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The Cycle of Life

Never Ending Consciousness

Since the beginning, God has given us a way to grow into more. We come out of nothing into something, and we leave back into no-thing. The cycle of life, coming into this world as a baby and living to be an adult, traveling through circumstances only a twenty-one-year-old could live, then experiencing only what a thirty-five-year-old could live, and then only what a fifty-five-year-old could experience, and so on. 

The mind was always walking a corridor built only for it. The conveyor belt we come onto never ends, whether in body or out of body. We’re only beginning to understand human life, yet the world exists with heart transplants, rockets, and cars driving themselves. The wonder for science will be reality, not existing. 

The world of playdo is all there is, and we’re assigning ideas at one level of consciousness out of an infinite walking through matter for a short period of time. We’re accruing light for the human story to continue. The mind of the traveler knows nothing about the world until they awaken. 

History is a story and nothing more. We could have been told we were green aliens with heads like pencils, and we would have believed it. Everything is taught to us, and we have no way to question it. We’re children being given a believable story and have no thought system of anything else to measure it with.  We have no way to question it.


We only believe what we do becuase no one taught us otherwise. The gift of Celestial History is more exists beyond our eyes. 

Light in Our World

As we group up, we’re given a parameter for ideologies to swell in. It becomes a reality out of nothing more than principles of thought based on matters identification. Living through our senses places the power of thought in lower mind. We believe in what is tangible and in front of us. No one knows consciousness is at cause, and matter is the effect. The idealogy of life is the illusory we accept as life. 

Religion is placed as something that knows God because of the same placement as education. Being born into something, we automatically believe it. The family traditions seal it. We’re too young to learn anything else but what is given until we are much older. But by then, we’re comfortable with ideologies and beliefs and don’t question them. By adopting them we live with status and fit in. No one is carrying the muscle for departing society as reality or religion unless something bigger triggers inside of them. 

We don’t recognize God in life because our eyes and ears have been made into filters that only allow us to see the world through institutionalized ideas. We don’t know what is beyond our written labels of matter. The mind won’t escape the devil’s level as long as satan, ego, and the little person prevail. 

Living in the twenty-first century is lower than in Mesopotamia days. The mind isn’t seeking data; it’s only recording it. We’re not changing ideologies like in the past. We’ve become comfortable with making one idea last forever. We’re not consciously evolving for life to see more and know more. As long as a university can claim giving a PHD is intelligence, human thinking is dogmatic and lower mind. 

We created every subject to have authority without knowing how matter exists. We haven’t known creation to believe we knew life well enough to establish credibility and legitimacy. We’re making face-value assumptions and bringing them into being at the little person’s level. Never have we walked with God or other races as normal in life. 

Soul intelligence is the bigger part of our existence than the book level of learning. Carving our Soul for light only happens from living outside of this world for feelings deeper within. The mind wants to write the story while the Soul burns light for more. 

The Soul is the light of our existence, but we do not see it or know it like we do the being in the mirror. Consciousness is a moving target, not like matter. Matter only exists in consciousness and has a place already assigned for its existence. Consciousness is ever-changing and outside of matter. We have to consciously evolve by letting go of what we think we know for more. Self-emptying is for Soul intelligence. Memorizing is for ego, satan, and the little person’s idea of life. 

We don’t marginalize the invisible world with Soul intelligence, but we marginalize the world of matter for believing we know it well and have conquered it. The little person’s ideas always exist perfectly in agreement with something else. Soul intelligence is a wandering dart of knowing that comes and goes as it disappears and reappears. The mind won’t conquer Soul intelligence because it’s not living to see it. What changes behind the scenes is greater. The deeper swell within is marking a new reality without knowing it. 

The cycle is partly given, and the rest must be realized. History is the illusory place where ideas are placed for more. It makes us think and question life. The more we believe we know something, the less chance we have of seeing more. The mind quickly shapes corridors for ego to stay satisfied. We don’t live acquiring intelligence we walk in thought mazes, learning to know them well. 

Every time we make a discovery, we can only receive it from where we stand.  Looking deeper at where we stand hasn’t occurred to us. We don’t have a measure of intelligence like we should. The world is a world of illusions until we hear God’s voice. That is the only time our self-chatter hears another voice. Until then, we have interpreted every sound for our narrative to place it. With God, we can’t place it, nor does He live in what we want. He’s living the opposite of everything we are and know as life. 

The major religions look like fools to someone with God. They wear costumes and placate God’s existence, pretending to know Him. While only living for what was written thousands of years ago. They have no way to live in conversation with God and have no idea what creation is or isn’t. Every religion handed to science the right to figure out creation even though they claim to hear God.

The right to God isn’t in any religion. It’s the birthright of every human being He’s created. He made us, and He guides us. No human being carries a decree with God because they want it. The hierarchy in religion is the epitome of satan. We don’t carry around titles and positions with God. We lose our lives to gain them in Him. The last are first with God. 

We’re pretending to know Him, and it’s wildly accepted by everyone in the devil’s grasp. Leaving this world to know God is the journey to Love that self-empties everything in life for Him. No idealogy matters, nor does any religion, family, or friends. Nothing here is anything but energy within our Soul giving us reason to Love. The light we carry is beyond the world of matter. God of no form and of all form, living in an invisible world is our fate, too. The light permeates every idea for leaving it. 

God has given every individual the ability to awaken when we are ready. Even those who don’t believe He exists live with the power of awakening by the Soul. The mind is the cluttered box of possessions, and the Soul is the dart of light that cuts through it. God created us to know Him, and nothing in this world can prevent it. No matter if we have murdered, lied, or pilfered, God is with us and leading us to light. 

The world of matter is the devil’s level because we never leave it. We place self-identity in it and grow within it instead of leaving self for light.  The thought system sits in lower earthly energy placing self as “a someone” trying to be something to society. We cater to the devil instead of losing our lives to gain them in God. This shapes satan, ego and the little person. We master being “a someone” instead of knowing Christ.

Knowing Christ doesn’t come from a religion, book, movie, or teacher. Buddha held light from Christ while not knowing God existed. The mind doesn’t matter to God. Abraham heard God tell Him to sacrifice His Son Isaac and knew it was God. Anyone else would have said it was the devil. God saw in Abraham that we could know Him regardless of what the mind would say. This gave Abraham descendants as numerous as the stars. Nothing in this world can keep God from humanity. Knowing Christ is from Love. 

The world will not open as long as we can live satisfied with it as it is. The spark that claims the door is the one in the Soul ready to walk it.