from darker earthly energy. It’s not light. It’s the best we can do in lower mind. 

Right-minded living is living outside of the stories and deeper in Christ. God gave us the way to live in free will. Free will is living through anything we can think of and bringing it into being. We’re at one level of thinking, trying to consciously evolve out of the dark into light. We don’t live for enlightenment or consciously evolving. We go to school and learn to think the devil’s ideas and never do we leave them. By the time we’re thirteen, we have ideologies forming and belief systems intact. We haven’t learned about the invisible world, or that matter is a nothingness only exists in consciousness. 

No one told us that life is one level of consciousness creating ideas for the world to move by. We haven’t learned about consciousness or that different levels of energy carry different worlds. The mind is an apparatus of energy and is temporal and capable of only telling stories at the present level of human consciousness. It leaves when we leave the body, and never do any of the stories exist again. Human consciousness is energy constantly changing for new stories in matter as we live for depth in God. 

Light is a higher idea that doesn’t stand in lower earthly energy. God told us to keep Him above all things for knowing life beyond face-value thinking. He gave us the depth of His existence for living deeper in Him. Humanity has never made it. We don’t know creation and have no idea of the enormity of thought. We treat thinking like nothing, and all the while, every thought shapes what we believe is life. 

Science never knew anything written here until God placed it for humanity. Only one level of consciousness knows the world; only self-chatter exists as life until we reach God. Our narrative is the only level of living we have. We hear what we want to hear and hear what we don’t want to hear. Only our interpretation is living. Consciousness requires depth, substance, and maturity, shaped outside our worldly ideas of life. Depth is a substance maker that lives in ideas from deeper places in God. Society doesn’t house the enormity of substance. Our making choices outside of it builds the way. It moves for knowing more than what is at face value and lives to know Love.

Society glamorizes satan without knowing the consequences. We haven’t been awake to corner our ideas for placing higher light in them. No one is observing thought, pausing thought, or trying to know where it’s coming from. We displaced depth when science shared a three-dimensional theory as the world. Science had no idea how matter was existing or what consciousness was to do that. When we decided that our ideas were true because we could bring them into being, we lost the way to know life.

Anyone who can bring something into being that others agree with feels like it’s factual but has no idea how many other races live for it to be in the human story. It’s a transient idea that places something for a moment to live through to something else. That’s all we’re doing. It’s like the world of playdo. We’re shaping what we think is real and living through it, something else, trying to awaken from our idea of knowing and not knowing. The mind doesn’t carry other races and has no idea of the quantum existence of life. We’re face value living through stories that live very real but are illusions we bring into being. We’re living from one level of thinking like a record spinning only to its rhythm. We don’t leave this level of consciousness unless we lose our lives to gain them in God. 

The thought system has to change to see more. If we stay at matters level, placing meaning and attachment at that level, we carry nothing more than self-identity in matter. The sharp shooter in human consciousness is the ego, wanting to feel good no matter what. We can live in lies and believe we stand in Truth. We can persecute human beings while believing we are saving them. The mind is a roaring madman trying to find sanity in an insane world. 

Living with so many elements placing impressions on what we call reality is the cesspool of consciousness. Consciousness is all that is alive, and where we focus is what builds reality. If we focus on calamities, fear, or any tiny amount of darkness, it roars blindly for stories for its own existence. It’s feeding the ego to feel something. We displace strength out of weaknesses. We believe we are adults when we think childishly. We don’t know how to think; we do it and live with a measurement that is society’s acceptance of where thinking should rest. 

The idea of life isn’t based on God’s creation. It’s based upon the devil’s level, making up whatever it can as life. No one knows Heaven on Earth and won’t. We are too far below higher energy to shape consciousness deeper in God. We’re using up every bit of lower earthly energy for the ego to feel like somebody that is good. Human ideas of self lived before Jesus walked the earth. No one knew the Spirit or God. Very few individuals have lived hearing God. 

The walk with God isn’t mainstream. It’s outside the mind’s story and deeper in the Soul. We’re edging towards ego with every thought instead of dismantling it. The level of knowing for humanity is face-value thinking. Most people dismiss God and Angels not because of their depth for knowing life, but out of satan knowing nothing about creation but believing we know life well enough to have beliefs. We’re children who haven’t opened our eyes to the bigger world—we walk in ego and satan, not Christ consciousness. 

We idealize images out of fear instead of Love. We’re placing stories for living safely without knowing we’re creating the opposite. In my defenselessness lies my safety isn’t for living in the middle of a war. It’s for the war not to live.  We’re living with storyboards that come to life from placing energy in them. The mind moves with hundreds of billions of ideas in a moment and only registers a tiny fraction. We don’t have eyes seeing creations level of life, and we don’t have minds knowing the totality of living. We’re surmising what we can from an idle idea that was given when we were born. No one taught us to climb out of it and into a new world with God. 

The body is like a suit of clothes we put on and take off in every life. The conscious energy inside of the body is living, and when the body dies, consciousness continues. We’re a species changing form and moving into new life constantly. What we think lives as reality but it’s a veil of illusion placing a feeling into matter. It’s one idea out of an infinite and changes when we change the depth of Love in us. Consciousness is moving out of energy in our Soul. We are living through everything other than Love to Love. 

We’re living from self to light and out of matters level to Heaven. We’re changing the energy in our thought system from living matters thought system to Heavens, living from body identification to Spirit identification. 

The world existed before we arrived and is measuring light for our level of consciousness.  God created us out of His energy, and we exist at a depth within Him. When we think it is from other algorithms in our light. Human consciousness isn’t one strand of light but a woven blend of other intelligences in God. God placed many ideas of light for us to grow from a baby to an adult while energy increased to see matter from other ideas. We live in micro realities throughout life, seeing one world at age seven and another at twenty-one, all from feelings. 

Feelings are mesmerizing themselves in God. Every thought we have has a feeling attached to it. We live honoring our ideas based on how they feel to us. The ego is driving what it wants to feel good, smart, and favored. We claim reality because we want to, not because we know what reality is and isn’t.  We’re living through a story in matter, making it as real as we can. The mind doesn’t know the difference between illusions and real. We have no way to detect illusory or know the bigger world until we can idealize it and takes substance and depth beyond mainstream living. 

When we leave college, human consciousness is in illusory, with zero aptitudes to know God or Angels. Both seem like fairytales; even when we claim we believe in God, we do nothing to know Him. The idea that living religiously is abiding by God is the devil keeping us from God. No one lives beyond religion to God teaching about Himself. We’re trapped in satan pleasing the devil’s level of life, not learning to lose our lives to gain them in God. 

God created energy to know matter from any one level of consciousness. Our ideas become reality. We don’t drive an awakened car; we only drive the one that is asleep.  The car we want is outside of where we are.  

The Shaping of the Mind

The mind isn’t living in deeper water to know Love. We grew up building ego and satan and only knew maters level of life, which is the devil’s level of life, because we don’t consciously evolve beyond it to know Heaven on earth.  We don’t grow up like John the Baptist, hearing God. Nor do we keep God above all things to know light. We grow up building egos and placing human beings outside of us. We immediately try to please our parents and design our eyes to live that way. As adults, we seek other’s approval and find a place within socity to feel good about who we think we are. We believe the body is self and build a representative for living at matters level of life.  We don’t have any muscle for knowing Spirit, God, or Heaven’s level of life.  

The mind doesn’t know anything greater than its own sum. Whatever we think can be who we are.  No one taught us we are not our thoughts or that thinking is a temporal storyteller mustering up whatever it can to live through. The little person’s mindset is from ego and satan trying to be somebody to Love. We create our pseudo-reality and place our existence inside of it.  The stories keep us moving from sun up to sundown. No one knew the Truth, but everyone believed something was true. The world of the little person is society as reality.

The mind won’t hear God as long as we build the muscle to hear parents, teachers, and preachers. We are the people forever seeing but not seeing and always listening but not hearing. Society traps us because we can’t idealize that there is only one of us here with God.  We don’t know His voice or hear Him out of thin air. We have no eyes to see Angels or know the bigger world. We’re making the body self without having a clue about what Spirit is or why God is of no form and of all form. No one knows the world well enough to sidestep satan. We’re the builders of the dark that make believe its light. 

Science exists while having no idea how matter is existing. We live with ideas that gravity, general relativity, and satellites in the sky all live from science. No one thought about other races or even what being created meant. We don’t care. We live whatever we can think and go along with it, feeling like we know many things about life. The world seems to be shaped by our thoughts and grandiosity. Without even knowing how matter exists, we made gravity a front-runner in our world. 

The world of science is the guessing game that feels right. We shape ideas for formulas to work and then believe them. Even though the most profound physicist has only lived in human education, we still believe we know the universe. No one is detecting the amazing story of ego. The mind is a mechanism of what feels right to us. It will make a wrong turn the right one as long as we can find a reason to justify it. We idealize anything for watching it make us “a somebody.” As long as we have a purpose that places us as someone, we live it. The someone never existed; only the idea in consciousness did. Science is like that. We’re living out of ideas that we can muster up and place, but a much bigger part of life does the heavy lifting. 

Conscious Energy is the fabric of the world and is another race deepening depth in God. Conscious Energy is a race of Heaven. The world is resonance with human consciousness imprinting upon energy matters level for living through.  Our thoughts arrive out of other races and exist in them as well. We’re never alone because we’ve been created from God’s light. He shaped human consciousness from an idea in His light. God’s light is tiers of energy deeper than any idea of living we have. 

We don’t live advanced enough to idealize the world in resonance or that it’s endlessly living. The eyes that see Saturn have never been capable of knowing planets or the universe. The story of it has been adequate enough. We can go to the moon and grab dust and never know any part of the sky as energy in God. We don’t have a mind for thinking at that level. We have a mind for matters level, not seeing other races or experiencing His voice. Humanity has long yearned to know about other life while living a story without it. 

Nothing we’re doing is placing depth in our world. We skim the top of it, believing we know the abyss of it. No one cares because college or street smarts provide what we need to live in our make-believe world. Living on a planet in space has never been so easy. We have no idea how we got here or what this is, but we shape a story worth living. We’re majoring in being “a somebody” instead of learning to know light. The mind honors where we focus. 

Matter’s ideas keep us busy placing a representative as someone. The “me” is nothing more than a made-up representative for this one level of consciousness. It’s the only idea we could live with. When we knew God was of no form and of all form and could live in anything and everything, we should have known our likeness was light. 

We don’t register a higher existence because we live matters idea of life. We see matters level and associate everything in life with it. No one is living enlightened to understand living as light. The Spirit is denied daily for the idea of “me” to live instead. We’ve dressed ourselves up and created energy to be the lawyer, senator, CEO, chef, police officer, or something else. As we graduated college, we never saw ourselves designing a costume to carry as self. 

Self doesn’t exist. It’s a transitory idea in matter from this one level of consciousness. We don’t know the Spirit but know the body as self. God of no form and of all form was telling us to know the eternal light of our existence more than the temporal story of the body as self. We don’t give Spirit credence because we don’t live for light. We did the same with God. We don’t know the holy spirit because we place false idols in front of us. The mind isn’t grasping God’s existence because He isn’t a human being in front of us. 

Thousands of years ago, when Judaism was finding its own idea of God, it lost God. No one knew how God existed, and no one would ever explain His existence either. They couldn’t give anything about Him and would only shape human precepts. The idea that another human being knew God and if we adhere to what was given to them, we do too is the devil in human consciousness. God is a living God, and we must live to God teaching about Himself, not adhering to other human being’s ideas of Him. Judaism fell to satan, trying to have favor with God. His light isn’t out of our ideas. Our ideas change and won’t carry depth. God is in light deeper in our Souls. 

The mind is grappling with knowing and not knowing. We develop an architect of feelings that place markers for thinking as children. It becomes our thought maze, which is inside of our thought system. The thought system is multiple canals of ways we can know things. It doesn’t form in human education and has nothing to do with matters level. It already exists in human consciousness and was known before the brain was shaped. We come into a world that already exists and have a way to know a story inside of it. The thought system is part of the environment of living at this one level of consciousness. What we do inside of this beginning has no end. 

Human thinking is out of human photosynthesis, and human photosynthesis is hundreds of trillions and trillions and trillions of energy living in light already placed for this one level of consciousness. We have self-organizing energy housing the ideas we can muster up. The self-organizing energy is weaving through thought to place more light in matter. There’s a hierarchy of intelligence within our thinking for developing matter from any level of consciousness. We’re living in God’s light out of a weaved paradigm placed for human consciousness.  Other races are other intelligences, quantumly living in our light for living in human photosynthesis. 

We wouldn’t know we were alive if not for experiencing matter. God doesn’t need form to know He is alive, and neither do Angels, Conscious Energy, Celestial light, or other races of Heaven. They live in light outside of human consciousness but weaved for it. Being created means living in something, and that’s Heaven. Its light in God created for us as energy to know matter. 

We’re living in consciousness, not knowing its origin or how to move within it. We stay in the story we arrived in instead of learning to go higher. Heaven’s level of life isn’t seen or heard until we know it. The blessing God gave was living in matter from any one level of consciousness. It made the way to live for living for eternity for His light. God gave us the way to know we existed and to observe our consciousness in matter for awakening to Him. The light we seek isn’t knowing satan’s ideas. 

Satan places the body as self and society as reality. It won’t know the Spirit or God. The human story we live through is lower mind’s idea of life. If we lived more in Christ, we would know God and Heaven’s level of life. God and Heaven are a mystery for humanity because we live in religions instead of consciously evolving in God. 

The storyteller of the mind is ego trying to be accepted and good. We tend to create darker energy out of nothing more than wanting to feel like we can overcome it. No one catches satan building a darker world; we go along with it because the ego can be satisfied that it is braver, stronger, and wiser. The world of living intelligently informed via the news is the devil making human consciousness adhere to life with darker energy. We feel like we are intelligent if we know the worldly news and haven’t known the world in any other light. 

The daydreamer carries adventures beyond the comfort zone of life. We go into darker forests than we want and have no way to understand fundamental ideas of life are being bred for ego and satan. The builders of our house have been the devil’s level since birth. Society has many storyboards for placing choices for knowing and not knowing. We develop ideas based on society’s approval. We haven’t known Christ to go beyond them.  We make each idea real to live as “a somebody. “

How Thought is Being Shaped

Satan is shaped through our ideas in lower earthly energy. It began at birth and changed the story of life to lower mind. We won’t detect it because it’s all we’ve known. Our idea of self is the body because we made matter our idea of life. When we did that, self-identity was placed in matter.

The idea of self began in childhood. By the time we’re in our teens, we’ve shaped beliefs for who we think we are and what society is. We don’t learn the more profound knowing of our existence. We come into a world already existing and go along with what is here. We make society as reality and don’t have the aptitude to know more. Our interpretations and self-chatter make the idea of life in lower mind.

We think the body, name, job title, family, neighborhood, square footage, hairstyle, clothes, and bank account are who we are. We don’t know the body as a suit of clothes we put on and take off in every life. We haven’t learned the body is only a vessel for the human experience. It’s not who we are, and our representative is one idea out of many. Consciousness is continuous and eternal, while the body is temporal and eventually fades. We’re living for eternity at different levels of consciousness, changing form. We’ll experience different bodies, families, and stories. If we live with a billion different bodies, which one would be self? None. We’re not the body; we’re the conscious energy inside of the body.

We’ve been shaping the little person’s ideas because we don’t hear God, Angels, Celestial Light, Conscious Energy, or other races of Love. We try to feel normal and carry our place in society because we don’t carry the enlightenment to do more. We go along with what is here. As children, we wanted to please our parents. We were living to be something to someone. The ego shaped wanting to feel worthy. People’s opinions have been shaping our idea of self. How they perceive us moves us. Our thoughts are shaded by ideas of what others think. We make many costumes to see people happy and to feel loved. We place our self-worth in society’s ideas of success and create our representative from it.

The enlightened path we seek is beyond society’s ideas. We’re living to hear God and know our Truth. It’s the unraveling of self that opens our world to light. We leave mainstream ideas trying to be something for a thought system in Heaven. The light in our thinking changes as self fades for Love. As children, we didn’t know how to think. It was never a subject in school. We automatically do it and don’t question it. No one observes their thoughts to know how energy moves in us for light. We don’t grow up learning how to navigate perspectives or decipher interpretations differently. We take what we think and accept it as real. No one taught us our thinking needed steering or deeper inquisitions.

We’ve been shaping pain in our thinking, and the veil is darker than we know. We don’t detect it or see beyond it. It began in childhood but developed as we believed in our ideas. In lower mind, we make the dark light and don’t see the light. No one knows the dark until they consciously evolve beyond society’s level of consciousness. We’ve been listening to our self-chatter without observing it. The mind is always talking in its narrative. We don’t notice or question the tone because we’re accustomed to hearing our self-chatter. Most people don’t even know they live in self-chatter until it’s pointed out.

God is consciousness living as energy. He created everything in existence out of His energy. We’re an algorithm in God living in His light for living in matter. We wouldn’t be able to touch our faces, or have a body if not for living through other races of light. Human consciousness isn’t one strand of light its a blend of many levels of energy in God for our having our consciousness exist. We live in self-chatter because our thought system is moving through matter. Every thought leads to another, and every thought carries a piece to a story we’re bringing into being. It’s one level of thinking, and there are higher ones.

Lower mind is the present level of human consciousness. We don’t know higher intelligence with us or hear God. We incessantly think, jumping from one thought to next. And haven’t learned to pause our thinking or question what is thinking. We won’t know where thought comes from or why until we have deeper inquisitions into what being alive is. When we know we’ve been created, we know we’re living in something. And living in something tells us we’re being raised by higher intelligence. When God created human consciousness, His gift was our living as energy with the ability to move in matter from any one level of consciousness. This made the path of living for eternity. We’re consciously evolving as Love for shaping Heaven on earth.

Everything we see is a level of energy in our Soul. We’re living through images for living Love. From sun up to sun down, the mind lives in self-chatter. Every thought builds the next. We’re subjugating thoughts with daydreams of the past and future. While constantly playing stories in our minds about what we did yesterday and what we want to do later. We don’t know the present moment because incessant thinking keeps us out of it. Our feeling awake to life is asleep to it. It feels natural and lives real, but we’re not conscious of anything other than our own self-chatter. We daydream while driving, walking, and even while listening to people. Everyone we meet will always say what we want them to say and say what we don’t want them to say. We’re not conscious of the deeper Truth and live through storyboards.

Human beings are imprinting upon energy matters level from our level of consciousness. Matter is a nothingness only existing in consciousness. Science knew there was motion at the smallest particle, and now they learn that motion is resonance. We see buildings, cars, and trees, but what is here is hundreds of trillions and trillions and trillions of self-organizing energy in temperature. If we saw creation’s level, we wouldn’t see buildings, cars, or trees; we would see grids of energy crisscrossing for as far as the eye could see.

Consciousness is the giver to all in existence, and we’re trying to carry as much Love as possible to have light in our thinking. Without Love, we make satan, ego, and the little person’s ideas ours. Every few thousand years, we learn more about life and God. What we do with it is our personal journey to Him. We are not our thoughts, and the body is the last thing we are. We want to open our divine existence to Love. As we dismantle and unravel matter’s ideas, we live deeper in the world’s light and begin leaving satan, the little person, and ego for hearing God teach about Himself. We’re on the journey to Love.