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The idea of self is lower mind placing the body as self instead of knowing Spirit. Without knowledge of creation’s level, we don’t know we’re a blend of light. When God created us, He gave us light from other races in Him to build consciousness to know itself. Our thoughts gravitate towards matters level at birth, and we identify self as living in the body instead of knowing Spirit. The mind begins building a representative based on the early interpretations of family and the environment. We shape how we fit in it. In consciousness, we only believe what we can think. We make it as real as it is. 

The narrative we shape is what we know as life. We don’t live outside of what we think. No one taught us creation as children or depth. Human life is the individual’s level of consciousness, experiencing a world only at their level of consciousness. We don’t live outside of our thoughts. 

God gave us a way to know our level of consciousness as life. We learn to live Love for our thoughts to know light. We want to move towards living as Love to know the Spirit and the eternal light of our existence. Knowing the body as self is a pragmatic face-value assumption. God is teaching us to know self doesn’t exist its a vehicle for experiencing consciousness but not who we are. We are not our thoughts. 

The process of leaving self for light is the unraveling of every idea we’ve built as life. We learn the body as self was only the idea we could conceptually realize.

Reality is a temporal idea and doesn’t live when we leave the body. The level of life we think is reality is an illusion, and it’s the same for the body being mistaken as self. When we leave the body, every idea we carry as self leaves too. We placed the persona for a temporal story in matter and nothing more. 

The Soul is consciousness, and consciousness is all that is alive. The Soul stays in Heaven, giving the Spirit the way to live in matter. Spirit is placing thought from the light in consciousness. Thinking is temporal, while consciousness is continuous and eternal. 

Reality is the same. Reality is veils of illusion until we hear God. When we hear God, we begin the journey to Love, leaving society as reality for living God as reality. As long as we carry the body as self and society as reality we don’t leave lower mind. The lower mind is thinking at matters level for being something to others. 

When humanity made money a second God, and material became the reward, we placed human consciousness in lower earthly energy. We made meaning and attachment live with face-value ideas. Lower earthly energy shapes lower mind because our thoughts build ego, satan, and the little person. We’re making the body self, and self has to be something.  In lower mind, we shape our thought system in attack and defend with opponents. The idea of self-worth goes to matters level instead of Spirit. 

Invisible World

Humanity made society reality without knowing Heaven on earth. The invisible world is living more than us. God created human consciousness in Heaven. Heaven is the light with us, giving us the way to know Love. 

Science never knew at the smallest particle motion was resonance. The fabric of our world is Conscious Energy, and human living is through human photosynthesis. Consciousness is all that is alive. Celestial Light is another race of Heaven at the tip of every idea for placing it in life. 

We’ve been living mainstream ideas, not understanding God or human existence. We’re now reaching deeper into our Truth. With God teaching about Himself, we learn the difference between thinking & consciousness, the Spirit and Soul, and what leaving self for light is. 

Thought & Consciousness

When God created human consciousness, He placed His energy to shape our light. The more we increase with God’s energy, the more light we process in consciousness. Consciousness needs energy to filter. We either process lower earthly energy in lower mind or higher light in God with Love.  

Thought is living out of consciousness. It’s living only matter level for placing stories in matter. Thought is the temporal storyteller of life.  Thought is created light. The word created the world and has been placed for living through. Created light is blended strands of higher intelligence weaved together for our light to know it exists.

The blend is higher levels of consciousness, weaved into multiple levels of living. We’re choosing our algorithms, and the light matter should exist from. We can live with more Love and increase our light with God’s energy for knowing other realms.

Hundreds of trillions and trillions and trillions of self-organizing energy shape consciousness. We are not our thoughts.  The story we know as life is one story out of an infinite. It’s the quick trip in matter, giving us the way to observe our thought and choose Love. Thought only serves the curriculum, and Love is all that is real. 

Every day we live with choices toward Love or not Love. The exams come and go, and our living deeper in Christ comes and goes. Consciousness is the deeper knowing of all that doesn’t change like thoughts do. It’s a light and isn’t living like thinking. It only carries the light for thought to emerge out of. Consciousness is Love. 

Consciousness is coming into us from outside of us. Consciousness is continuous and eternal. Thinking is transitory and only matters level. It doesn’t live beyond this body. Everything we know as life fades when we leave the body. 

Spirit & Soul

Spirit is the multifarious light, and the Soul is the eternal living in Heaven. Spirit is the traveler that lives in many stories. It’s like the sun’s rays changing essences. Spirit carries matters level while the Soul only knows Heaven. The Soul lives in Heaven and is consciousness living as Love. Just like God is Love, we are Love. We’re just not at His level of Love. The Soul gives Spirit the way to live in matter. It’s the light in God we are carving in our life continuum. 

Leaving Self for Light

Leaving self for light is the journey to Love. It’s the dismantling of the body as self and society as reality. It’s the walk of leaving one world for another. We lose ego for selflessness and dismantle satan for light in Christ. 

We come into the world with a thought system at the level of matter and live the journey to Love to change it deeper in God. The walk with God is the only light that changes our thought system to Heaven’s level. We dismantle self as the body the more Love we live. The more Love we become, the more detached from matters level we are.

The world changes as our mind does. The light we carry makes the light in matter. When we live with greater Love, society’s story fades. The only idea we know is Christ. We don’t live to be something we live to lose it all. We’re leaving it for God. Our walk is not a journey in any religion or at society’s level. It’s beyond the world. 

We won’t read about it in books or learn it through human education. The Soul’s journey to Love is one that appears as we make choices toward Love. It lives with God. The idea of leaving one reality for another doesn’t live with us because we don’t hear God to know the bigger world. God takes us out of mainstream knowledge for knowing life beyond it. When we live with God teaching about Himself, we know our existence as Love. 

Society is the base level of life we’re living from carving our Soul to God. The body is the temporal costume for giving the exams and curriculum the way to choose Love. We can become anything and live through it to something else. Herein lies the costume. We could be a baker, CEOs, doctors, physicists, yoga instructors, dog groomers, teachers, politicians, police officers, actors, singers, or anything else. What we choose shapes the idea of self and builds ego around our story. 

Whatever we choose, we become. We make experiences and circumstances live through our self-identity. We won’t live for higher consciousness until we leave the idea of self for light. As long as we try to be something to society and fulfill a role to society we shape lower-mind ideas. No one can leave self for light that lives society as reality.

Our knowing more only comes from losing our lives to gain them in God. The road to enlightenment isn’t one we add anything to. It’s one we dismantle everything from associating the body as self and society as reality.