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The illusion of the mortal world makes us detour from knowing Love. The meaning we place in matter is transitory and only one level of thinking. We have to carry substance and depth for a deeper knowing of light. We’re moving through our thoughts to Love. 

Thought is created light and isn’t who we are. We swim in pools of consciousness and libraries of Love mixed together for us to move into for knowing “something.” What we feel we know is the storyteller’s idea living very real. We’re in our mind trying to find the corridor to peace, happiness, fulfillment and Love. We’re discovering what feels best through childhood and placing the magnitude of those ideas and beliefs in adulthood. No one teaches us to let go of self. 

The mind is building a story, and we’ll never know illusory or reality in this life unless we hear God’s voice and the turning of our reality take place. The idea of life isn’t to be something in society. It’s for living through a story consciously evolving from matter identification to Spirit identification. This process leaves one world for another. We slowly leave the idea of self for Love and deepen our depth in God. The world opens as consciousness shifts for knowing a deeper idea of life. We’re leaving ideas of self for selflessness. Instead of seeing people outside of us, we know they’re only living through us. Only our thoughts exist as life, and we’re learning to shape them as Love. 

Human beings only live in their narrative. We never live outside of our interpretations.

The storyteller is the wanderer wanting to feed the ego to feel achieved, good, and accepted. We don’t lose our lives to gain them in God because we are too busy being “a somebody” in ego, satan, and the little person. We haven’t gained the muscle to see something deeper in our existence. We’re going along with society’s ideas and being someone who fits into them. 

The word created the world, and every thought is all we live as life. What we believe are our wants and needs carry satan. Satan is the little person’s story. It’s filled with pain and agony. It’s thinking in lower mind based upon the idea of self.

Human pain emerges out of ideas of self living wrongly in some way. We don’t walk for depth when we live society as reality. We’re trying to fit into a mold that society shaped for us as children. Every physicist, doctor, teacher, and bishop made lower mind ideas of living. We walked for what was in front of us instead of learning to know what was beyond it. If we had focused on Spirit we would have different eyes for seeing more. The mind fell to face value assumptions, and reality was shaped from it. 

From placing self idenity in matter we carry millions of tiny snakes living for the ego and the little person. When self exists, we carry pride and demand respect. We make opponents, good, bad, evil, and saintly ideas of life. We walk quickly through attack and defend in almost every thought out of being “a someone” who is right, did something correctly, happy, and helpful. It’s lower earthly energy in our thinking, making us place self as someone. 

Self Doesn’t Exist

Self doesn’t exist. The idea of self is only from our interpretation of matter as children. We don’t know God as our mother, father, brother, or sister, and we don’t know the Spirit. Being born into religion when religion is in satan is placing human beings at the devil’s level of life. We have no way to understand God’s existence or creation through any religion. They only carry someone else’s existence with God and have never made the trip themselves. No one in any religion lives in conversation with God. 

We believe the body is self, and our thoughts are who we are without knowing where thought comes from. Thought is created light. We’re in a pool of consciousness with libraries having been placed. The word created the world, and consciousness is all that is alive. God gave us free will to think of anything we could and bring into being for living through. Our present level of consciousness is the substance and depth we have acquired in life. 

We have ideas about Angels but do not know them. We idealize them for feeling special. The same is true with God. We have four thousand religions, and some are major religions with power. They idealize God with branding and marketing. None have enlightenment or know creation. Having text or anything of matter proclaiming knowing of God is an interpretation from one level of thinking out of an infinite. 

The only way to know God is to hear God. Everything else is satan making a wish. We’re getting stuck living idealogies from lower mind without trying to know God beyond it. When we know God, this means we live with God in conversation, reality has changed, life purpose has changed, and enlightened knowing is living. We lose our lives to gain them in God is losing self for Love. We’re shedding our skin to know divine light. 

It has nothing to do with the idea of self or being a bishop. Living to God is the opposite. 

How We Think Others Perceive Us Shapes the Costume We Call Self

No one escapes childhood without creating the idea of self-based on the idea of how other people see us. It started with Mom and Dad and quickly went to anyone who was around us. We acted perfectly so people would like and love us. The idea of shaping self never occurred to us but that was all we were doing.

The ego and little person fortify the mind’s ego. We won’t detect or thwart it until later years and deep inner inquisitions. 

The mind incessantly thinks from sun up to sun down. Dreaming is residual energy still moving in our library of possibility. Human beings think incessantly, jumping from one thought to the next. We don’t control thought or pause it. We idly let the library guide us. Being conscious has no compass. We’re not conscious of life; we’re only conscious of a story about life. We awaken when we hear God’s voice. 

We want to build muscle in the eternal part of our existence, not the temporal story. Leaving self for Love is the dismantling of every idea we presently think of as self and reality. Its depth in God living with Angels, Celestial Light, Conscious Energy, and Spark Beings. It’s leaving society as reality for only knowing God as reality. God doesn’t come into our lives for us to live in a fairytale. He rips us out of it for carrying a much bigger idea of our existence in Him. God places human beings to teach humanity about Him. We don’t learn about God through a religion or another human being. 

We know God through the Soul, not the mind. The mind detours and is matters level. The Soul is depth and is the light in God that is our beingness. We carry Love at birth and acquire more Love for thinking with light when we begin to awaken for losing our lives to gain them in God. 

No one will not adorn the clothing of a religion for knowing God. Jesus wore the clothes of the world, teaching the highest levels of religion. It didn’t know Him. The highest levels of religion crucified God’s Son, and at no time has any religion left satan. They live at matters level and fight to be something in society instead of learning to know God.

The surrender for every individual is real. We either live making the body, self, and society as reality, or we depart it for knowing Love.