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The Key to Life

Abraham grew up in Mesopotamia with Sumerian culture. His son Isaac had Jacob and Esau, and Jacobs’s twelve boys, including Joseph, were not Hebrews. The enormity of God creating every human being to know Him already tells us this walk is the individual’s and not a religion.

God isn’t conforming anyone to an idea of Him. He is blessing us with His light for this time with Him. Understanding more about God and human life is important to know Him. The religious idea of God makes Him pragmatic instead of dynamically living with every individual. 

Ancient civilizations lived with God, too. Every part of human consciousness has been with God. We’re endlessly developing ideas of Him. Today, we have over four thousand religions. Our human ideas have lived with many concepts of gods not having ways to carry depth. The right-minded way doesn’t exist. The individual way does. 

We’re not living deeper to God because we carry religion. Only the individual can transcend their level of consciousness. 

Joseph, the son of Jacob, had eleven brothers who didn’t like him, and they gave him up to Egyptian slavery, where he eventually landed in prison, dreamtelling. The Pharaoh caught wind of his dream telling, and Joseph, knowing the future, helped the Pharaoh avoid the seven years of famine by preparing during the seven years of abundance. He became the right-hand man to the Pharaoh. He lived in the Egyptian hierarchy and culture. He married the Pharoah’s daughter in Egyptian culture and knew God. 

Egyptian religion was polytheistic, but Joseph lived a monotheistic idea with God. 


God is choosing and placing us to change human consciousness.  


Abraham and his ancestors didn’t live a Hebrew story. The Sumerians were never at an Israelite level. The Israelites shaped a religious movement that eventually evolved into ethnic distinction long after Abraham lived. 

We call Abraham and Moses the fathers of religon when neither carried religion. Moses grew up in Egyptian culture, worshipping many Gods. He didn’t even know which God was at the burning bush. We’ve shaped every religion with its own biblical record and stories that back up the religion. Yet, not one religion knows God. They live in the theological idea of Him and not in conversation with Him. 

Two thousand years ago, Jesus walked from temple to temple, teaching religion it didn’t know Him. It was the Pharisees and high priests who plotted and schemed for Pontius Pilate to crucify God’s Son. The highest levels of religion killed God’s Son and at no time understood scripture or God. The mystical world of Christ was there for all to see, and no one grasped it. 

We measure God by history instead of knowing His voice. We live according to human precepts, mastering practices and protocols for mainstream acceptance. We’ll memorize 613 Mitzvots but won’t adhere to the Ten Commandments. We claim to know God but only stand with false idols. If no one can see the papacy as blasphemous and as a false idol, it’s because satan has hidden our eyes. 

Adam and Eve were made, and they weren’t Hebrew. The idea that Jerusalem is a holy land only exists with human beings. God’s light in every individual is more holy than a piece of land with celestial history. We’ve carried stories for thousands of years while having no covenant with God. 

We’re in lower mind at the devil’s level trying to claim God without depth. We’re missing Love, compassion, and forgiveness for blood-stained parcels of land. If we knew God was upon us, we would know that the holiest place of all is our light in Him. If we know God is standing next to us, watching over us, we know Love is our best answer. 

No one works for temples, churches, statues, land, or mosques that can hear God. Those who don’t hear God or walk to Him care about the world, and want something seen to convince others that they know God. We claim lineage to Moses when no one can stand next to him. 

Moses was an individual in a story with God. He walked out of one idea of life for knowing Him. We wear costumes, branding, and marketing to show we know God when we don’t hear Him. Instead of losing our lives to gain them in God, we’re doing the opposite. 

Land, temples, mosques, and churches are matters level from human beings, placing self-identity at matters level. Once we place our self-identity in cultures and heritage, we have to defend it. We won’t shape a thought system for Love.

We didn’t keep God above all things to know light, and instead, the thought system works for opponents, attack, and defend. The little person has no care for God and is busy battling to make a mark to show others they know Him instead of doing the work to unravel their thought system for light.

We don’t hear God, and no one in any religion can live with God in conversation. We haven’t felt God’s will and only live by ours. The error is trying to tell the world we know him. Ego and satan are brothers and place our self-identity at matters level for only being “a someone” seen as knowing God. Those who have lived with God endure more absent from anyone’s eyes. Those who want the world to believe they know God…show it. 

Our Temple

Our temple in God is the light we live from. The mind is carrying many stories of family, community, and self. We’re leaving one world for another when we travel to God.  If we don’t walk deeper to know light, we place attachment in matter.

Jesus walked through Palestine, Egypt, and Lebanon. He gave every human being the way to know Him and placed the Holy Spirit upon us. We’re consciously evolving from the many to the one building our light in God. The more depth and substance we acquire the more we depart self. 

There is only one God with variances for our existence. God is of no form and of all form and so are we. he created us in His likeness. God is consciousness living as energy/resonance and we are conscious energy– Spirit. we live out of the many to the one with our thought system changing, and as more light comes in, we lose self for Love. 

The Father, Son, and Holy Spirit are one. God saw humanity falling further into satan and gave His light to teach us from our way of living, which was matters-level. Jesus wore the clothes of the world but was long living far before that moment. Jesus placed the Holy Spirit to bless us at any one level of consciousness to know Him. No matter if we’re ignorant, satan’s level, or troubled, we have the Holy Spirit to call upon. 

As long as we live for religions, we stay in mainstream ideas at face value levels. We won’t carry the substance to acquire enlightened knowing. 

God’s Will isn’t our idea of it. We won’t design what living with God is and then fulfill it believe we know Him. When we hear God’s voice, everything in life changes and begins falling away from living society as reality for only His will. No one hears God and lives in a mainstream idea. We don’t live what we want, and life can be harsher than anything we thought it should be. No one lives how they want or what they want with God because He is shaking satan out of us for eyes that see. 

Religion is the little person’s level of trying to be something to God. God chooses people we don’t dance for Him. Very few people in the history of the human race have lived with God teaching about Himself. The Soul is our greatest gift for seeing God. 

Every generation has the chance to learn more, but we don’t live for God anymore. We live for religions instead. Something in us has to pine for a deeper level of life. Losing our lives to gain them to God is the walk of the Soul, ready to learn more about life.