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Pyramids of the Mind

The light within is known when we walk deeper. 

The walk with Jesus isn’t a mainstream idea about a religion or spirituality. It’s the light of our existence changing for Heaven on Earth. We dismiss being created and think of the body as self instead of knowing it’s been shaped to walk through to light. The mind has a library that has been placed as we are born to idealize within. We only see what we think is here. The word created the world. 

The walk with Christ is for depth in the Soul. God created us to know Him whether we do or don’t. The walk is the unraveling of the world. As we slowly wake up, we learn more about our existence. It doesn’t come from spiritual thinking or religion. There’s a path that is unique to us, and we are already standing in an individualized curriculum to God. Nothing in this world will detour it or shape it. It was set at birth. 

We’re unraveling the ideas of self for Love, moving towards Spirit, the formless light of our existence rather than matters of level. The individual who truly desires depth will crawl through ideas in the mainstream to what no one else is doing. The deeper we distinctly hear the calling, the more we walk out of this world into another. 

It will displace life and unravel everything we believe is self. The journey to Love is the absence of self-idealization. It’s what can only be carried by the Soul. Billions of people try to acquire light through mainstream ideas, preachers, and teachers. The light from God is the lantern in us, and nothing else carries it. The organic walk is a story that unfolds without any doing by us. Our role is the depth of the Soul making one choice that changes everything in our lives for Love.  Nothing in this world places the path, and nothing mainstream carries it. We’re not going to carry know God because we want to. More in us has to be kindled. 


God is living by the Soul’s light in Him, not by the self-chattering mind in satan. 
We’re walking out of this skin into light for depth.

The world of theologians, historians, and religion has placed ideas of being with God because we can. The “we can” idea is why we have a pope who cannot hear God and doesn’t know creation. We don’t know God because we want to or because we pray, worship, or praise Him. God is with us and hears us, but that isn’t knowing Him. The one-sided ideology is satan. It’s lower mind pretending to know God because we Love Him instead of hearing Him. 

Hearing God isn’t the little person’s idea of knowing God. Hearing God is a catastrophic shift in thinking. It displaces life’s meaning and purpose and our present idea of self. 

Knowing God is living in conversation with God. It’s living with God teaching about Himself, and it soars far beyond the mainstream concept of knowing God. The little pesons level makes every religious person believe they know God, while very few people in the history of the human race have lived with God teaching about Himself.

This carte blanche idea that God is with us and we get to stand with Him because we worship or pray to Him is the devil’s idea of never letting us acquire depth to know God. If we can believe a bishop is close to God and that we live as they do, we believe we are, too. The bishop has no idea who God is because the bishop has never heard His voice. If he did, he would be living for Christ and not an institutionalized idea in satan at the devil’s level of life. The depth the bishop stands in is satan’s ideas with a costume, title, and position instead of losing his life to gain it in God. 

The bishop is the Nicodemus of our time, missing the opportunity to know God. We would want to live a mainstream idea and live our idea of living with God instead of surrendering to Him. We don’t design what living with God is, then fulfill it, and then believe we know Him because we did. When we know God, we don’t live what we want or what is familiar, and it’s definitely not a mainstream accepted idea. 

The more we claim we know God, the less we do. Satan makes everyone live knowing God, but never do we acquire the magnitude of His existence for depth and hearing Him. We are the mainstream satan idea, standing with society as reality instead of knowing Heaven on Earth. No one lives beyond the institution to God, and no one in the institution knows God. 

We can read many books and study hard, but it won’t equate to knowing God. We’re only knowing of God. When we hear His voice we’re living deeper and knowing Him. We’re leaving one reality for another to live with God teaching about Himself. 

Hear God say, “Give Love, Love.”

No one is trying to know God like we were in the beginning. We’re not going on any pilgrimage and finding God. That’s satan’s land. The world tries to be with God but fails to warrant the effort with Him. Very few people in the history of the human race have lived with God teaching about Himself. When someone hears God, it’s a historical moment, not a group idea. 

We’re not going to live with God through mainstream ideas of saving other human beings. The work is living through an illusion of self and reality. It’s living from the many to the one, leaving everything in one world to only live by God’s will. We don’t plan it or make it–He does.

Our little person has always taken the easiest way to do what works for us. We only believe in religions because we can do something with them. We don’t hear God to know Him, so religion satisfies us. The mind isn’t arbitrarily breaking a sweat for anything in this life. We’re quick to find what works for us. Religion is the by-product of people not living deep enough to hear God. Two thousand years ago, the Pharisees and high priests didn’t see the Messiah right before them. They designed what they wanted as living with God without living with God. The world hasn’t changed. We’re still making up what we want as living with God. 

No one has two masters. The mind of the one with God is very different from the mind of the one in religion. In religion, we live the body as self and society as reality and live under an institution’s idea of God. With God, we know light and live with God’s teaching about Himself. 

We don’t live with God’s teaching about religion and live in an idealogy about Him. 

The devil’s level claimed the world long before we walked it and placed everything about God in satan. The enormity of His existence has been discarded for people in costumes claiming Him not by enlightenment but by branding and marketing. We’re not finding depth in our world because we don’t care about God. We care about religions. 

Not one religion has ever lived with God in conversation and its been thousands of years. None have increased their knowing of God, and none know creation. They are the epitome of what doesn’t make it to God. Only the individual can lose their lives to gain them in God. The individual is the only one who can know God. The ego won’t find God. The pope, bishop, rabbi, and preacher carry no depth with God. They all made the body self with a costume and live society as reality. They never lost their lives to gain them in God. Living for Christ is the surrender of this world for His. 

The Walk with God

The walk with God is the lonely one on the outside in something no one else can see or know about. God chooses us, and when He does, He begins working within us and in our world without anyone knowing it. Years and months pass with no one seeing anything other than our lives worse, different, and broken. The breaking down of everything in our lives takes place for more light to shine. No one can mimic God or change a thought system because they memorize scripture, laws, or traditions. 

Living from the many to the one is literally the tearing apart of our lives for knowing God.

The thought system is riddled with millions of tiny snakes placing filters over our eyes with logical, practical, and reasonable face-value assumptions. We don’t have the depth to see beyond what is in front of us. We don’t have eyes for Heaven. We only live for what is tangible and through our senses. The mind isn’t living for God; it’s living society as reality and placing God inside of it. We want to Love beyond soceity and know God exists in all things. We don’t need to rehearse a daily routine for Him. We need to treat Him like He exists and knows us better than we know ourselves. Letting God guide us is better than designing our idea of living with Him. 


God came out of left field for Moses and Abraham. Moses had no idea which idea of God it was. He was raised in Egyptian culture, where he worshipped many gods. The idea that we need to know God before He chooses us has always been null. No one needs to believe in God for Him to move in them. God isn’t going by the mind; He knows the Soul’s light. The mind is a riddle of stories placing pieces of ego and satan as real. God isn’t adhering to those. 

The mind is the level of ego, satan, and the little person trying to find self. One day, we can be Jewish, and the next, Christian; we can convert based on our ideas. Self doesn’t exist. It’s the temporal story, just like every religion is. 

Temporal Story

We come into a world already existing. Consciousness completes itself. We were experiencing one level of consciousness out of an infinite. It has a celestial history, present, and future. When we leave the body, our temporal thoughts fade. No idea of heritage, culture, family, or religion exists ever again. It was a temporal story for knowing God whether we did or not.  When we live in another world again, we’ll have another body, celestial history, family, and idea of reality. 

Every lesson and tribulation is to carve our Souls deeper into God, even if we don’t think He exists. Every life is acquiring Love. Every life is acquiring light. 


God carries human consciousness and periodically places light so that humans can know more. We’ve lived with biblical times and thought they came and went. Biblical times never end because God never leaves, and neither does Heaven. Only human beings rip themselves out of God’s arms. We’re missing our chances to know God because the ego is satisfied in religions. As long as satan is our idea of living with God we carry little faith in Him existing. 

No one walking to a preacher for confession knows the Holy Spirit is upon them. No one wanting Jeruslam to be Holy knows God exists with them. 

Faith isn’t measured in what works for us. It’s when nothing is there to believe in. The mind escapes by constantly finding pieces of ego to latch onto. When we have nothing to hold onto and everything is lost, we live faith. Faith can be a weak muscle when everything is going well. The times in our lives that have angered us, disappointed us, and ruined what we were living are the times more substance is accumulated with God. The worst situations to believe in God are the ones that carry weight for Him in our lives. 

 The world is constantly moving, and choices that can be catastrophic to our lives exist. God is with us to carry us to light. He doesn’t live in our ideas and carries depth in our Soul. The individual has the choice, and the individual is the only one living with God. 

God knows our Truth, and He knows what we have lived. We carry the story of the mind for what it is better serving our lives. Instead of surrendering and letting God guide.

Deeper questions are required for Truth. We wouldn’t live what we do if we believed in God. The idealogy of religion is the wrong direction for a muscle in God. We don’t have two masters, and no one in a religious idea kept God above all things.

When life is being wrecked into tiny pieces with a weight it cannot bear, while walking with legs, it does not have the world of matter; it won’t define God. What is not seen but lived has the muscle to move mountains and is from Faith. Faith in God is what heals, restores, and renews. We only survive by Him. 

No matter if we are atheists or believe in God, nothing can separate us from Him. The mind has corridors, but none go deeper than Love.