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Celestial Life

Celestial Life

Celestial Life is being placed while we haven’t known our origins. No one understood at the smallest particle, the motion was resonance, or that consciousness was all that was alive. Science hasn’t known the origins of matter and won’t. 

Only what we can think lives as life, and what we can think is younger. Human education is at a statutory level. There is no enlightenment, and we’re not consciously evolving beyond the story given. We grow to live inside the story, not live beyond it. Human education is the epitome of the illusion because it is only one story. Plus, human thinking is daydreaming. 

We idealize everything we do without knowing it. Nothing is living as it seems but we believe we know everything. We’re raised through kindergarten, elementary school, middle school, and high school and develop idealogies and belief systems out of what was given. We don’t know anything about reality or life besides what is taught. We’re placing a reality on nothing more than one idea out of an infinite. 

The world of education isn’t education. It’s memorizing an idea and then making it our own. The mind crafts ideas from it for self identity to place self and has no idea how small the world has become. Only our knowing and not knowing exists as life. 

We see human beings as outside of us and have no idea what reality is or isn’t. We assumed everything while knowing nothing. We don’t know consciousness or resonance as living intelligence and not human. We haven’t matured enough to carry depth in our own creation to realize being created means we’re living in something. Being human means, we are blended with more intelligence than our idea of being human. 

God is hundreds of billions of years alive and created everything in existence. His light is in variances, placing what our level of consciousness can live. We’re blended with higher intelligence for living in matter.

God created us in His likeness. God is of no form and of all form. He doesn’t have facial features, a body, or lungs. He doesn’t need oxygen and can live in the most hostile environments. God is consciousness moving as Spirit as energy. We are not the body. We are the conscious energy inside of the body. We, too, are Spirit. We are a level of consciousness. 

We’re different than how we see ourselves in the mirror. No one questions two eyes or two arms. We live comfortably in an environment that has bacteria crawling all over us, but we don’t question that either. The amount of cells changing without us regulating it is spellbinding. We’re a thinking species on a planet in space, not grasping the higher intelligence of living. 

Human beings are not the idea of human we carry; we are far beyond it. We’re a species changing form every eighty or hundred years. The body is like a suit of clothes we put on and take off in every life. Consciousness is all that is alive.

We think of the body as self because we don’t know Spirit. The self doesn’t exist, but the idea of self does, and that idea is from the little person’s idea of living. It’s out of the lower mind’s eye. We haven’t walked in higher intelligence for living Spirit or God as real. We made religions; instead of living with God and shape a representative we place a costume on and brand. Childhood into adulthood is the branding period. We try to become something that pleases others, and out of it pleasing others, we like it too. 

The idea of success is because other people see it as success, and we want the ego to feel it, too. The temporal costume and idea of self shape our existence.

The universe experiences its own light. We’re an idea in the mind of God, and everything we think is an idea in our mind. Only our level of consciousness exists; nothing else does. Only one of us is here with God, living through ideas we’ve brought into being, and they live very real. No one can detect illusory. Only when we live with God teaching about Himself do we know creation and the malleable world. Until then, we live in our narrative, making assumptions about everything. They have agreements that make them real. 

What we think is all we can live through. When God gave energy the way to know itself, He placed its purpose. We see trees, birds, and oceans, but what is here is hundreds of trillions and trillions and trillions of subatomic particles zig-zagging for as far as the eye can see. The world is resonance. Life is Celestial. Nothing else exists. God created everything in existence, and He is hundreds of billions of years alive.

Human consciousness is a tiny pin dot in an infinite pool of consciousness that is aware of itself and nothing else. Consciousness can’t live outside of itself; it has to live through itself.

Other life forms weave within our light for living in matter. We didn’t know energy as other races, like we do now. We’re intertwined with different levels of Heaven, including Celestial Light, Spark Beings, and Conscious Energy. These other forms of life exist in our light and help us live in the matter world.

Conscious Energy is the mass, force, velocity, levity, and temperature of all matter. It is the fabric of our world. The air we see is alive with other races. The quantum world is only other races. We’re seeing a big human being, but we’re shaped out of hundreds of trillions and trillions and trillions of light. The car and the ocean are energy living as resonance, delivering light to our present level of consciousness. The universe is consciousness. Nothing else exists but consciousness. 

We don’t think deeply enough to realize more about living with celestial beings. We’re not trying to understand what being human is because we thought we knew it already. Yet, no one understood Spirit or how matter was existing to believe we knew what human was. The assumptions rule when no one can know what ignorance is. 

Human beings created human education. We shaped our idea of intelligence and measurement. Now, we fulfill it and believe we are intelligent because we go through it. It’s the self-contained world of make-believe living for being right. Once people understand we’ve been created and live in something far beyond our ideas, we notice more. 

Since we departed from God, our ideas have been the world. God became the fairytale, and our expertise became what is real. Now, we’re stuck inside a little person’s idea of life, putting on costumes and placing self-identity in matter with no idea of our divine inheritance. We’re not living to know life. We want sensationalism in our ideas. Everything is branding for ego and satan to know their existence. 

The mind-shaped consciousness in lower earthy energy. We created a thought system of mazes that never leave themselves. We live in routines and our own measurement of intelligence. We have no idea what Mars looks like. We only see it from one level of thinking out of an infinite. We’ve never known what thought is and isn’t. No one looking at Mars knows only their level of consciousness is the world. We’re living in self chatter listening to our narrative, believing we are geniuses because our measurement tells us we are. 

The idea of fact is a relative idea that is always fleeting and is only measured on a blind agreement. Since no one knows how matter exists or what being alive is, the idea of fact is relatively living for a very short time. When we leave the body, every idea we have carried fades, too. 

We came into a world already existing, and when we leave, we leave all of it behind. Consciousness completes itself. We come into a world with a history, present, and future. The mind fills it in and places all of it. We don’t know God as our mother, father, brother and sister. We see matter and know it in a story. The mind isn’t enlightened and is carrying an idea of self from birth. We haven’t known creation to assume so much, but we did anyway, and now the illusion is reality. We made the world up in the light we could think it in. 

We think normal is human and anything else is different. We want to look off the planet for life, not knowing that human beings are other races. We missed everything about being created because no one wants some religious idea of God as a creator. Being created means we are blended with more than our idea of human. The word creates the world, and we place our ideas as it. Everything in matter first began as an idea. We’re an idea in the mind of God, and everything we think is an idea in our mind. 

Celestial Light is on the tip of every thought, bringing our ideas into placement for living through to something else. We have to live through something to something else. No matter if it’s ridiculous or fake. Human beings will always shape what the world carries until they think of something else. Gravity and general relativity never existed. The idea is ludicrous when you know other races are the fabric of the world and human photosynthesis exists. Only consciousness can shape matter.

Celestial Light sits at the edge of our ideas, moving them for living through. We’re in an endless story of awakening. Living through matter from different levels of consciousness. Every blade of grass, snowflake, and raindrop lives in its own light, just as every Soul does. Reality is the slippery slope of illusions placing themselves as real as we can make them. Celestial Life is the only idea in existence, for all life is a variance of God and God is hundreds of billions of years alive.