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Spark Beings

Living with Light

The more we thought we knew life without knowing creation, the further we descended into lower earthly energy. In the beginning, we had more wonder and Love for life. We were amazed by it. 

The Sumerians were an ancient civilization that lived in Mesopotamia. They had unique help from higher intelligence for astronomy, language, calculus, architecture, irrigation, and farming innovations. They made a base-60 mathematical system that allowed them to calculate roots, raise numbers to powers, and divide into fractions.

We don’t think about God or Heaven during that time. At no time has life been lived without them both. We’re an evolving species finding depth in God. 

The knowledge Sumerians carried was far beyond what a math concept should have been during that time, 4100-1750 BCE. We’re still working with it today. Egyptian Culture, the Babylonians, and Sumerians bore assisted intelligence for fertile ground for consciousness to live from. We’ve always lived blended with other races and higher intelligence raising us. Being created tells us we are with more than we know. Heaven is other races which we’ve always known. Angels aren’t human beings with wings. 

God created us out of His light and placed different levels of intelligence for living in matter. God is hundreds of billions of years alive. Humanity has never known creation or the enormity of life given to us for matter to exist. Celestial Light and Conscious Energy are with every thought and carry light into human photosynthesis.


Consciousness is a blend of light in God. We have many depths of intelligence and acquire more light as we age. 

Celestial light is at the tip of every thought, bringing it into being for something to live through so we can live through it to something else. Celestial Light and Conscious Energy are other races of Heaven. 

The idea that God only existed with Moses or Abraham is human memory catering to what it wants. When God created everything in existence, His light was in it. At no time have we been without Him. Human consciousness, finding God, and knowing Him has been our journey. Consciousness is all that is alive, and that means we can only know what we can realize. To this day, many people think God is a fairytale and it’s only out of what reality is to them and how attached to matter they are. If they can think beyond matter, they can begin to know more. 

The past has known a depth in God, and sometimes we lose that depth. In the twenty-first century, we don’t carry depth in God. We carry religions instead. Moses carried something we don’t, and the world isn’t finding it because we have no place in depth. We became a society of know-it-alls without knowing anything. Branding, money, and marketing created power, credibility, and legitimacy. We haven’t carried depth, hearing God, or knowing Heaven. And for over two thousand years, the illusion was made. 


We think society is reality because we don’t hear God. We believe the body is self because we can’t carry any aptitude for Spirit. The mind made matter everything it is without knowing Heaven. The invisible world is absent in our daily lives, yet it lives more than we do. The mind of the human is closed off into a small box of ideas that only carry self and matter as life. The story of life permeates out of the idea of self existing. Spirit is the anomaly that breaks the box open for knowledge.

God of no form and of all form placed depth, substance, and maturity in our own existence. We denied it because we couldn’t conceive it and created a three dimensional theory that made the plastic illusion reality. We haven’t conceived a world only existing as energy. It doesn’t matter what science knows. It can’t live in an invisible world or measure it. It’s placing ideologies out of human education, and human education is a factory of intelligence already set up to see the world as it wants.

We’re not carrying depth in life because the story lives real, and we made it, like it, and feel very intelligent inside of it. We have professors, neurosurgeons, physicists, and brilliant mathematicians. It’s the world of playdo living very real. We wake up in a world that already exists and then walk through its system of intelligence believing that by memorizing and filling our heads with ideas, the recorded record is real. The most intelligent studied.  Soul intelligence can surpass the genius. Soul intelligence is made of human ideas. It’s out of deeper light in God. 

Soul intelligence doesn’t sit in the story and isn’t of use in our world as we see it. It’s part of something much bigger and more profound in our existence. It’s the hidden mover of life trying to awaken us to think differently and outside of the box we’re in. The silent nuances and awakenings move thought. Nothing in human education can move thought like substance. The world around us was made to carry higher intelligence in us. We divert it by living as know-it-alls. 

Every institution on Earth has waited to know about other races. Not one could do what is being done today. The world of knowledge and wisdom evades the very idea of it. No one can place it, and if we try, we lose it. God created life outside of human ideas. He knew we would live pretending to know the Tree of Knowledge. We’re the little people believing we know everything while never knowing anything.

Being Human

No one in science has known reality or even what being alive is. The idea of birth and death is illusory and places a story for us. We don’t carry ideologies about resonance, vibrations, or frequencies as being human, even though that is all we are. The human idea is the conjured-up idea that we placed. A layer of thought shaped reality for what it could be, not knowing what it was. 

We idealize the world and then fulfill it. In Mesopotamian days, they carried the same idea. Creativity and artistic expression exploded with the Greek Renaissance. It seemed to be right on time, just as other periods in celestial history have been. Confuscious, Buddha, and Socrates all lived within a few hundred years of each other. 

The pool of consciousness give at certain times in life for human idealizing. We’ve been walking far too long in older levels of life building stories to believe instead of uncovering life. Trying to live with something that carries light from the past is blocking us from light. We’re busy with religions instead of carving our Souls into God. Over the years, human life has become increasingly rudimentary and dogmatic. Our systematic living is without ladders.


We’ve been walking in the same thought mazes without increasing depth, substance, or maturity. Human consciousness has been in lower mind since Adam and Eve ate from the Forbidden Tree of Knowledge, unleashing satan. Then we made money a second God and fell to matters level, placing the body as self and society as reality.

We shaped our thought system in lower earthly energy, placing the twenty-first century behind earlier periods in celestial history. We’ve marveled at the pyramids and their architectural skill so precise. The innovations from Mesopotamia rival the world today. We’re still using weapons and have been living on a planet in space like apes. Even though we have satellites in the sky, heart transplants, and cars driving themselves, we live with injustice greater than before, poverty, and success equating to only fame or wealth. 

Depth is not living. We have too many wonders in the ego instead of deeper in the heart. 

We once lived for a million dollars, then we lived for five hundred million dollars, then people started living for a billion dollars, and now we’re living for a trillion dollars. That’s linear consciousness not having any light to jump out of the box. We don’t detect anything is wrong because we can’t see it. Once a frog is comfortable in a pot, he won’t jump out because he never feels the burner slowly being turned up. We’re not grasping that our becoming know it alls damn us.

Other Races

We’re at the bottom of the pyramid compared to other civilizations that lived for knowledge and possibility and ran into the water, not knowing the depth. We’re only stretching out the bottom step horizontally because we made money a second god and didn’t know how to live in anything else. The systems do not give to inventions. We’re being given technology and light to live moving through matter into something else.

Other races are placing light on human ideas to live greater than they would. The mind of a human is not one strand of light. We are with many levels of intelligence to feel like we are a single individual with thought. God shaped the mind to only know its path. We don’t jump tracks to see or hear in another light. We have to develop light and transcend our ideas to do that. 

Building everything out of money like we did means only matter could exist as life. It’s hard for us to idealize the world differently. We’re not living to leave our comfort zone. We want to stay in our knowing and not knowing to feel like geniuses.  There was a time in life when humans lived with smaller egos. We marched outside of the world for discoveries, not caring if anyone else agreed.

The Pharoah Akhenaten placed a monotheistic idea when only polytheistic ones existed. The chord that gets stuck for us to walk differently doesn’t get shaped by this world. If we live by rudimentary ideas for reality, we miss the purpose of consciousness existing in the first place. We’re a thinking species, not learning to think.  We’re on a planet in space able to think and create anything and continue to shape armies, power, and control as life. The advanced human is very different than the one we see today. 

Ideas have to permeate out of something, and that something is our Soul. 

We’re not climbing the stairs towards the light. We haven’t thought about freedom. If we did, we would use money to give every child a lifelong inheritance covering their basic human needs in an advanced world. The Sumerians carried more light and desire for uncovering life than we do. The outside world says we are advanced, while the depth of the human being is more shallow than ever before.

When we created our measurement of intelligence and placed it in human education, we saw nothing more than it. Now, we walk through our own system of intelligence, believing we really have become intelligent. The walls that keep knowing and not knowing in our grasp are the devils that never let us leave it. 

Ancient civilizations mapped stars, created mathematical equations, and used calculus in the same light as we use it today. Their yearning to live outside of the world they were in invoked more life to assist them. We’re too rudimentary to open bigger doors. The idea of creation was a bigger factor in their existence than ours. The mystical world has no real place with us, yet it’s the only one that exists.

The dreamer needs to dream, and the hypothesis that is bent, crooked, and far-fetched needs to soar.