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Mesopotamia, Pharoahs, Moses 

Knowing God began long before Moses or Abraham. The light of Christ has been with us from the beginning, and when God manifested in form to teach religion that it didn’t know Him, we began another era of learning. 

Christ’s wearing the clothes of the world only lasted a few decades, but His existence has been with us since our creation. Buddha carried enlightenment out of light in Christ. Our knowing God was made to be a religious endeavor when it has always been the birth cycle of life. 

Developing ideas to know God, who isn’t seen or known until we reach a level within, made it harder to idealize. No one during the Mesmoptamia period understood His existence, because they were worshipping many gods. Mesopotamian religion had over 2,400 gods. Some cities had a special connection to one god and lived with henotheism. Before that, the idea of God wasn’t living at any real level. Akhenaten was the first human being to live for a single God. Akhenaten was in a different period in human consciousness; they lived in another reality. Polytheistic cultures had been the only idea. When Akhenaten saw God as the sun and created a religion with God being the sun called Aten, it was the first time in human history that a major move towards monotheistic thinking was taking place. 

Only the individual can know God. It’s not in a group idealogy. The path is built by the Soul’s light, ready to know God. No religion can pave the walk for a human being. The world already has our personal curriculum for God. It’s not in religions. 

When we live to God, we open Heaven. Hear an Angel say, “More Money.” Teaching that we only live for money and not God. 


God is choosing people and has placed light at every level of consciousness. 

Knowing God

The Pharoah Akhenaten lived during a period when only polytheistic ideas flourished. He faced down the Amun priesthood, traditional cults in Egypt, and a nation long nurtured on a pantheon of gods numbering by that day in the thousands.

It was unheard of for a Phaorah to worship only one God. He moved a monotheistic idea forward. The cycle of learning has taken millennials. We’re not living for the next part until we understand only the individual knows God. 

No one knew God existed until He spoke directly to humans. Our idea of God has come over centuries of discussions, declarations of faith, and building belief. Consciousness is all that is alive, and only what we think can live.

In the twenty-first century, we’ve only placed false idols, with no one knowing God. The idea of religion is based on no one hearing Him. We made religions exist instead of knowing that the individual is the only one walking to God. By creation, the world is only living at one level of consciousness—the observers. We’re not a species consciously evolving to live outside the illusion. We’re making the illusion our ideas of living. No one in science can read the universe. They can only place their ideas in it. 

The mind has always been a tool outside of our idea of it. It was created out of light hundreds of billions of years ago and made to live through a story it didn’t know. Nothing in this world is as it seems, and no one in this world is as they seem. It’s the world of veils moving to thought. 

We don’t live with God teaching about Himself as long as we live in ideologies. Long before the Hebrews existed as a coherent social group, the ancient Egyptians experimented with a form of single-deity worship. 

Humanity hasn’t formed the depth to know God. They did more for knowing God earlier on than we do. Every religion is washing in satan and only knows the devil’s level of life. They live matters level. There is no enlightenment in religion or even knowing creation. It’s a rudimentary dogmatic idea in lower mind. The prognosis of its existence was seen two thousand years ago when the highest levels of religion plotted and schemed to kill God’s Son. 

The more we associate temples, churches, and synagogues with God, the less we know Him. The mind isn’t seeking Him; it’s finding false idols and acceptance by society instead. We don’t have the drive Akhenaten did. We’re not building faith or trust in our tiny idea of a papacy. The deeper a religion lives in us, the less God does.

The walk for God is the individual Soul pining for Him, and it’s a powerful light that goes beyond everything in this world to know Him. We’re leaving the matter identification for knowing Love. 

Throughout history, people have acquired light and moved humanity to more places for carrying depth. None have been out of religion. It is single individuals bringing something more to life for us. Jesus, Moses, and Abraham only knew God. They didn’t live in a religion. We are satan’s children, claiming that a birthplace makes us into a religious idealogy. The idea of nationalism is heresy for every human being’s individual right to life. No one should be born and, without a say, marginalized. 

God created us, and now religion wants to own us. It’s trying to play God in a world of divinity. Religion is the little person’s level not ready to live for God. Anyone who needs mainstream acceptance hasn’t known light. The icebreaker always lives beyond everyone else and knows more, too. 

Some walk like Siddartha Gautama, not knowing God. It doesn’t matter. God doesn’t care what we think or believe. He knows us better than we know ourselves. Buddha was ready to rise regardless of what the temporal world thinker was telling him. We don’t think of Buddha as someone living towards God. He lost his life to gain it in God without realizing Him. The world doesn’t always open, but it gives. Siddartha was deep enough to receive light from Christ for enlightenment. 

His era had no way to understand that only His narrative existed as life or that only one of us was here with God walking through a story. We’re not treating individuals as being created by God and with Him, no matter what they think. Every human being is on a walk to God. The Pharoah Ahkenaten was on the same walk we are. The individual is trying to awaken and grow out of the many to the one. 

The way is through the world we’re in. No doctrine or dogma places God or makes any individual live special with Him. Religion will never dictate who God lives with. He’s with every human being whether we know Him or not, and is our only purpose, whether we know it or not.

The walk is by the Soul, not the mind.