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Listen to An Angel say, “Good job.”

We don’t always see outside the experience to know something extraordinary is being made. Our light is blended with God, living as part of the essence of all. Just like the seed of a flower was programmed with a beautiful palette of colors and petals. The lovely bird knew how to build its nest, and the wind knew every direction to go.
We arrive in a world already existing. No one knows the path to what is beyond what they see, but the world is programmed for taking us there. Like nature, we’re moving with the Light, with the what is. We don’t plan everything or know how life will arrive, but it always does. The unforeseen paths shape the most incredible sunsets.
The celestial recalibration places doors to worlds we never knew existed. We’re seeing the intelligence of life moving in us. The world is moving to our thoughts. The path isn’t for being someone to society it’s for kenosis. We’re unraveling our existence like the caterpillar did, becoming the butterfly. We’re leaving self for Love. Love is the key to life because it’s moving with the Light.
The journey that opens the heart for knowing God is through valleys we don’t walk. It’s the unseen corridors in our mind that open the world for crossing the seas. The stillness in life shows the deeper movement behind our world. It’s the echo of Love constantly recalibrating the universe for knowing Heaven on earth.
The Light is the living level in God placing consciousness in matter for knowing itself. 
The Celestial Recalibration is the only living level in life that moves everything in the world for our idea to know itself. It’s the breath of living, moving deeper in God for knowing Him.