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Sun Pods Another Race of Heaven

Sun Pods are higher living beings in our atmosphere. We don’t think of life as one huge living organism with hundreds of trillions of different elements. The whale in the ocean is part of human consciousness that knows the tiger in the forest.

Other races don’t need our air and can live in any environment. The sun pods placed themselves near but have never been a part of our reality. The light they live out of is heavenly. We do not imagine human existence with other races because we live in a lower mind with society as reality instead of with God. 

We’re in lower earthly energy, making face-value assumptions about life, not awake to the bigger world. Science is a replica of human education matters’s ideas.  It’s not in a state of mind outside of matter. The measurement is matter. The world is much more advanced than our ideas. Matter is a nothingness only existing in consciousness. 

What looks like the craft can be the body. Light is other races. The atmosphere has living plasma that is intelligent and can communicate. Being created told us everything in life was alive and something else. We’re living in something. We don’t look for our invisible world because consciousness assumes it already. 

My brother coined the term Sun Pods in Saint Louis, MO. While caring for my mother and leaving for Heaven, God told me to look toward the sun. It wasn’t something anyone would know unless pointed out. No one looks at the sun directly, as God was telling me to do. I used cardboard boxes to block the strongest light while looking at the outer rim. I began seeing white things flying out from it. I learned to speak with my heart and live seeing the bigger world.


Our eyes won’t see what is here because the mind claims whatever it wants from one level of thinking. The glimpses we can get open doors or shut them. 

The idea of celestial beings comes from not knowing what human is. God, hundreds of billions of years alive, shaped us in His light. Nothing in this world is the human idea we believe. We’re far beyond it.

We believe there’s a single idea of self, but there is a weave of light blended together for us to think what we can at this level of consciousness. God created us out of different levels of intelligence in His light. 

Sun Pods

The Sun Pod video on the top left side is slowed more than 25 times so it can be seen. For me, to have the camera angled perfectly to capture this on film is by God. When we are to experience other races, we do. Our living to find a bigger world doesn’t always make it so. In order to open a bigger world we need more. Deeper living is what breaks the mold for light. We receive chances but don’t take them when we should for learning about higher intelligence. Other races give us the way to consciously evolve outside of the little person’s idea of life. They give the way to know there is more and always has been.