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The Walk to God

The walk is by the Soul, not the mind.
The more we claim to know God,
the further we are from Him.
We’re walking out of our ideas for His will. 

The journey of understanding light is a continuous process of learning. The more we explore the depths of our existence, the more we know the reason behind Jesus’ teachings. The more we believe our design of living with God is true, the less we know of Him. The highest levels of religion crucified God’s Son. They didn’t understand His existence or theirs.

The walk with God is a solo one and psychological. No one is getting through the gate without leaving ego, satan, and the little person’s level of life. If we try to claim God, we lose because the mind makes satan’s ideas real. No one who makes satan’s ideas real can lose their lives to gain them in God. We start living practices and traditions instead of consciously evolving.

Our journey is not about accepting group ideas and agreeing with others. It is the individual’s walk from one world to another, shedding everything in life to know God. We’re unraveling our thought system and reality, leaving our skin for light. Leaving matter identification for Spirit identification.

God created us to know Him, not an ideology of Him. Religion is a temporal doctrine of other people’s experiences with God. Moses and Abraham are examples of individuals who had a personal relationship with God beyond others. No one in religion has lived it. We don’t believe God exists if we have to study something from thousands of years ago. Only by knowing God personally can we truly understand ourselves and the reality we live in. The individual is walking out of the story they have shaped as self and reality to know God.


God is living by the Soul’s light in Him, not by the self-chattering mind in satan. 
We’re walking out of this skin into light for depth.

When we aspire to be something, we rely on our ego to feel special. The ego makes the body self and society as reality. Once we place our self-identity at matters level, we expand it. We make everything that has to do with the idea of self ours. We don’t know Spirit and don’t conceptualize creation. We limit our understanding of life and perceive the material world as the only idea towards reality. In doing so, we fail to recognize the world of Heaven.

If we need scripture or religious ideologies, we haven’t met God.

The walk to God isn’t about our making it be something. The world is already filled with turns and twists for light. Everything in existence is our personal curriculum. We focus on creating traditions, rituals, and routines that please institutions. We don’t live for deeper inquisitions about our existence or God’s. We go along with what someone tells us or what we read.

The walk isn’t born out of mainstream ideas. There’s more to our existence than what we think. We came into a world already existing and more is here. The Soul is the guide, and the Soul has more life than any idea we can carry.

No one designs what living with God is, then fulfills it, and believes it actually has something to do with Him. God exists, and He doesn’t live by our ways or rules. He chooses people no one expects and works beyond everything in this life to shape something more in us than we knew existed.

There are various interpretations of everything we believe. In order to gain a true understanding of something, we must delve deeper into it. Our minds tend to reside in places of ego and temptation, and unfortunately, we often only scratch the ideas of biblical teachings. Instead of comprehending the true essence of these teachings, we try to force them to conform to our own beliefs and values. We manipulate the world to fit our desires without surrendering to God.

The ideas presented in scripture have been passed down through various individuals and groups, each with their own ideologies. The Bible was compiled over a thousand years. The Hebrew Bible was sifted for rabbinic commentary to have its place. We carry our own preconceived notions and rarely venture beyond them. We don’t know God. We carry an idea of God. 

The one with God lives outside of everything religion carries and is far beyond the world living in another light with Him. We experience God on a different level and beyond societal norms. Depth is acquired through living in what we would never want to live. No one walking with God is living what they want. We’re self-emptying the ideas we’ve shaped since childhood.

The light changes in our Soul while our eyes and ears move into another reality for only knowing God’s will. We don’t design the walk to God nor truly understand how it happens. He comes into our lives and starts rearranging it for the thought system to change. God is rewiring the temporal world’s thought system for light. The Soul is the carrier of the walk, and it guides us to living deeper and beyond this world to God. Only the individual consciously evolves for God.


The concept of self is a temporary idea and doesn’t live ever again. Our true nature lies in our Spirit. Self is akin to a costume that we create and wear to observe this one level of consciousness in matter. We identify ourselves with the physical body more than Spirit. We construct an ideal image of ourselves in our minds and strive to achieve it. However, when we leave our physical body, none of this ever exists again. The body is like a suit of clothes we put on and take off in every life. 

The ideas we shape of self is based on what we think others perceive of us. How we believe others perceive us is what builds our branding. We define what we need to look like, wear, and be for society’s approval. We shape self-identity in our body, name, family, car, brand of clothes, hairstyle, heritage, job title, neighborhood, and bank account. Assigning an idea of matter as our existence instead of knowing conscious energy.

When we hear God’s voice, the opposite begins. Self-emptying starts, and letting go of self-identity in matter unravels our thought system. We’re dismantling our thought system for God’s light. We live from the many to one, going from one thought system to another.