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The Traveler

The Soul is walking through stories, carving itself into light.

Buddha carries the story of the Soul with God. There’s nothing religious about it. It’s the blueprint for life for every human being. We don’t have to know God exists for Him to be with us. God created every human being, whether we know it or not. No one is carrying God because they’re religious. Moses didn’t know God before the burning bush. 

Our ideologies don’t define God, and He doesn’t live in them. No religion can define God or dictate who He moves in. Being with God is part of the blueprint of life. 

Buddha is the perfect example of an individual living deeper than the papacy with God. He walked out of one world into another, losing his life to gain it in Him, not knowing God existed. Even though Buddha never knew God or ultimate reality, he lived deep enough in Christ for enlightenment. Never has the papacy, bishop, cardinal, rabbi, or imam lived enlightened

Siddartha Guatma grew up in royalty, luxury and with power. His father sheltered him from leaving the Kingdom walls and kept him from seeing aging, sickness, and dying. Siddartha grew up never knowing that people died, got sick, or aged. One day, he snuck out beyond the Kingdom walls and came across a city that his father made.

His father placed all of the dying, aging, and sick people in it. When Siddartha saw this, he couldn’t believe his eyes. It was a catastrophic moment, not knowing what it was or how it existed. At that moment, the fire in Buddha’s Soul lit. Siddartha Gautama began living for answers.


Losing our lives to gain them in God isn’t a religious motion. It’s the only way we consciously evolve for what is beyond this world.

He wanted to know where suffering came from. Buddha lived beyond every ascetic and deeper into the light of Christ without knowing the bigger world. He walked into another part of life to know more. He suffered trying to find the origins of pain. And in this battle, as he departed from everything in life, the royalty, power, and luxury while living for substance, he lost his life to gain it in God without knowing God existed.

Even though Buddha never made it to God, he obtained light in Christ for living with enlightenment. Only the individual is with God, and only the individual can climb the walls of the mind, digging through the forest to the depths of Him.