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Knowledge from God

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“By faith, we understand that the universe was ordered by the word of God so that what is visible came into being through the invisible.”
Hebrews 11:3

Since ancient days, people have been trying to find the light in God. Most people question God’s existence, while few have lived with God teaching about Himself. In the beginning, we made narrow passageways about life and lived for what money could buy. No one knew creation or what being alive was for knowing God. We placed false idols and never left them for depth. After biblical days, the idea of God turned religious instead of knowing Him as the blueprint to life.

As time passed, we shaped the world into matters level because we didn’t know God. We made face-value assumptions about our existence; consequently, the little person’s idea of life became the world. Lower mind developed, and money became a second God. We lived through our senses and made material goods a reward. Kings and empires monopolized central topics and made the public believe they were credible. We didn’t find the Truth because we could have agreements. There was no real opposition, and we could make anything become something as long as it was believable. 

The world made face-value assumptions, and those who were willing to force life to have others believe them won. There hasn’t been an enlightened level since our beginning. 


God chooses us. He’s not living for the idea of Him. The Soul awakening
is the walk.

The depth we seek is immeasurable because it’s outside of human. We’re living to know God, not some idea of God like religion carries. It’s not about ideologies or dogmas. Nothing in this world is for living like others. God is giving us the way to know Him at our level of consciousness. It won’t carry another human being’s opinion of God or belief system. It’s about our Soul opening a light in Him. 

Without depth, we don’t live for God. We stand in a circle of ideas measuring depth by memorizing laws, traditions, rituals, and human precepts. We’re not consciously evolving for God. We’re glorifying satan, living with branding, trying to be accepted by family and mainstream ideas instead of losing our lives to gain them in God. Basically, if it’s mainstream or family tradition, we’re doing it.

We’re not walking to a new place or getting lost in the forest of thought. We keep doing what works and what everyone else does. Living to God is beyond the mainstream concept. It’s a dip into deeper water for reflecting on thought. Every particle lives in its own light. Every blade of grass, water droplet, and snowflake lives in its own light, just as every human being does. We’re walking to God as an individual with Him. 

We’ve been created for a bigger reason than what we think. Our divinity is real, and our walk with God is too. We’re not here alone, and we never will be. The mind carries a story and walks through matter to discover it. Truth evades human beings because we shaped a shallow world when we made money a second god. 

Everything in this world is false until we unravel it. Consciousness carries a dream until we hear God’s voice. We’re making up everything, and it lives very real. No one has ever known creation to believe fact exists. Our idea of fact is what exists, and it’s only at one level of consciousness out of an infinite. We’re bringing into being what we can, but we have help to make it into something. We’re not awake to know facts, so we have our idea of facts.

Our measurement is based on what the eyes can believe and solidify. But no one told us only self-chatter lives as life. No one lives outside of their own eyes. The remarkable level of other races with us and blended within our light never dawned on us. We think we’re living solo when we are a compilation of more. 

God is everything in existence, and we are a variety within His light blended with other variances for living in human consciousness. Human consciousness is a word and not a being. The mind places the body as self and lives through its senses, claiming matter at a level of thought. We’re assigning matter its existence from our level of thinking, which is one level out of an infinite. Ten thousand years from now, we’ll see something else to call matter. 

The world is as real as we can feel it to be. We’re not going to see any cracks in the illusion, but as we awaken, we see more Truth. Self-chatter lives as incessant thinking. We jump from one thought to the next, having no idea where thought is coming from. The universe library already existed as we came into being. We dream weird things, and we have no idea where the dream came from. We don’t know where the thought began or ended. We open our eyes and believe we are no longer dreaming, but it’s not so. Our awake is asleep. 

The human mind has never left satan to know God. We don’t live outside of our interpretations, perspectives, and ideas. Only what we can think lives as life. We have shapers all around us, which we see as humans, but the world is more sufficiency living in higher light. Being created means we’re living in something, and that something is higher intelligence. 

We come into a world already existing and begin idealizing it for our level of consciousness to live in matter. The word shapes the world, and we go along with what we think of as life. We don’t question anything beyond what is made normal. The normal idea of life is easily accepted by us. We don’t question the reality. We assume it to be as we think it to be. 

Nothing in life can tell us the Truth but God. Human consciousness was created, and everything here is only an idea out of human consciousness. No one is born with God because religions are pretending to know Him. Not one religion is near God. They carry society as reality and the devil’s level of life. No one is living in conversation with God that carries a religion. 

We don’t walk for an idealogy and for losing our lives to gain them in God. We either walk to God or a religious ideology. We don’t do both. The world of religion was being taught two thousand years ago that it was off track and in satan. Every time we try to be something or claim something in this world, the lower mind way is at play. Right-minded thinking is deeper. 

God doesn’t work for religions. He is living for every human being to know Him. The deeper side of life is beyond mainstream ideas. We won’t walk to God as long as we keep a religious idea above Him. Learning to know God isn’t a small feat and requires more substance than any idea in human living can muster up. A deeper spark in our Soul has to ignite.

The light in the Soul brings an idea to mind that begins unraveling everything placed as who we think we are and of life. We’re not living to become “a someone” who’s seen as successful. We’re living to unravel every idea placed as life for knowing Heaven on Earth. The mind is a tool being used at this one level of consciousness. It’s like a blender of ideas; what goes into the blender is being shaped out of the Soul. The Soul is our livingness and is Love. The light thought is emerging from is consciousness. Consciousness is the only level existing in life. 

We don’t know consciousness because our idea of it placed it with thinking when they are two different levels and very far apart from each other. Thinking is the temporal world level and fades when we leave the body. The Soul is consciousness and is the light all thinking emerges out of. Consciousness doesn’t change like thoughts do and carries depth, substance, and maturity. 

Thinking is part of the story we came into. The mind isolates itself because it knows only itself. We don’t see it happen or even know how it does, but by the time we can walk, we believe we are someone. Everything we see is placed outside of us and not with us. It’s here, but it’s called the world. No one understands resonance to know energy. We only idealize mattes level. 

Science carried no awakeness to realize human thinking is only one fragrance of knowing out of an infinite. We’re not awake until we hear God, and until then, every human being knows only their narrative as life. We see and hear in our own voice. We mesmerize ourselves in stories from sun up to sun down. Matter is a nothingness only existing in consciousness. 

We don’t question where thought is coming from or even understand reality. When we created the three-dimensional theory, it was done with face-value assumptions. No one understood at the smallest particle the motion was resonance. We carried an idea at matters level instead of going to point one. The ideologies that have shaped science today are illusory. 

Vibrations, frequencies, and resonance break every idea in science. Science is bringing something into being at this one level of consciousness based upon a three-dimensional theory of matter’s existence, but consciousness is at cause, and matter is the effect. No one can see matter outside of their eyes. And what their eyes see isn’t all that is here.

We’re only seeing what we can think is here but there is more here than what we can think. We’re messing around in playdo, believing our thoughts to be real because we can justify them in what we shape. But what we shape didn’t exist without other races making it into something liveable. 

We live weaved with higher intelligence for moving in matter. God created us in His likeness. God is consciousness living as energy/resonance. We are not the body; we are the conscious energy inside of the body. Genesis did its job by giving us a way to know we have a creator and have been created.  The twenty first century brings more depth to that idea. 

Nothing in matter lives again when we leave the body. God of no form and of all form was telling us the world sits in a temporal idea before changing. We come into a world that already exists, and consciousness completes itself. We believe in a history, present, and future. The idealogy of the world was placed throughout kindergarten, elementary, middle school, and high school. 

We have no way to question it. We only go along with it. The mind shapes a thought system at birth to carry a reality. We never get the chance to know God as reality because we’re born into the devil’s level, being forced to live in a religion. We have no magnitude of life to question it; whatever the family is doing, we are, too.

Matters level is the devil’s level because we place self-identity in it. Once we assign meaning and attachment to what is around us we begin creating a thought maze for it. We carry the world for having acceptance by others. It began with our parents, then with family and friends. We mark it with teachers and winning or achieving. The mind is placing reality as it creates its own story of existence. 

We’re not seamlessly living with Spirit. We haven’t assembled its idea. Nor do we know God as our mother, father, brother, and sister. We have no idea how matter exists, and the talking we hear in our mind is assumed to be us. We think we are our thoughts and have no idea where they are coming from. We’re going along with every thought without question. The stories are as seamless as thought. We build ideas about what looks best or what someone needs to see us as good. 

Since kindergarten, it’s been the way of the world. We see the idea of self based on how others approve of us, and we’ve shaped our self-identity based on it. In high school, we majored in the idea of self being someone others liked. We didn’t do anything else but become what others thought was cool. The mind has no idea about divinity or God, and it doesn’t seem to care either. We’re living to be someone others like. 

The world of self is the only idea we create and live through until we hear God’s voice. The moment we hear God our lives are falling into another reality that displaces everything we knew of self and life. Nothing we believe exists as it is. 

The idea of knowing God from a little person’s state of mind in satan is why the Holy Spirit exists. Jesus placed light with us, and no matter what we think, He is there to call upon. Moving into deeper ideas is why God made us out of His consciousness. We’re an idea in the mind of God, and everything we think is an idea in our mind. God gave us the way to consciously evolve by giving His Son to us. Learning to Love isn’t a mainstream idea. It goes into everything we dislike and don’t want to do. 

By the time we are thirteen, we have placed likes and dislikes and believe we know reality when we don’t. The idea of love is for us to feel good. It’s not about selfless giving to others when it doesn’t feel good. We shape Love in satan, which feeds the ego, the opposite of Christ. We’re not learning to Love beyond every idea of self. We only Love what works for us. The mind is in lower earthly energy, placing ego before God. 

We haven’t begun to know Love until we know God. Nothing in this world places it. We’re living from everything other than Love to Love.












Living through matter gives us a way to observe our consciousness and dive into deeper reasonings for Love. We’re a thinking species living formless like God. We walk in matter for a short time, having experiences for depth, substance, and maturity. We’re on a journey to Love to open worlds within worlds. We’re thinking everything into being. Every trial and tribulation is placing a depth for us. 

The more light in the Soul, the more our thinking is beyond the temporal story and with Heaven. We didn’t learn about creation to know the mind. No one knows where thinking is coming from or the idea of the Soul living in Heaven. Science didn’t know humanity was a thinking species or that consciousness was all that was alive until these writings. We’re not opening doors for knowing creation. Were making face-value assumptions and bringing them into being. 

Humanity is lower mind. The lower mind is from lower earthly energy, placing self-identity in matter. We live out of the ego, making an idea of self live in matter.  We shape a representative to believe is our “me.” No one lives to know Spirit. We haven’t progressed in knowing the world as resonance or God of no form and of all form to quantify a deeper depth in our existence. 

We don’t register the invisible world because we don’t communicate with God or Heaven. The mind hasn’t left the matter level since we made society reality and money a second God. We placed meaning and attachment at the matter level and continue to build out of it. The idea of self comes from meaning in matter. We don’t know the formless world as we should. 

Humanity hasn’t budged from its current level since its beginning. Once human education was shaped, we stayed in it and didn’t consciously evolve for enlightenment. No one lives for enlightenment in the Western world. We want to be successful and wealthy instead of knowing why we’re alive. The idea of living fell to the devil’s level long ago when we made money a second God. No one kept God above all things. 

Judaism made itself into something and quickly followed Christianity and Islam. The world doesn’t learn to know depth until something in the individual sparks it. There’s a walk we take, and it doesn’t have to do with our planning or knowing and not knowing. It springs out of a world deeper in us, calling for it to live. We don’t carry the awareness of God to know a bigger design of our existence is living. 

The Soul is the light that places the path. The Soul is consciousness and is our living. It lives deeper in Heaven, giving the Spirit the way to live in matter. We’re only aware of the mind when we need to know the Soul. The world we experience is an illusion. It’s one level of thinking out of an infinite. We don’t register reality until we hear God’s voice. Until then, we live in idea’s that come and go. No one is walking out of the story in their mind. We place ourselves inside of it and try to be something within it.

The ideologies that shape our relations with God miss the purpose of our existence. We’re not living to know Him as we think. We’re not really trying. We live in religions abiding by doctrines and their pragmatic ways. No one is walking out of mainstream ideas for God. We’re placating satan, not knowing our depth is the devil’s level. The more we live society as reality and the body as self, the shallower we stand with God. We want to lose our lives to gain them in God.  

Only the individual can know God, and the individual’s mind is in the battle of its life to do it. We’re not going to find God because we’re religious or study Him. He’s living outside of satan. We’re the ones in satan rigorously living for the devil. The Soul has to swell beyond the world into another light for Him. Our ways are satans.

The road to God is reality changing and our thought system shifting. We don’t walk into a church claiming Jesus Christ as their Savior and walk out a new human. Nothing in this life is a quick walk with God. He chooses us, and it begins. The mind changing as we self-empty everything taught about life shatters our world. We lose our lives to gain them in God when life measures our existence with Christ. We’re walking out of our skin for His light. 

No one is going to know God without light upon them. John the Baptist, Abraham, and Moses carried God’s light greater than anyone else. They carried His will, not some institution’s idealogy of God. No one can live with depth when they only wash in a mainstream idea of God. We’re trying to be someone in religion instead of losing our lives to gain them in God. 

The mind wants to satisfy the ego, and satan will have us do anything to believe we have reached God. Walking into religions is the phony. We pretend to know God because we memorize laws, read scripture, and live like everyone else does. The idea that someone Jewish makes them different than someone Christian or Muslim with God is ego. God is the same for the many but walks with the one. 

A Muslim made his way of living to fulfill an idea of God, and a Jewish person made theirs. It’s not living with God; it’s living in an idea of God. Living with God would be hearing Him going from the many to one. We claim heritage, culture, and lineage as if it’s living beyond this body. When we leave the body, every idea of heritage, culture, and lineage fades. Ideas at matters level keep us from depth in God. It’s the devil’s level because we will fight, armor ourselves, and define our existence in matter instead of losing our lives to gain them in God. 

We’re walking through water darker than the night, grabbing at anything to call light because we don’t hear God’s voice. The human world is mesmerizing itself in ego, with people wanting to be with God but doing very little to find Him. Walking into a religion is satan. We don’t acquire depth when we design our walk. 

No one can make God go along with their ideas or live how they want. It’s apodictic of the priest dancing for God Baal when King Ahab and Jezebel reigned. We do anything society deems as living with God without looking at who is teaching. The Vatican has no living with God. No one at the Vatican can hear God or define creation. The papacy is a false idol and is blasphemous. We’re not living for God. We’re living to be accepted.   


The world hasn’t known God since Jesus walked the earth. We come into the world already existing and immediately know the world’s ideas of God. No one learns creation or knows Spirit and how to live by it. We’re making the body self as children and don’t understand consciousness is all that is alive.

We’re a divine existence, placing our existence in the devil’s hands at birth. The moment self is acquired is the moment the thought system shapes ego, satan, and the little person. We were told to keep God above all things for having light about our formless nature. Learning to identify our existence with Spirit is right-minded. 

Carrying the body as self puts us in lower earthly energy, constantly reviving our thoughts to feel accomplished and good. We keep the ego swimming with ideas of self-doing good. Depth is the light in the Soul yearning for more. Even then, there are bushes covering the path. We have a lot to lose in order to gain. The mind won’t jump tracks or switch gears if the ego has to be satisfied. The ego has already mapped the roads it will take in life. Every thought shades a corner in the mind and builds the walls our thinking stays in. We create a thought maze that never changes and is walked hundreds of billions of times a day. 

The world isn’t opening deeper for God when it can be told it knows God perfectly by simply achieving what everyone else says is living with God. We haven’t known depth as long as we keep our designs of living with God as the way. 

The world we thought was outside of us is only living through us.  The word created the world didn’t enlighten us for knowing only our thoughts live in matter. We don’t question who is thinking or where thoughts come from. We let them idly move through us and treat each one as real. Thought is created light and part of a bigger library with us.

No one is going to inspect their thoughts because we have to observe them, and intrepet them from our level of thinking. We can’t decide anything objectively. Our narrative is well informed from ego and most of the time already believes it has answers. The mind is working for stories that soothe. We haven’t been awake enough to know how the the devil in humn consciounses exists or what satan is. Without knowning energy we have no idea how thought is shaping in human photosynthesis. The mind won’t embark on greater voyages as long as it can be everything it wants in smaller ones. 

The human idea that we are living as our thoughts is false. We’re not our thoughts. They are part of the library of life in human photosynthesis. When we leave the body and move into a new life, we’ll experience a new world from another level of consciousness. Our thoughts, idealogies, family, idea of self,  beliefs and knowing will be different. The world is living for us to move through it instead of finding a “me” to place in it. Knowing Spirit exults over placing self in the body. 

We’ve been conscious of a story from birth and have shaped it from one level of consciousness out of an infinite. There is more here but if we don’t think it into being we never find it. We don’t see the invisible world until it’s been thought. Consciousness is for consciously evolving from one idea to the next. It’s the constant wheel searching for more. We’re a thinking species evolving for depth. Depth awakens us. The mind won’t work outside its environment until it realizes more. Energy is the language within a language we’re moving towards for light.

We feel before we recognize thought. The depth of our knowing relies on substance, and substance is acquired by living outside of self-identity in matter. The placing of matter is through the human story in human photosynthesis. The world is an elaborate illusion catering only to our level of consciousness. We only live in our thoughts. We see eight billion people walking the earth and believe they are living outside of us. We don’t have any aptitude to know they are living through us. The eight billion people are energy within our Soul only existing for us to live Love through. They no longer live in anything but air when we leave the body. 

We can only measure illusory when we hear God’s voice speaking out of thin air. Otherwie we have no way measure our existence. When we know Heaven’s level in life and that other races don’t need facial features, bodies, oxygen, or matter. When we can hear them and communicate, it changes reality. The mind of living human can only know matter but with God we know light.

We see buildings and can’t imagine they are illusory. It seems impossible. But to know God of no form and of all form and Him speaking out of thin air is the same impossible. The mind is placed at one level of consciousness, and it has an idea of reality. Creation’s level is beyond our reality and outside of everything we think life is. We don’t carry the way to see bacteria crawling all over our bodies or subatomic particles zig-zagging in front of us. There is a world we do not see existing with us. 

The idea of creation is dismissed because no one feels like they have been created. We believe we are born instead of created. The measurement is because we don’t know creation. We don’t think about God, hundreds of billions of years alive, or other races living blended with us. We have no measure of what human is and isn’t because we made up our version without knowing God. The idea of God fell to religion and from that moment on life was godless. 

The story we shaped as life is the fairytale. Without having any way to measure our living story, we place it as real. No one can undermine their own reality or go beyond it. We have to transcend our thoughts for new ones. The work we undertake for doing that is unravellingf our thought system for light. No one is able to do that without God. We can live in monasteries or mountains and live our ideas of it, but no one is able to change human photosynthesis without God. The light we are living through is measured in Him, not our minds. 

We don’t live in awareness of life; we live in stories until we hear God. We’re only aware of what we think is the world. The storyteller is profound. The mind won’t budge for more unless we have substance to move it. We’re not trying to know what is beyond mainstream; we’re doing all we can to be mainstream. We’re living to feel comfortable, accepted, and good.

Finding the Truth isn’t something we do. Humanity has been accepting anything as credible as long as someone famous agrees or stands for it. They may need titles and positions that governments fortify, but branding is all we need. Most of our ideas of knowledge have been shaped that way. We brought into being what could be agreed on, not the Truth.

Heaven is our world, and no one sees it. We don’t even try to know more about our planet. We think we have discovered almost everything needed to live and know our way around here. We don’t question grass or oceans with trillions of elements existing together and individually perfectly. We haven’t carried depth to see the ocean with light. We’re in mainstream ideas at one level of thinking that was shaped in human education. We’re a walking story believing discoveries weren’t already here.

Being created means we’re living in something. Science would know more if it had registered that we age effortlessly on a conveyor belt without any say. All of the micro realities we’ve lived in our narrative. We never knew anything outside of the story in our minds. The world has been placed perfectly for us to grow up in. 

Placing matter as Truth is subjugated to ideas in consciousness. It’s relative to our state of living and what we need at the time. The ideas are placing themselves to be something and are brought into being out of necessity. Human education doesn’t live for anything but society. Society is the backdrop of life. Its only existing to live through but we never do it.

It’s the devil’s level because it is matters level, trapping us in its ideas instead of living for divinity. We’re not consciously evolving to see more of our universe. We’re seeing what we want at the present level of consciousness. If wanted to see more it wouldnt be through a bigger telescope it would be by consciously evolving to another state of mind. 

We sit in mazes as knowing and feel smart. We never thought about who was thinking because we believed we were. We’re not trying to find who is thinking because it lives seamlessly. The seamless workd is the state of mind making everything comfortable to know what works for us. We made our knowing and not knowing and won’t leave it. No one is diving into the abyss from shallow water.

Science hasn’t known what being alive is or how reality exists for knowing life. We’ve been shaping ideas since the beginning but never knew consciousness was all that was alive until the twenty-first century. So much has been shaped as reality without knowing consciousness is at cause and matter is the effect. Depth moves in us when something in the Soul pines to know more. The walkers are the ones who try to acquire life from what isn’t mainstream or accepted as successful. We hear the call and walk towards it. 

No one has known creation to know that consciousness completes itself. We come into the world already existing. It has a history, present, and future. We age effortlessly and stories emerge for every age. Reality seems to fit perfectly no matter what age we are. At seven superman or wonderwwoman wee perfect and at twenty-three wanting more responsibility or to be a mother fits. Reality shifts for everyone as we age. We don’t notice it because it’s comfortable and feels normal. No one grows up screaming that their bones are growing. We don’t feel it. 

The organs get bigger, and no one feels it. The remarkable level of life growing, and we dismiss it. The seasons change, and we believe we know why. We haven’t realized the body changing and the ststae of mind fitting perfectly with that change. The winter comes, and snow is perfect for winter. Spring comes, and flowers blossoming are perfect for spring. We grow up into an adult, and the world is perfect for us to be an adult. 

The mind is in a story and doesn’t see the light in the corners. It’s made a maze of thinking to support the idea of reality. We don’t go beyond the rules we make. We happily believe anything inside our walls. No one has transferred reality for living beyond matter until they hear God’s voice. Until then, our echo is the reverberating light of life. Nothing will define our existence except what we think. 

The story we made is what we told oursleevs and bring into being. The mind only carries what it carries. There is nothing else to our existence except what we think. The magnitude of that is a historical level for human life because we haven’t understood creation since the beginning of time. We know more now then we did in 1AD but we haven’t matured. Even though we have satellites in the sky and people living to be trilionares we are morbidly in lower earthly energy letting tens of thousands of children starve to death every day. it doesn’t make sense because humanity is displaying satan. The world advanced, but human consciousness didn’t. We’re not placing life deeper or caring for each other more. We’re moving in the opposite direction only living for self. 

Very few people in the history of the human race have lived with God teaching about Himself. Yet, He is upon every one of us. Knowing God is rare because we live satan instead. The day Jesu was crucified, we should have known religion would never know God. We did nothing but the devil’s work making religions God instead of learning creation. We don’t live in any depth near God. Everything we shape is satan’s way. No one travels beyond their religion to know God differently. They only live in their religion. It’s the devil suppressing us in satan.  

We’e not here to live another human beings idea of God. We’re here to open our Soul in Him. Working for God doesn’t exist until we live with God teaching about Himself. Every false idol placed their own idea of what working for God was and fell to satan. The idealogy of satan is always our ideas. When we know God we only live His will and it’s nothing we choose to live.

Worshipping and loving God has no depth in knowing Him. We’re doing it for our own sake. We want God with us and are willing to worship and pray. We don’t live to lose our lives to gain them in God though becuase that means living last while everyone else lives first. No one is wiling to walk the Apostles path with God. We have no desire to live through the devil in human consciousness or live with our lives destroyed. We’re placing God in what works for us and is comfortable. Religion made satan our idea of knowing God. The only way we know His voice is by Him. 

God chooses people. We don’t dance for Him or make-up titles and positions and it mean something. No one is claiming a decree in God and it be so. The last are first, and the first are last. We’ve idly gone along with religions for thousands of years without questioning them. Basic common sense is a red flag for religions. Not one human being in any religion can explain creation to science, but the pope is being displayed as closest to Him. We’re undermining depth and substance for shallow and satan. 

No one who knows God’s voice lives society’s purpose. We don’t play a role in religions or walk a mainstream idea. The temporal world fades for the eternal light in Christ. Our walk never ends. No one is ever going to live at the level of God hundreds of billions of years alive. We will always walk deeper for eternity. Knowing God isn’t a mainstream idealogy. It’s outside of everything we know as life. The world is the teacher and everything we think is a designed curriculum for magnitude of God. No one escapes God when they hear His voice. 

The day God comes into our lives is the day reality changes. We live from the many to the one with psychological curriculums that shift our thought system from matters level to Heaven’s level. His world dissobves self, meaning and attachment. We move from our life purpose to only know His will. We won’t come back for playing a role in any religious concept or family idea of life. We walk with the creator of everything in existence for His ideas, not ours. 

The mind changes, and consciousness deepens. we have no say in His idea of us. The idea that human beings can design what living with God is and it be so is satan. God isn’t adhering to the human ideas of Him. He’s not moving in what is logical, practicable, or reasonable. His walk with us takes us beyond every wall we thought existed. Living from the many to the one is self-emptying the life we knew. Human concepts of enlightened living have no idea of the path. We don’t design it; the Soul makes it. 

Something must happen deeper in us for a cataclysmic shift to take place. Human ideas don’t move divine ones. Divine ones are of susbatance, depth and maturity deeper in the Soul. We don’t know enlightenment because we don’t live for it. Humanity made universities higher education and never desired more. We have no measure of enlightened living or the bigger world when no one lives it. We made higher consciousness a place out of satan and shaped college degrees. 

Humanity knows very little about enlightenment. We know of very few people in the past having it. We don’t strive for what very few people obtain. We tend to move with the crowd. Human nature is for living with the herd and not living as the lost lamb. We don’t pursue anything beyond what is already being pursued. We have no idea what else awaits us because we don’t live for it. We’re walking what everyone else is. The ones that change the world never do that. 

Our light is with more intelligence than human education can give. Substance is from another elixer and its part of our existence from birth. Trials and tribulations shape energy, as does failure. The world already has mixtures for acquiring light, but we need to get out of our way to find it. We’re marveling at ego instead of losing it. The preacher is out of ego, as is the rabbi. The bishop and cardinal walk with status and ego, dismissing God. The idealogy for Christianity and Judaism falls to satan. We want to be “a somebody” that believes God is with us and loves us. Being created from God should have told us that. The mind wanted more and lost its way to God becoming it. 

We don’t lose our lives to gain them in God when we live our ideas of living with God. The mind has to discover cracks to open, and that only happens when we lose our lives to gain them in God. If we live rudimentary dogmatic ideas, we stay mainstream and in lower earthly energy. We won’t travel far enough to walk deeper corridors with God. Lower mind subjugates satan’s rigorous living for ego to live happy. The bishop and cardinal are happy in their positions. They don’t know anything else until light comes into the world. When light comes into the world, we have to see our darkness. No one wants to come into the light that has made a home darker earthly energy. We would defend attack instead of surrender to God. 

The depth required for knowing God isnt from religious idealogies that place people in positions and titles for leading the way.  The individual is reaching into places unknown, digging outside of everything mainstream to know more. Nothing in any religion will define how God lives in this world. Our own state of thinking won’t determine it either. God knows more than we do about life and He’s is moving life through everything needed to get to where He is placing us. 

We have no idea how so much life lives on this planet. We only know what we think does. The mind of a scientist is lower mind. We’re moving in lower earthly energy through human education, not for light. No one in science has lived for enlightenment or consciously evolving. They only walked through an idealogy with every idea of life being placed upon them. They had a belief system instilled by their parents and teachers and believed what their professors did. We don’t know anything about life except what has been given to us, and that creates walls for thinking more. 

We dismiss what everyone else has because no one sees the cracks. We measure life on one idea and have no conception of the infinite ideas we could live through. The mind is thinking in what works for it. We’re not trying to be ostracized or penalized. Human education made everyone believe they knew something. As long as we study, memorize and write on our blank record what everyone else has we are doing good. Everyone whether in China, Russia or Ethiopa idealize life the same. We’re a species with diferent cultures, education systems and life styles but yet we stand together as the human race on a planet in space living among each other. Happy Birthday is sung in Alabama and in North Korea the same. 

The human race diving into the universe is null. We’re diving in to a story at one level of consciousness trying to muster up the most we can. We live out of college and were taught how to see and hear for soceity to be reality. We didn’t grow up hearing God or Angels. The eyes watching the universe are old ones. A story was already delivered about the universe before any scientist saw it. The criteria and measure was placed. 

Once reality is made, we cannot live outside of it. Human education places society as reality. The eyes and ears of all school children have an idea already written about everything life is and can be. We don’t have any opportunity to know God. Religion made sure of it. The family tradition is an idea about God, and the road won’t lead to God. We pray and worship with false idols and idealize God, but we don’t live with God teaching about Himself. Our world has been placing credibility and legitimacy in all the wrong places before King Herod existed. We never lived deep enough to stand taller. 

There are many subjects we have made assumptions about that became fact and legitimate. Everything in life is an illusion and only a temporal dream we walk through for eighty or a hundred years. No one knew we were weaved with other races. The idealogy of human is not even existing. God created human consciousness out of His light. God is hundreds of billions of years alive and He blended other intelligence for human consciosuness to exist in matter from any one level of consciousness. This gave us the path to live eternally. Form is temporal but consciousness is eterenal. The body isn’t living for long but the light in the body never ends. 

God of no form and of all form told us this. He doesn’t need a body, facial features, or oxygen. He doesnt have lungs, heart or blood. He lives in all things and can move in all things. There is nothing human about God or us. When we know more about our existence, we see our likeness and why He created us as He did. The human idea is one level of consciousness and in another few thousnad years it will be another idea. No one can keep us living in anything but a progressive life. Time for human conscience is moving forward constantly, and it never ends. We don’t decide our fate, and no one can claim their destiny. The world is moving within another light of our existence and can claim anything it wants at any time. We’ve been created and we are living in something far advanced and timeless. 

God has no spacetime. Energy isn’t going through the idea of birth or death. It is one continuous line of living. No light knows the days by night or sun. Human consciosuness living in matter has birth and death. We carry a calendar knowing sun up and sundown. There is no birth or death for God, Angels, or us. There is only a continuation of consciousness. Everything is real to us because of this one level of consciousness. In time humanity will know consciousness instead of living at the level of matter. 




 No one on earth is awake, but everyone on earth believes they are wide awake and know life perfectly. We have scholars, historians, theologians, heart surgeons, mechanics, and almost everything we need for life to exist.

No one is questioning a heart surgeon who just saved their life or answering the call themselves. We have no way to detect illusions or understand life until depth is acquired. We will always live with what feels progressive to our story. We come into the world at one level and leave it at another. The progressive conveyor belt of living is delivering everything for life to live real.  We’re aging effortlessly and moving from plasma to a senior in micro realities that serve the story at every age. 

Idle living is what we are accustom too. By the time we graduate high-shcool its already acquired to live in what we believe is real. we’re not knowing how massive the story of life can be becuase we’ve already been given the scope of it from someone else. Our family has a belief system and human education carrires a belief system as does science and religion. We fall into order for adhering to one of them. 

No one graduating high school has a clue about life. They were taught a story and adhere to it as reality. We don’t know other races like we do our brothers and sisters. We haven’t heard God speak out of thin air, and we have no measure of life. All we know is the story given, and now it’s reality. We’re living through our narrative, hearing the voice in our mind tell stories about us. It’s subjective only to the one not awake. Otherwise, it’s timeless living in something that moves quickly to leave the body. Consciousness was walking through matter for a brief moment and is gladly walking into a new light. 

The world of matter is temporal, while consciousness is eternal. Human beings live in lower mind through incessant thinking jumping from one thought to the next without knowing it. We live in self-chatter. We’re in a dream state until we hear God’s voice. We think about the past and future. We drive on the highway while imagining what we did yesterday and how we looked doing it. We play stories in our minds about how other people perceive us. We’re not knowing how much we daydream until we’re conscious of doing it. 

Science never knew we were a thinking species or that consciousness was at cause and matter was the effect. It didn’t know only one level of consciousness was experiencing the world. The enormous contribution it has made has been with other races doing the heavy lifting. Celestial Light is at the end of every thought, placing it with some identity in matter. No one knew how matter was existing and we never knew what reality was and wasn’t. We’re going along with the world we come into and mastering a place within it. What we master isn’t science its the story of science. If we don’t live with any aptiude to hear God’s voice whose story are we in? Our own. 

No one is measuring human life to God. We only know our narrative as life. We hear what we want to hear and hear what we don’t want to hear. We’re the interpreters of the knowing. The idealogy of science was for far reaching into the unknown and has become only what can be agreed upon as known. No one is risking their jobs to live outside of mainstream science. Everyone can live in it as a genius. We’re branded when we graduate college and continue building it at work. Sooner or later something makes us believe we know the universe better than most. We can talk about subjects most people have no clue about but love. The ego is pleased. 

No one at NASA knows space. We know an idea of it at this one level of consciousness out of an infinite. Over time what we think is real will be vacuity and something else will live more profound. In 1AD no one knew we were on a planet in space and in a few thousand years we’ll know space better. The mind is walking through a story, and everything about it lives real until we hear God’s voice. That is the moment reality changes for knowing more than we fathomed was life. 

The best human ideas do not know creation. When we don’t know only our narrative is existing as life we have no basis for reality. We’re walking in the “me” that we shaped and doing exactly what the story called for to be considered a scientist. No one gave us a way to know we’re blended with other races, so we don’t believe in it. What we believe in is what someone else believes. The mind measured matter and human beings as outside of us. We didn’t know the world was resonance.  The knowing of facts,  heart surgeons, mechanics and airplanes is part of this one level of consciousness living through something to something else. We live with a good God giving us reason to like life. The world of fame is probably not ours but we felt it anyways. 

We don’t decipher ego well because lower earthly energy makes ego mandatory. Everyone needs to know who we are, what we do, and if we are successful or wealthy. They seek validation for their ego, not wanting anything but good people around them. The devil isn’t sly; it’s abrasively deeper in ego than anything else. We’re not evil people we’re just jealous, greedy and insecure. We measure everything with someone else’s livingness. We don’t dig for Christ. We measure ourselves to Hollywood instead. 

The pervasive nature of holy people in our world is satan. Religion is at the height of satan, and everyone carries it too. To feel okay, we need branding and the right job, bank account, clothes, house furnishings, and car. This idea of human is the low idea.  We don’t live for God, nor enlightenment. We made money a second God and branding as the depth in human living. Branding and marketing is our existence for goodness. The mind caters to the story we came into, and no one consciously evolves beyond it. 

The reason we think God is a fairytale and no other races are with us is our fairytale lives so spectacularly in ego. We’re the little persons level believing the papacy is knowing God while no papacy has ever heard God’s voice or lived for Him. We don’t care because we are in satan, wanting the easy way to feel like we know God. It’s easy to walk in ego because we feel achievement. The ego will take anything and make it into something. No one walks across the street and claims a religion then believes they are deep in Christ because they do. 

Human beings are ego-resilient. We constantly show others we are happy. We don’t walk outside unless our look is in place and we’re ready with a story for how good we are doing. We’re planning how we look based on what we think others will see us as. We live catering to the idea of ” how others see us.” There’s nothing else existing more important than ego and satan living ready. The idea of self only exists with self-identity in matter. When we made the body self, we would need to cater to our idea of it. We’re placing self identity in watches, combs, wallets, purses and anything that touches us, including people around us. We have no idea of the monster we’ve made. 

Living has many choices for the idea of human but as long as money is making the world and branding is the idea of success the human race will be in living the devil’s level in satan. We’re shaping human consciosuness in lower earthly energy placing our self-idenity in matter. The more meaning and attchemt in matter the deeper in ego, the little person and satan we live. We move further from our divinity for being “a somebody.” The mind can’t tell where Spirit is and only relates to matter. 

Human consciousness has been struggling for depth since Adam and Eve ate from the Forbidden Tree of Knowledge. When they ate the fruit from the Forbidden Tree of Knowledge, consciousness darkened. We unleashed satan and in our thinking we immediately had guilt, shame, worry, anxiety, jealousy, resentment, opponents, fear and sin. Millions of tiny snakes weaved through our thoughts to deepen us in satan. We didn’t see straight and couldn’t know the light. We had no way to depth in God as long as satan was spreading. 

Cain, Abel, and human depth after them was darker earthly energy. We tethered light with God for thinking that was selfish, greedy, and darker energy. The world began spinning in the wrong direction and through out human history sparks of light enter but we keep making money as second god and living in lower mind.  Satan is darker earthly energy in our thinking. The only way we overcome it is by losing our lives to gain them in God. It’s throgh dismantling everything we have shaped as God, self and life. All of it is the devils level making us live a litle persons story instead of in our divine light. 




Human awareness is slim. We’re in our story, and everything in life needs to fit within our walls to exist. Being conscious of anything is only being conscious of our level of consciousness and its echo. We seek anything that makes us feel good and, throughout the day, will daydream little stories to fulfill it. 

Humanity hasn’t been conscious of life. We’re conscious of the story we carry about life. We’ve made our knowing and not knowing and stay within the walls. Being conscious of life is living deeper able to hear God. When we can hear God, we’re knowing Ultimate Reality. Until then, all we hear is our storyteller. The mind is living in self-chatter, keeping us moving in matter from sun up to sun down. Thinking isn’t an art until we control it. Until then, it is a blabbering, repetitive idea. 

Human nature is ritual and predictive. We live in routines and tend to think the same things repeatedly. The mind walks the same mazes every day. The far-reaching ideas we feel have never left the backyard. We’re isolated in a dream with no way to recognize only our voice is living as life.  The word is authentic, and no one detects illusory or creation. We’re walking through the story of self and believing society is reality. 

Even in a room of fifty people, the observer is the only one in the light. We hear what we want to hear, and we hear what we don’t want to hear. We see buildings, trees, and oceans, but what is here is hundreds of trillions and trillions and trillions of subatomic particles zig-zagging for as far as the eye can see. We’re not seeing creations level of living.

Human beings are imprinting upon energy matters level from our level of consciousness. We don’t see bacteria crawling all over our bodies or energy blocking our view. We see comfortably and only what we think is the story.  Matter is a nothingness only existing in consciousness. The mind won’t detect illusory until we hear God’s voice and know more. The world is a placeholder of storyboards. We only live at our level of consciousness and experience life in our narrative.

The observer is the only one in the light; everything else is part of their story. Knowing God was our mother, father, brother and sister was for depth in another reality. We added God to society as reality instead of knowing Him and Heaven as our home.  We haven’t lived out of satan to know the miracle of our existence with higher intelligence. Living deeper with Spirit rather than the body as self gives us depth in another existence. We can understand God of no form and of all form with maturity when we know Spirit more than the body as self. 

The world is placed in other light, but no one can live within those levels until they consciously evolve beyond society as reality. God gave us the way to know we live in a bigger world. The day we knew He existed, we knew there was much more to being alive than our idea of it. We dismissed God’s existence for our story. The deeper we went into satan, ego, and the little person, the more we dressed ourselves up as knowing God while doing nothing but the devil’s level of life. 

The world didn’t scream a warning or return our ideas as broken. We live in free will and shaped exactly what we wanted. Science didn’t understand the mysterious world because we think it into being. Human education is a system designed by human beings for the measurement of intelligence. We’re walking through a system of intelligence that we shaped, believing we are intelligent. We have tiers of knowing and acceptance, but without knowing God existed, we haven’t known our world.  We live in what works for us, and we stay within our comfort zone. We’re not venturing out into persecution, vulnerability, or feeling shame. We want what the ego wants. The idealogy of a human being carrying knowledge, because they went through human education, is the asleep species not knowing the tiny reality it made.

There are so many pieces to life its expansive to us. We don’t absorb everything here or master all of it. We carve our niche and master that. The circle we live in is repetitive. We drive the same way to work every day and go to sleep Sunday night already prepared for Monday morning. The routine living is Monday through Sunday. We know everything this weekend is going to bring. We planned it on Tuesday. 

Whatever we can make an agreement with, we legitimize. Titles and positions are credible because of branding, not knowledge. Human education fed the idea of knowing, and we complement it and then believe it. We have many industries living off of nothing more than embellishments out of human education. We’re not quite as savvy as we thought. We were too asleep to recognize the workplace is nothing more than an embellished idea for feeling productive and in service to the world. We’re moving with ego, and all is good. No one is questioning life to see it. 

We are the furthest from awake, but believe we have grown into mature, responsible adults because we raised children. It began in childhood, having a pet. We were learning to love, carry compassion, and live kindness towards life. We would get nothing back like we could with people. The teaching was remarkably placing something deeper in us for knowing we needed to care about others and life. Where we went with that beginning should have been to Christ, but by the time we’re in our teens, the selfish one begins. 

Our lives have teachers and university’s that are nothing like schools. It’s actual life breathing into us directions and stories we may never have had. We’re living in a world with infinite possibilities for one idea only. Love. It’s the light that breaks the dark.  Consciousness needs energy constantly, and the energy we desire changes the way we think. Thought is created light in a pool of consciousness that lifts us into our own light of knowing. We have libraries and libraries of books with stories and places we can embark upon for adventures. The world is opening at each landmark age and every landmark age carries a miro reality of possibilities for what we deem is life. 

At five, we are Wonder Woman and Superman, and at thirteen, we are young adults believing we know everything. Then, at twenty-one, we spread our wings, believing we can do anything and the world is our oyster. By the time we’re in our thirties, responsibility and success carry us. As we hit our fifties, deeper contemplation of life sets in. We see parts of life differently and strive to live in peace. By the time we’re in our sixties, we have a voice that needs to be heard and a depth that needs to live for humanitarian principles. As we near our eighties, we know everyone has walked in a war and that compassion is the greatest gift to us. 

The conveyor belt we have been on has taken us through ideas and has broken us into pieces to see deeper. We age effortlessly and move through the ages with different stories and depth. God gave us the way to grow, observe, and change thoughts for changing matter. As we get older, we learn more, and our ideas tend to settle down. The placing of life when we are in our twenties and the placing of life, when we are in our sixties, are two different placings.  Reality has made some shifts. The eyes see another world, but we still have the fire of the twenties burning in us. We’re contemplating reality without realizing we’re doing it. 

Most people will live in a cycle very close to what was written. Some remove it altogether and live the opposite as much as possible. We’re walking through the world in our own light, making it exist how we want. The stories can change, and the attire we dress ourselves in for each landmark age can change too. We are working for the idea of self to be respectable at each age. No one is working to let go like they should. The ego keeps us trapped in landmarking our existence to match society’s idea of age. No one would have understood age if we hadn’t measured and branded it. When we placed it, we made it something that now has the right clothing, hairstyles, and demeanor. We even carry items at each landmark age that represent us at that age. 

The mind is the storyteller and is working closer to lower earthly energy instead of deeper in God. Once we make the body self, and society a reality, we build stories at that same level. Keeping God above all things was to place the mind in a higher light, knowing Heaven’s level more than matters level.  

No one in science has known how matter exists. Without that, we have no idea what reality is and isn’t or what life is. The three-dimensional theory placed life outside of us, but consciousness is all that is alive. This means the building blocks of life are wrong, and the idealogy surrounding human existence is placed outside of Truth. We’ve made assumptions and fulfilled them to some degree for believing we know data. Human education places planets, stars, and hydrogen without knowing what humans or other races are is darkness. We don’t measure what being human is and isn’t because we haven’t measured who God is. We don’t know what being human actually means.

God is hundreds of billions of years alive, and He created everything in existence, including human consciousness.  He’s living outside of everything we know as life. God is the light all life is in, which means He is in every atom, whether here or there, and is everywhere. Even when we see stars light years away, He is there. The light in life for human living is out of human photosynthesis. Human photosynthesis is giving us the way to experience only what we think. We don’t live hearing God, Angels, or life with us until we consciously evolve with deeper depth in God. 

The world we come into is the devil’s level because we made the body self, society as reality, and money a second God. Human consciousness is in lower mind living through satan. We shaped satan through hundreds of millions of tiny snakes. When we made the body self, we needed jealousy, opponents,  worry, anxiety, self-worth, resentment, and fear to build us. We shaped our thought system with ego and the little person. Trying to be “a somebody” others would respect. 

We’re always trying to overcome darker earthly energy from satan’s ways.  Ego gives us the way out of it, but satan and ego are twins and work together. They keep us at the devil’s level, trying to be “a somebody.” The “somebody” we think is the self is one idea out of an infinite. We don’t know Spirit to know more. We think only in face value living. We believe who is in the mirror is who we are. We don’t know our life continuum and the infinite bodies we will wear. No one told us consciousness was all that was alive, and the body was like a suit of clothes we put on and take off in every life. We live the body as who we are and don’t find it easy to know the Spirit. 

The mind shaped “the me” from birth, and nothing else lives. The story for self is for society as reality. When we know Spirit, we know of another world. We learn about the invisible one. The light of the mind living the body as self and society as reality is in lower earthly energy. We’re placing self-identity in matter and don’t carry the aptitude to place Spirit deep enough for the thought system to shift. We’ll make this world in lower mind making money a second God becoming “a somebody” instead of losing our lives to gain them in God. 

The eyes live from the mind. Every thought lives from another idea. Human consciousness isn’t a single thread of light. Its many different races of intelligence weaved and blended for a single light to live. We’re made out of God’s resonance and exist like radiation mixed with more than we know. God placed the trees, moon, and stars in depth.

Every living creature has depth, and all things are one. The world wouldn’t exist only at our level of consciousness if not for that. We only experience our narrative, interpreting everything. The world is in resonance, radiating with more light to know, but we have to consciously evolve away from this story to find it. We see matter because hundreds of trillions and trillions and trillions of self-organizing energy make temperature for matter to exist as we think it. 

At the smallest particle, there is a motion, and that motion is living intelligence. It’s outside of our light and in another race of God. He created every blade of grass to know its own light. Every raindrop, snowflake, and pebble live in their own light. Nothing in matter has living the same as anything else. What looks the same isn’t. Living energy is moving uniquely for matter to exist. Every idealogy is fleeting, and every blade of grass is too. 

Conscious Energy is the living light in Heaven, placing matter in human photosynthesis for human consciousness to know it. Celestial Light is the race at the end of every thought, giving it its muscle for a place in the story. There is no single “me.” We think the one in the body is who we are, but we are not our thoughts. Thoughts are created light and the one in the body is assisted to live in it. The Soul is unique, and our existence, but the body is the many giving to the idea of the one. We’ve been created and live with more than we know. We’re walking through matter, experiencing many levels of light.

Our narrative keeps us enclosed in an idea that we don’t see outside of it. We have no idea what is here. We only know what we think is here, but what we think is here isn’t all that is here. 



We wouldn’t be able to hear our thoughts if not for God. We wouldn’t be able to see our faces, clap our hands, or know the ocean if not for other races blended within our light for living in matter. When God created us, He used His light, which is living with variances for everything in existence, to live in its own light. The mind is working in more levels of light than we know. 

The world we see is a temporal world only living for eighty, or a hundred years. When we leave, the body it fades and never exists again. We’re seeing a living story in our thoughts playing out in matter. Consciousness is moving images through our Soul. The world created the world and made infinite libraries of knowledge. God gave us the way to live with free will. Free will means we can think of anything we want and bring it into being to live through. We don’t exercise living beyond mainstream knowing. The right-minded way for humanity is to constantly go beyond mainstream ideas. Placating life to know something like a genius steals from knowing more. We stay in ego, happy that we know something. 

The human idea of life is based only on the present level of human consciousness and what we can muster up. We didn’t learn about consciousness. No one knew we were on a planet in space. Centuries went by as human consciousness developed without depth. We didn’t know enough to place facts, but we made that up too. The illusory built society as reality and the body as self. No one understood a deeper pool of consciousness and sat only in shallow water, being “a somebody” for feeling good. Humanity hasn’t developed a relationship with God for depth. We place false idols in front of us and go along with mainstream ideas instead of consciously evolving.

No one is driving a car into an unknown land because human education has already placed a reality of knowing and not knowing. It places an idea no one can live out of unless something from beyond it does more. God told us to keep Him above all things to avoid this. We’re not living for God anymore. We’re living for ideas of God in one of the four thousand religions.

Humanity places shallow values as deep ones. Branding and marketing has made us believe we know life. We didn’t live right-minded from the beginning and haven’t found the way since. Human consciousness fell with Adam and Eve, Cain, and Abel and continued with money as a second God, false idols, and matters level as life. Our thinking isn’t living deep enough to question life in greater depths. The child in us is winning and only wants to live in what we want, when we want, and how we want.

We divided everything believing we were “a someone” and debased the oneness that could bring enlightened living. If no one can see outside of their ideas, comfort zone and reality they world stands still at one level of consciousness. When energy doesn’t move forward, it collapses. Life tends to stand in one place for humanity. The world gets dressed up, but the human never develops for enlightenment. We once lived for a million dollars, then we lived for five hundred million dollars, then people started living for a billion dollars, and now we live for a trillion dollars. We’re not living for depth and only live money as a second God because we have nothing else to live. We shaped life out of money and can’t regress for change. 

The depth we didn’t acquire was a substance for knowing more. We can’t snap our fingers, and it exists. We have to carve our Souls and walk through darkness into light. When a shallow world is making everyone geniuses because they live knowing a reality from human education and billionaires are equating to success, we don’t live deep enough for knowledge. The storyteller is working perfectly, and we won’t leave it for knowing more. 

Ego is the mysterious idea that always makes us feel good, right, and knowledgeable. Even when we are lost, we pretend we are found. Ego triumphs for winning any idea, even when it’s been a catastrophe. We know how to walk away blaming someone else or feeling like a victim. Either way something happened to us and we weren’t a part of it. 




God created human consciousness with diversity because the elixir shapes us into something more. If we only live by what we want, we fall to satan. When we realize other attributes of life with diversity, we understand the alchemy of it. Human ideas are falling into the lower mind out of ego and greed. We want to be something over caring for others. Humanity grew up fighting for self to shine instead of living for life to shine. We think about our existence and haven’t lived deep enough to know the echo or oneness in life. 

We destroy Love in life every time self has to exceed over others. The mind isn’t shaping for light and continues to walk in darkness.  God knew that ideas would stand in lower earthly energy if we didn’t have know Him. He gave us the way to know more, but we haven’t carried the aptitude for it. We don’t see what is in front of us at its depth. We see another version that sits lower. 

We’ve been shaping a small story of life how we want while closing down the aptitude for more. Human education is the maker of the illusion. We build our costumes without knowing we’ve measured self to matter instead of to light. Our ways shape an idea of reality in stories instead of learning the Truth. We make up our idea of Truth and solidify it by agreements. Human consciousness has always been with other races, yet no one in science knows it. 

We don’t live to see the world at any real level because the mind places the body as self and develops an idea of reality from it. Self capitalizes on ego, satan, and the little person.  It’s a maze of thought being built as a reality. We don’t know Spirit or God as our mother, father, brother, or sister. We know the family name instead. The story of self is placed at birth, and the representative being called self is made throughout life unless we hear God. 

No one is aware of any Truth in life because we ascertained Truth through the senses, and what was tangible without knowing consciousness was all that was alive. The beginning places the end, and the end has no idea what can be the beginning. Consciousness is at cause, and matter is the effect. The story of self carries realities.

Knowing the Spirit placed us in a deeper light of the eternal Truth. When we make self into something we only exist in a temporal story. When we leave the body, it leaves, too. Human existence at this time is in ego building the body into self because no one understands our existence with God. The place we stand consumes life in the ideas we can muster up. It’s easy to place the body as self and harder to find depth in Spirit.

The mind has to move beyond family, friends, and society to a deeper place in the Soul for wanting to know its Truth instead of being “someone” in the world. We’re not walking a divine path even though we believe in God. We stymied everything in life of our divinity for the ego to be something. Human ideas of life are in lower mind at the devil’s level with the thought system in satan. We didn’t know God to avoid it. 

Religion hasn’t lived for God. It never knew God to make itself into something. We’re in the world of make believers without an anchor deep enough to know it. The right-minded way of thinking was lost thousands of years ago. We didn’t grasp God, the Spirit, the invisible world, or Angels. Only what was tangible was considered real, but we didn’t know consciousness was placing it. 

The ideologies that have plagued humanity know a face-value world. We don’t exist to know anything outside of society as reality, and that is the death for this thinking species. As long as we sit in darker earthly energy, we place ego, satan, and the little person as rulers of our mind. We won’t carry light until we awaken more to God. 




We’ve been making face-value suppositions intelligence. No one thought about life existing on a planet in space and what that meant until after the making of society as reality. We made science the pen for knowing. the kings of that time and valued status. They wanted a place with power and have always submitted to it. 

Science hasn’t begun discovering life because the story it stands out of is human education. Human education is a measurement by human beings for intelligence. When we shaped a system, we shaped a storyboard level of life to exist. This level is the only one on the planet. It’s been keeping society as reality, science as science, and government as government. No one has any chance of thinking outside of it.

We are born moving through kindergarten, elementary, middle, and high school. The ideas given are the ones we carry as adults. It’s one level of thinking out of an infinite we’re being forced to carry as life. Human education has never been a fan of God’s because it can’t idealize His existence from religious perspectives. Religion is living in darker earthly energy, pretending to know God. The false idols have damned humanity from caring about a God because their existence only displays satan’s wishes. No one in any religion is an enlightened master, and no one in human education cares for a religious idea to be mixed with what it believes is intelligence. 

The word shaping the world is the little persons who haven’t lived to know God. We haven’t majored in life. We are majoring in storytelling. Human education is the epitome of the storyteller who didn’t understand life to tell the story in the first place. No one in human education has known how matter exists, what being alive is and isn’t, or how reality is shaped. It never knew consciousness was all that was alive or that human beings existed only in their narrative. But it went ahead and shaped the idea of intelligence anyway. 

We do not have a way to believe in God because the human mind is a mess with false idols, fake intelligence, and reality at matter level. Basically, human living falls to the devil’s level out of ignorance. We’re not capable of knowing other races blended with us because the little person wants a human being to play God instead of knowing His existence hundreds of billions of years alive. 

We’re making a religious idea into something because we have no gumption within to believe in Him. If we believed in God, religion wouldn’t exist. We’re playing fools with satan sitting at the table with the devil. Believing in God is one of the most spirited ideas for the twenty-first century. We have billions of people claiming they know God and hear Him while only living in satan with the body as self and society as reality. There are no enlightened masters walking the earth in religion. They are the opposite. They live in lower earthly energy, only placing satan. 

Religion is the devil’s level of life out of its own ideas. The ideas of Judaism and Christianity both proclaim satan at obvious levels. No one would live to be a bishop if they knew Christ, and no one would study the mitzvah if they heard God. The word of religion is satan because its ideas move us in the opposite direction of God. We try to be someone for the devil instead of losing our lives to gain them in God. The mind wants to be something accepted and good instead of acquiring depth to know more. We idly become a religious idea instead of keeping God above all things. 

If the cardinal wanted to know God, he would live for Christ, not an institution’s idea of Christ. The depth of the cardinal is the atheist. The athiest is the depth of the pope. No one is claiming God or living to Him. We stand in rudimentary ideas placating mainstream acceptance. The heart of the individual who wants acceptance is young. No one is walking through the dark forest, unraveling their world for God. We don’t walk to Him; instead, we walk in what works for us to claim we know Him. 

We’re warriors for living with other people, believing we know God instead of walking deeper to lose our lives to gain them in God. 






Nothing at one level of consciousness out of an infinite lives as fact. It’s a temporal knowing that eventually blends into something else. We will always find ways of fulfilling what we want to prove. Human education created a measurement for intelligence, and we’ve been fulfilling it and believing we are intelligent since its inception. 

Learning to know our world is vital for deepening steps towards more. No one should claim something as fact in life. The temporal idea works, but something else is right behind it that can work better. We want to keep striving for greater ideas. The placement of one idea of living for centuries is null. Consciousness completes itself, and in every life, we have a history, present, and future.

The idea of history marvels humanity and has since the beginning of the word. The word is the story maker of life, and the word has places it’s been that we haven’t. The depth of living is only a dream that can deepen into water where no one has swam. We are driving the ideas as deep as they go. Not until we carry more light can we see the world clearly. 

We idolize fame as children and create a representative as “a me” with no depth for life; only stories fulfill the idea. We’re moving into places that live comfortably and perfectly in knowing and not knowing. Human data gathering doesn’t exist outside of institutionalized miro realities that have already formed ideas of life without ever knowing how matter exists. The idealizing of reality out of human education has damned humanity to small tiny stories of living.

We’re not gathering enough depth to be terrified of living on a planet in space. We treat it like going to the ice cream parlor on a hot, sunny day. The mind has no magnitude of everything living. Even though science knows the human body has bacteria crawling all over it, no one blinks an eye at it. We have microorganisms in us that work like factories with robots, and we still have no depth to know what it means. We don’t think about being created and living in something as we should. We’re missing big chunks of knowing for shallow dreams. As long as we’re pleasing a mainstream concept, we lose. 

The precipice of living in consciousness is breaking everything in the set idea of human education into pieces. If a rudimentary idea is all that is lived, it becomes dogmatic and lower the mind. We can create prestigious universities, and it only worsens it. The lower world is face value living without the magnitude of God or Heaven on earth. We don’t comprehend other races providing our livingness in matter. The storyboard has to live through our senses and be tangible, but consciousness isn’t for tangible living. It’s for bringing more into being. Illusory is all we live until we hear God’s voice. 

Thought is created light, and we’re collectively shaping human consciousness. We do not know our ideas as illusory; we hear our narrative as fact. We believe the voice in our head as real. We’re listening to a lot of self-chatter without deciphering what is real or a dream. Human beings live more in the past and future, dreaming about life instead of living in the present moment. We’re not carrying ideas of the present. The placement is always living more in the past and future. 

Our knowing, conscious living has been dreaming. We haven’t known creation to understand what we’re living in. The mind doesn’t exist the same way in other life. It’s only operating for the stories at this level of consciousness. When we leave the body, none of them exist again. The story of self is manufactured out of our environment. If we lived in enlightenment, we would carry Spirit more than the idea of self as the body. The reality we carry has been placed, not earned. 

We want to earn a deeper idea of living, which only comes when we acquire more substance and depth for our existence. Living with acceptance is the last thing we want to live. We have to dig deeper for knowing the world is responding to our ideas. If we place ideas of mainstream, we walk a rudimentary existence. We carry a divine light with us for walking beyond it. The mind is satans level because it gravitates to face-value thinking. The Soul is Heaven’s level and is the light we seek. 

The world has lived making society the only idea of living even though we knew God existed. The dismissal of Heaven on Earth has been fatal. We fell into the devil’s level of life, only adding God to mainstream concepts instead of living to Him teaching about Himself. The ideologies that want to be accepted in mainstream carry the devil in human consciousness.

The life of the one out in the forest lost in many worlds trying to find the concept of Truth is verifying more than a human being being told something as life at a university. The lost are found, and the found are lost.  The mind is trying to make its existence pleasing to the ego, and in that war is satan. We’re diving into shallow water while pretending we’re in an abyss. 

Human education is satisfying its own ideas, and that should be a warning to a species that is a thinking species. Nothing in life can magically appear without an idea. Placing ideas is how we live. We arrive at more from creation’s giving rather than human making because we’re trying to be what society wants instead of living with God. The air of the university student is dense because only face-value living can commence. No one who walks through the halls of a university is living anything except society as reality. 

The mind places the body as self, and we believe we are who we think we are in the mirror. No one living matters level carries light. We believe we are our thoughts and try to mimic anyone in society who has status as successful and who others like. We don’t understand the Spirit or the formless world. The mind doesn’t have the aptitude for it.

Most people who believe in Wall Street have a very difficult time believing in Angels and other races of Heaven. They think of God as a fairytale, and the world can only exist in their idea of it. The university idea of life is an illusion that doesn’t give us a way to detect it. We only live in our narrative, and where our belief system was shaped tends to be where we stay.

Knowing God isn’t in religion. Religion is placing ideas of God. No one in religion is living in conversation with God. If they were, they would live deeper in Christ out of God’s will, not in a role for an institution. They do not know Him. The depth religion sits at is the devil’s level in satan. The ideology of a mainstream concept touching God is satan. 

No one can claim God, and it is so. We don’t shape human titles and positions and claim they have a decree in God, nor do we disgrace His existence with shallow ideas, believing we can canonize people as saints. No one is sitting on the right-hand side of Christ in religion. It is the epitome of satan. 

A person wanting to know God walks with Him, not satan. We don’t build ego with status or define our existence in God. No one who has stood with Christ placed it themselves. God chooses people, and very few people have been chosen to know Him. History shows that the walk with God is His, not ours. We are believing the devil’s level of life because the will of the people is satan. We’re not muscling up to walk outside of our skin for light, nor do we try to know God outside of religion. We are the puppeteers of ego and satan. 

No one is questioning what the legitimacy of living with God looks like. Religion made it be anyone in their religion has depth in God simply by being in their religion. The false idols placing the hierarchy of religion as more in God than the parishioners is the devil wanting power over satan. No one in the hierarchy of Christianity lived for God. They walked in satan and followed the devil for status. The depth every bishop, cardinal, and pope has with God is denying Him. 

When we walk with God, we walk over bridges we do not see and arrive on land we did not know existed. Religion is marveling at its power instead of consciously evolving to know God. No one is carrying the secret ingredient for God. The central idea that any religion can brand itself for knowing God has been the way since Isarilites tried to know God when no one could find Him. The path has never been clear, and the road has never been paved. Living to God teaching about Himself isn’t by our design. 

Nothing in this world will dictate who God is with and not with. God created every human being to know Him, and the mind does not map the way. The Soul does, and it’s not in mainstream ideas or at our depth. It’s living outside of it and in another light within our existence. The light we carry is profoundly living for awakening. We don’t awaken when we place depth in mainstream concepts. The church, temple, synagogue, and any idealization tears into the ego and lower mind. The Soul cannot be destroyed, ruined, or wrecked. No one can harm the Souyl. 

Temples can crumble, and altars can be destroyed. The light every individual has with God cannot be touched. The only temple or promised land that carries us for eternity is the depth we carry in God.  The level of biblical writings continuing to shape worlds for living idols bewitched depth in God.

Human beings haven’t been able to grasp God of no form and of all form to find value in worshipping Him. We dance around pictures and place items for knowing Him. The idea depth is only found in consciousness. It’s not living in form but in light. Instead of consciously evolving deeper into God, we’re mesmerizing ourselves with practices and protocols. Every building will either crumble or outlive this life. Placing value in land is the death of the Soul deepening in God. We don’t place the value of God in anything but consciousness. 

However, we mark knowing God there is only one that stands with Him, and it’s not marked by our world but by Heaven. No one is going to play a role for a religion and come close to God. A path appears only when we lose our lives to gain them in God. The way to it is not known. Christ is the door, and light is the way. God placed many ways for His existence with us, but the right-minded way does not live. He knew we would sin, fall, and deny Him.  Out of chaos is order.



God is reality. We’re doing it backward because it was easy, and that’s why it’s the devil’s level. We keep doing what is easy. 

No one is trying to unravel their thought system to know more, and no one realizes reality is relative until we hear God’s voice. We ridicule those who pursue enlightenment or depth in God. It seems fringe and out of place, only from our ignorance of life.Being placed in a world that has taught ideologies and belief systems is illusory. It’s the little person’s ideas of life that never go further and proclaim enlightened living because we memorize what is told to us.

Human education is the epitome of being sold the Brooklyn Bridge.  









No one even knows self-chatter is the precipice of their existence. We don’t become aware of life until more cracks in our shell appears. The cracks don’t come from rudimentary learning or dogmatic thinking. The depth we want is outside everything human education or any authority in life has measured. 

We’re not honoring the code of being created. Being created should already tell us more is with us outside of our ideas of living. The act of creation means something more intelligent has shaped our existence. It also means we’re made with more than we know.

Human education doesn’t know life. It made a life story and then placed measurements inside of that story. The backward idea that intelligence is from learning or memorizing ideas is how human existence shapes itself. We didn’t live for God before kindergarten. We live with human ideas and nothing else. The mind of the human being is an empty library being filled with stories that create a temporal reality in something. We don’t question anything about life until our teens. By then, we’ve already shaped what is broken as life.

The ideas handed down never knew what being human was, how consciousness lived, or what reality was and wasn’t. At no time has anyone known creation. We developed a world at the little person’s level of brutality. People who wanted to conquer lands and resources fought for it. Nothing carried higher intelligence. It was raw living for face value assumptions. We assumed life without knowing we were on a planet in space. The Roman Empire had no idea how life existed, nor did anyone ele. 

Life has been measuring human existence with broken yardsticks. We don’t carry any measure of God’s existence because false idols claim to know Him. The day Judaism killed God’s Son was the day no religion should have tried to exist. They never knew God to begin with. 

Living in a world carrying only lower energy shaped human consciousness. When we made money a second God and didn’t keep God above all things, we carried a measure of our existence based upon our senses and what was tangible. No one considered consciousness to exist as life. We haven’t known our world. Science is a by-product of human education and only fulfills the bubble reality that is coming and going. It’s the temporal ideologies placing reality. Without having any cracks in our shells for knowing life, we simply do not know it.

The invisible world is always here because human consciousness brings everything into being. The observer is the light of the world, and only their level of consciousness exists as life. Human ideas of being human never knew God. We’ve only surmised what human is based on lower mind ideas at matters level of existing. Even though we’re on a planet in space, we idealize humans as babies. We’re not thinking with developed ideas. The mind lives in a story and can only accept what is in that story. We’re not changing the idea of humans until we know God. After that, life blossoms and advances for depth in our existence. 

The worldly idea of humans is wrong. Its basic ideology that formed out of ignorance towards human existence. We don’t know how a blob of plasma has a personality or unique characteristics that already know its environment. It’s coming out of no-thing into something, knowing its environment. Every hair and cell has an individual purpose but also joins all the others in sympatico for a greater purpose. The internet of human existence is weaved with other races to know matter from any one level of consciousness. 

We idly placed human by what is in the mirror instead of knowing consciousness. The depth of our existence is shallow because everything is face-value idealization. If we had understood God’s existence, we wouldn’t have made measures with our eyes shut. We’re not walking to live. We’re only walking to know a story of self and society. The walk to life is out of the skin to light. It’s not based on building a “me” or ego. It’s the opposite. Life is for unraveling thoughts for different ideas. If we only try to master our ideas, we fall to the little person level of life, wanting to believe we know things. 

Science placing measures without knowing how matter exists is the know-it-all not knowing anything at all. But we believe otherwise, no matter what is said. Human ideas deepen for ego to live satisfied, not for knowledge. Some of the greatest ideas in life have won from ego and remain ignorant to this day. Gravity won’t live much longer. Human idealization of matter was faulted from birth. Matter is a nothingness only existing in consciousness and is resonance. 

Other races carry the idea of it into human photosynthesis. Conscious Energy is the mass, force, velocity, levity, and temperature in all matter. They are the living light of Heaven with us for living in matter. Human consciousness wouldn’t have any way to live in the matter if not for Heaven on Earth. Heaven’s level isn’t human beings with wings. It’s hundreds of billions of years alive and living deeper in God’s light than us. 

God created the Heavens so that human consciousness would know Him. Our light needed more to know we exist. Consciousness is beyond the idea of thought and is the maker of galaxies. It’s a variance of light deepest in God. We’re living with an enormity of other intelligence for the making of our intelligence. God weaved light for us to live at the level of the word.

The word shapes the world because only our thoughts exist as life. We’re living in something trying to realize more, but if we get trapped in satan, we live less away from our divine light in God. The mind is a storyteller who wants the self to be what the ego demands. We cater the idea of self in childhood to anyone famous. We want to dress and be like famous people until we graduate high school. It’s not until we are deeper in life that the idea of self frays from being like someone famous. We define it more and live for whoever is successfully living to our parents and friends, which is always is based upon branding and wealth. 

We placed a world outside of us without knowing what it was to live human on a planet in space with higher intelligence. Nothing told us about God. Even religion only speaks to its ideas of God. We had no direct conversation with Him. The mind developed in lower earthly energy with satan. We conjured up anything we could to feel like a somebody that was good.

We didn’t have any measure for divinity or Spirit. We made face value living our only living level for self. No one knew why God was of no form and of all form. It sounded good, but no one knew what it meant. God of no form and of all form is our likeness. We are a variance of His light existing to know Him. The light is resonance and living blended with many other levels for one idea to be something.

God gave energy the idea of its existence, and He made self-organizing energy for another existence. The depth of His light forever expands, and nothing has ever lived but Him. Destiny moved as a light, and God held osmosis out of it for only His idea to live as life. Destiny rests in God. 

The way of the word isn’t by mainstream ideas. It’s out of something deeper that sits in our light, waiting for resonance to know it. The pulse of the human isn’t the mind. It’s the Soul’s light in God. We’re not respecting advancement at the level of advancement because we have no clue about the world we stand in. We have already shaped another reality inside of it by believing we know it. Illusions are reality until we hear God’s voice. Until then, the storyteller keeps us busy. 

There is more life existing than human consciousness conceives. We only live in this present level of thinking. More is here, living beyond how we think. We’re not grasping the storyboard level of life being shaped when we enter this world. It’s a placeholder for consciousness to carve itself into more light. We don’t do it because we don’t understand life. No one is living for enlightenment, and no one is living to be the odd one away from society’s ideas of life. 

We’re placating the devil’s level because it’s easier and more comfortable, and we can do it. No one wants to be so different they are seen as losers, wrong or outside of reality. The university of life became a tiny, rotted school with only old books to read repeatedly. We haven’t awakened to know more. We live for a place in society for being a somebody. The anchor in this world is what feeds the ego. We’re trying to feel accomplished and good based on what we think others see us as. 

The idea of life became our perspective of how others see us instead of losing our lives to gain them in God. We wanted to please our parents, family, and community’s ideas of us instead of God. We didn’t know God as our mother, father, brother, or sister. We saw them as separate beings existing outside of us. The mind doesn’t discern depth. It’s not walking in anything but satan. We live, making the world around us a layer that only lives outside of us. No one told us about consciousness or energy.

We haven’t known the world as resonance. We learn it from an idea of history, present, and future. We don’t live knowing a fluid thought that represents us. We’ve pieced together many ideas of self from how others perceive us. Nothing told us everything lives as energy within our Soul for knowing Love. We don’t see or discover the echo until we live deeper to know it. The mind constantly places us as a someone for keeping ego, satan, and the little person okay. We’re dissimilating our own level of thinking for comfortable ideas. 

Human beings dance tirelessly for ego. We don’t leave the ego until we know another layer of life. No one is determining the Truth of their mind. We only go along with it. We don’t know anything more than what we can think or accept. And where we stand in the twenty-first century is lower mind. We’re matters level only agreeing to small depth in ideas. We want face value knowing, over the magnitude of consciousness and what can be brought into being. The mind isn’t giving any secrets or unknown doors to new worlds without a fight. It wants the routines that make it feel comfortable in its knowing and not knowing. The apparatus we know as the brain is a cycle builder of mazes. No one ever gets beyond it until their thought system changes. And that doesn’t happen without God. 

God is the light we need for depth, substance, and maturity. We’re acquiring energy for moving resonance to higher levels. We don’t acquire more light for living in lower earthly energy at matters level. The magnitude of Love in Christ carries God’s energy. No one knows more until they do, and no one can carry more until it’s made. What is made is partly our awareness, but more is out of the Soul.  The Soul lives deeper than the mind. The mind is matters ideas, and the Soul is Heaven’s. 








or how thought changed constantly, jumping to different subjects. The mind doesn’t tell us what we cannot conceive. We only live through thoughts that fit perfectly into our present level of consciousness.

The only way to gain light for a higher state is by consciously evolving and transcending one idea for another. The world of human education is like one egg sitting among hundreds of trillions. Reality has been shaped into the lowest, easiest form of acknowledgment. We took everything in front of us and placed it. No one knew consciousness was at cause and matter was the effect. We accomplished something to live, but it’s backward and doesn’t lead to the light. 

Divine intervention has constantly been given to humanity to know something different. What we do with it is our own placing. Nothing given has lived in human consciousness for enlightenment. Human beings want quick satisfaction regardless of creation’s ways. We want to be masters of the journey regardless of our ignorance.

The government’s shaping has been a rocky one from the start. Going back to King Herod, King Saul, King David, and King Negabuchanazeer, human life has suffered greatly from ideas that don’t understand God. Even King David and his Solomon improvised and lost in God. Too many people carry lower earthly energy instead of divine light. We fell to lower earthly energy when we didn’t keep God above all things.

The quick fix has been religion, and it is the devil’s level of life. It doesn’t walk to God or keep God above all things. It’s carrying an ideology of God for the temporal world instead of knowing the eternal. We live in human precepts, mastering traditions to feel like we are part of something holy.

At birth, we are divine; throughout human education and religion, we become dark. We categorize holy by fame. Holy isn’t in this world. It’s not human precepts or people with roles and titles in religion. It’s not with a costume-wearing human being. Holy won’t be seen by religions. The holiest human being doesn’t even know what holy is. 

We made up holy and branded it to the hierarchy of religion instead of digging to know the devil’s ways, making us respect false idols. We don’t live as holy people when we are with God. The one who serves humanity is nothing. Religion living synonymous with holy is satans work. Holy sits with the Soul, not exuberating anything in life but God’s will. 

When we make someone famous and holy, we exaggerate Truth to humanity for idle acceptance of power. The devil can only exist out of fame and weapons. The idol in life is made from wealth and fame. No one with God knows either. The placing of a pope sitting with Christ was satan. The papacy forced itself to be something and died at its own hands. It made everything it wanted, as knowing God and the time came for Truth. 

Living with God isn’t our choosing. Very few people in the history of the human race have heard God’s voice. Christianity made preachers, bishops, cardinals, and the papacy stand in front of humanity, demanding respect as holy and as teachers for God. Pretending that God placed them while no one is enlightened, knows God, knows creation, or hears God. The ludicrous concept of so many people having the status of knowing God while knowing nothing about Him is religion. 

To know God is to live enlightened. It doesn’t include fame, branding, or society’s acceptance. It’s outside of everything mainstream religion is. The mind of the human transfers every particle of being for only God. No one would play a role as magnitude of knowing God if they knew God. We don’t exist in the world we do now with God. Ideas of grandeur are religion’s hierarchy. No one is special, and everyone is special. 

If the papacy is pretending to know God beyond every other Catholic and places branding as holy sitting with Christ, it’s blasphemously living satan. No one in religion can speak about God’s existence or creation to science. They live in the past and do not treat God like He exists. No one would carry a bible as knowing God if they could hear God. There’s a reason temples, churches, books, and altars make the idea of God, and it’s out of no one living with Him teaching about Himself. 

Jesus walked where He did, and that doesn’t make Jerusalem holy or the temple place of God. Christ gave the Holy Spirit for us to know Him. God is upon every human being, whether we know Him or not. The light of our Soul is more holy than any geographical land or matter. Temples will come and go, but our light in God is eternal. No one can destroy another human being’s Soul. They only harm their own Soul.

At birth, we are with God’s light. We don’t understand the enormity of that because of satan. When we don’t keep God above all things, we don’t hear Him. We make temples, synagogues, churches, and geographical land mean something more than the light of Christ in us.  Never will Jersulam carry something more holy than God with us. There is no reason for any human being who believes in God to die or have bloodshed over His existence. That’s the devil’s level in a human story carying satan. 

Buildings will come and go, and cultures, nations, and geographical lines will change. What is permanent and untouched is the Soul in God. Never was the promised land being built as matters level. It was deeper and profoundly living for our depth in God. Human ideas make the devil’s level of life something instead of learning Spirit and the world we do not see.

Walking to the promised land is building capital in God beyond the world we stand in. We’re claiming matters level for ego to defend to feel righteous or deep with God. Instead of living in Christ, choosing peace, knowing God goes where we go. He created a world bigger than Israel for a reason. Nothing in living with God comes down to Jerasulem or Judaism. It doesn’t live based on Christianity or any other religion. 

The Soul is the light in God and the Soul is the only placement of living in Him. The mind is a storyteller, and the mind is coming and going. When we leave the body, the ideas of the mind fade. We’ll live in Heaven before living at a new level of consciousness in matters. We’ll have a different body, family, and idea of life in a new life. Everything Jersulam is in this life never lives again. 

We haven’t known creation to understand consciousness completes itself. We come into a world that already exists, with a history, present, and future. It’s a storyboard of ideas that gives us a way to observe consciousness and consciously evolve. We shaped our ideas of culture based on family ideas. Israel made Jewish a form of Israel. That has nothing to do with God. That was human ideas trying to be something to God to make lineage, heritage, and Moses their ideology for believing they knew God too. 

Nationalism is satan. It’s living society as reality in mainstream ideas, trying to place self-identity in matter. The mind is in lower earthly energy, creating opponents, marking who is an enemy. We’ll live feeding ego to feel good or bad. We’re not self-emptying meaning in matter when we fight for heritage, lineage, and belief in God.  We’re trying to satisfy the little person in us that needs to be “someone.”

If Israel is going to believe it carries God because of a piece of land, it is telling the world why Jesus was crucified two thousand years ago from the highest levels of Judaism. Knowing God is of no form and of all form told is that what wasn’t seen was more valuable than what was. We pay a very expensive price when we do not honor God with us. No one is more valuable to God than anyone else. We’re not going to build temples or land to outdo God upon human beings. 

The only temple with God is our light in God. Everything else is the devil’s idea, placating satan. We don’t carry the temporal idea in matter as the Souls place in God. It’s vital for humanity to know we’re dismissing God upon us if we believe Jerusalem is holier than God upon the atheist picking corn on some farm. 

The ideology desiring nationalism and heritage as a claim to God is out of no one trying to know Gpd. We only want to know of Him in light of community, family, and society. The magnitude of God isn’t in on a piece of paper or pile of dirt; it’s impregnated within our consciousness. When we dismiss God’s magnitude for what our senses can carry, we lose muscle for light. 

Fighting for land was something thousands of years ago tended to do, and in the twenty-first century, it is losing the ground of God. The peace walker, the surrenderer, and the one wandering the forest for answers knows more than ego and satan living at matters level of life. We don’t charm God by being historians or Catholic, or if we shave our heads for the magnitude of self not existing. Those are human charms for ego and the little person to believe they are someone else. 

Losing our lives to gain them in God is a walk we take because no one has the path. We don’t find it in college, books, or through gurus. Something deeper in the Soul has to light for us to carry the substance to go beyond this world’s ideas of self, God, and life for more. No one who is fighting to have lineage to Moses has the gumption to lose their lives to gain them in God like He did. They would have to not care about Jewish traditions, rituals, and ideas of life, keeping God above all things.  

We don’t know God because we study Him. We know Him because He breaks every part of our lives into pieces, teaching us about Himself. It has nothing to do with mainstream religion or philosophies. It’s the carving of the Soul. We lose one thought system for another, unraveling everything we were taught about self and life for Christ. 

Living with God has nothing to do with religion. He is the blueprint to life, giving us the way to know our existence, consciously evolving for the magnitude of Him. This journey is the journey of our lives going into areas of human living no one else knows. There’s no accomplishment for society’s standards of success, intelligence, or depth. The human being is walking where no one else has before, and it’s unique to only their level of consciousness. The idea of our mother and father does not matter when we live knowing God as our Mother and Father. The mind is walking out of one reality and story for another no one else can walk. 

Living with God won’t exist in religion. It’s the birthright of every human being to know who created them and what life is. The making of the papacy is the opposite of everything God is living for. It’s in the opposite direction of losing ego and satan, too. No one can self-empty to lose their lives to gain them in God as long as we wear a costume playing a role for society. 

We’re not telling God who God is with or not with because we want to feel like we are with Him. Religion isn’t deciding who God is with or not. He created every human being to know Him, and He is upon every human being for it. No human idea can place or not place God but the individual. Never can a religion make decisions about who God is with or not. 





The mind is the living ego, satan, and the little person because we think the body is self and society is reality. We don’t know God, Spirit, or Heaven on Earth. And we’re not treating the Holy Spirit as anything. If we understood the Holy Spirit, Jerusalem would not be special. Jesus walking somewhere and living somewhere isn’t more profound than God upon us. And He is with every human being. 

The idea of God in matter is everywhere. He created everything in existence and is with everyone, whether we know it or not. We’re the ones not knowing God to understand how ridiculous Jersuasm is. We carry God and deny it for matters level to be something. 




We feed anything we can to ourselves to have what we want, to be right or good. We’re not thinking; We’re drawing on feelings of grandeur. Religion has no claim of God, and yet all of humanity waits with bated breath, believing that a smoke chimney is living with God. Religion has been a costume-filled party of charlatans since its inception. God isn’t with the Vatican and never touches a pope. The pope is not capable of knowing God because the mind is too deep in satan, happily living in a role for the devil. 

No one who knows God carries social reality. When Jesus chose the Apostles, many were uneducated fishermen who left one reality of fishing for fish for another reality of fishing for people. When they came to Christ, they only lived His will and knew nothing else but His will. Religion is living its will, making up and branding whatever it wants. Fame is the papacy’s only claim. No pope has ever lived as an enlightened master, in higher consciousness, or even able to explain creation. They haven’t known God to know what satan is or how the devil lives in human consciousness. The papacy is a false idol and is more than blasphemous to Heaven. 

We don’t claim decree in God. Never will any human being who does know God. If we design our ideas as knowing God and fulfill them, we stand hand in hand with satan. The path to God isn’t through a human university or religious class. We don’t know God because we memorize laws or gain human titles and positions as rabbis or bishops. The branding of rabbis and preachers is satan. Not one rabbi or preacher on this planet can hear God. They don’t know God’s voice; if they did, they wouldn’t be living in a human role. They would be living deeper in Christ with God teaching about Himself.

No one who ever heard God remained a citizen of society. They lived with capital in God and only knew His will. The ideologies of both Judaism and Christianity are satan. Judaism killed God’s Son but believes it’s chosen. The mark of the devil is the ignorance humanity continues to place as knowing God.  Without God, we are all Kings, and with God, we are servants.

Rabbi commentary is next to scripture, placing a rabbi as someone near God. Never has any rabbi lived with God. They lived society as reality, trying to make Judaism something with God. The idea that we can claim God and make up traditions, laws, and rituals and tell God He must live in them is satan. God doesn’t go along with Judiasm because Judiasm wants Him to. Nor does He move with Christianity or any other religion. The philosopher who claimed God was the one who could not walk to Him. 

We don’t understand creation to realize how ridiculous religion is towards God. A group knowing God won’t exist for eternity. An individual knowing God will. The right-minded way of knowing life goes back to when Adam and Eve lived with God. Before they ate the fruit of the Forbidden Tree of Knowledge, there was Love, and the thought system was pure. After they ate the fruit, anxiety, shame, guilt, jealousy, resentment, fear, and sin grew in human consciousness. When Cain killed Abel, we took satan further and developed the devil in human consciousness. 

No matter what era we are in, we are still killing, fighting, and claiming God without hearing Him. We made money a second God and only know society as reality. The mind of the human is in a tiny ball of satan. Human thinking shaped our thought system into darker earthly energy when we made money a second God. God gave us the way to know He existed, and we thwarted every possible idea for light for face-value living instead. 

We couldn’t grasp the world we didn’t see was living more than the one we did. The mind only places ego in life for being someone to someone else. No one understood the Spirit as human life developed. We didn’t know God either because religion was playing God. Money was a second God and made human consciousness develop with matters level of living. We placed identity in the body instead of learning about Spiirt. We made meaning and attachment in matter for rewards. 

The mind of the human didn’t know God. “We knew of God” and claimed religions to believe we stood with Him. We became religious people instead of enlightened people. No one was living beyond the hierarchy of religion to God. Even today, no parishioner is trying to live beyond the preacher. We sit satisfied with our place, feeling religious. We’re not even exercising the divine light within us. Instead, we allow a religious idea to keep us from God. 

The ideology of religion is an ideology for itself. It has nothing to do with God. It made itself something using God, but never did it walk to God. The individuals like Moses and Abraham are used for it to exist. The pope didn’t hear God, and neither did the chaplain. They talk about Moses instead. The ideology of religion is satans way of feeling closer to God without doing anything to know Him. 

We’re born into a world already existing, and we live the devil’s level of life from birth in satan. Human beings have adorned themselves in a world of designs placed only by ego, satan, and the little person. We don’t have enlightened masters on this planet. Without the magnitude of God, we created a baby’s life with Him. And the baby hasn’t opened its eyes or gotten out of the crib. We’re claiming God like we know Him because we memorized scripture. It’s ignorance and charlatan. 

The child feels like they know God as long as they are accepted in a religion. If no one believed us, we would feel more lost in satan trying to find out our Truth. The only measure we have is the hierarchy of religion. It’s worse than a temple. We think we know God because a bishop claims he does and has fame and branding as someone knowing God. We’re not thinking about a false idol anymore because we don’t care to. The muscle for knowing God is so weak we have no bated breath for Him. 

Parishioners do not care to believe in God. They want to believe in a religious person branded as knowing God and branding holiness. The walk to God doesn’t even exist in religion. The friar is a clown of robes trying to be humble, and solitude is perfect. We’re trying to claim chastity, and denying worldly goods makes us more special with God. No friar understood the prodigal son or that Moses murdered and yet was chosen for the Ten Commandments. No one in religion understood God chooses atheists over religious zealots. 

We don’t live to know God. We take the quickest trip we can to be accepted in society as knowing God. The real walk with God rips us apart, and society would only see us as losers. We don’t dare walk a true walk. We feed ego and satan and claim God while denying Him. 





We invented what we know, in satan through lower earthly energy slowly awakening to light. We’re not admiring life we’re admiring what we can muster up as life. 

Meaning in life is a corridor, and it’s placing the world in meaningless jargon of ideas. We grow up in stories being told. No one has depth in life beyond those stories. The light of every idea is out of a bigger pool of consciousness. There’s not one pool placed, but many exist. It’s an infinite library of ideas. 

Personal opinions are turned into knowledge. Life develops into lower ideas when we don’t carry depth in God. We made money a second God and shaped life to support it. We don’t create our best or brightest because we need money to do it. The livingness of human beings is based upon earnings, not depth in life. We’re living through harsher rules of the lower mind rather than consciously evolving towards enlightenment.

The pool of consciousness shrinks the more we placate matters’ level of existence. Nothing in our areas of expertise can carry light because no one knew creation for it. Without knowing why we are on a planet in space, we created human education. Every scientist has only marked their idea of measurement through that lower mind system. 

The record for human thinking is old and worn out. A new thought system needs building, and that only comes from depth, substance, and maturity. We need to magnify every idea of life to something bigger and more profound. The Brady Bunch living model is made from no one knowing God. Every idea we place is matters level. It’s not in resonance or knowing human photosynthesis. We’re basically standing in the greatest sci-fi movie of our lives but displacing it for comfortable knowing. 

The world around us can only exist at our present level of thinking. Without depth, we make superficial ideas seem deep. We’re not living for knowing more. We want to be in a knowing and will settle for ego’s rightness. The mind and the body seem connected, but there is more between our avenues than we know. The world of matter is hundreds of trillions and trillions and trillions of self-organizing energy. Each layer is a light in God created for its own existence. The tiers of light are endless. In the mirror, we see a body, but there is no beginning or end in consciousness, and the body is a fragrant idea that endlessly exists. 

We’re not grasping technology as energy. We’re placing it as something in matter. The mind isn’t working for resonance. It’s working through the senses. If we paused longer and recognized only our thoughts exist as life, we would understand more about resonance. Without awareness of who is thinking, we are lost children in a forest without breadcrumbs to get out. 

The world of matter is a zig-zagging, complex idea that never ends. In chaos, there is order, but only from God. His consciousness is hundreds of billions of years alive and in every idea in existence. The reason we can think at all is out of His light mixed with variances of His light. He doesn’t live watching over us like we think. He is weaved with us, knowing every pulsating algorithm that created us. God is in all things because all things are in His consciousness. He is the one carrying our ability to progress or not. The light is there, and whether we choose to realize it or not is upon us. 

God is giving humanity a way to know more, but each time He does, we live with more as less. We don’t walk deeper into our existence because we carry more. The ideologies of life are placing lower levels that no one goes beyond. The mind has to walk over broken glass to know light. 





Science didn’t live deep enough to know anything about life from its beginning. It dived into what something was first. The measurement was backward at the start. It was part of human education’s ideology and stayed close to mainstream acceptance. Everything we believed was life was being shaped by ideas that had no idea of the beginning of anything. We measured with theologian’s perspectives. A theologian is narrating a concept without believing in anything. It’s the voodoo method of measurement. 

We’re not acquiring depth, substance, or maturity. We shallowly prove our ideas without any understanding of where the thought came from, to begin with. Without that depth, we are the imaginary-making factory of fact. We live in ideologies of the mainstream and carry an ideology of fact that is the proof of a world with other races.  

No one thinks about our world and the number of species, elements, vegetation, perfect seasons, and story. Even though we see Venus, Saturn, Mars, and the moon, we’re not startled at Earth’s living existence. No one questioned other races raising us because no one bought that we were created. Once religion made itself a household name, no one cared about creation.  

There’s no proof for the world that is shaped in darkness and can only feed its ideas. Nothing breaks the walls of ignorance except the ignorant. We have to have eyes to see with and ears to hear with if we are to know more. Human thinking is a tiny maze of thought. We run around in the same light day in and day out. No one is consciously evolving, and we’re developing in our knowing and not knowing outstandingly ignorant. 

The idea that we can live with rockets and cars that back themselves up is like getting the newest toy at Christmas time. It’s part of the giving for this level of consciousness to grow from the 1970s to the twenty-first century. If we didn’t have different environments that felt like we were moving forward, we wouldn’t call it life. Life isn’t a stagnant one. Every moment is new, and each day, we age. 

We come into a world that already exists and begin aging immediately. It’s like being on a conveyor belt. We’re moving along to be a senior and then out of the body into new life. The world we know is the one of our making. We only live in our interpretations, and the interpreter was shaped unknowingly. Human existence is placed without us knowing anything. We arrive on a planet in space and begin living in a knowing as if we were meant to be here. 

Life on earth is comfortable and rudimentary. We don’t have to understand oxygen to breathe. And we don’t regulate our digestive system or tell the hundreds of trillions of cells how to develop perfectly for living singularly and together with hundreds of other trillions of cells. The communication between every cell is astounding. We don’t scream when our bones grow, and we don’t know how personality is placed in a blob of plasma. No one knows how Spirit arrives in us to live the human story in matter. Out of nothing, we came, and back to nothing we go. 

The short trip in matter gave us everything we needed to believe in life. We didn’t have to do anything to become a someone. Science should deepen common sense for knowing God. The developing of a human being is far beyond human education. We don’t see the enormity of other life-moving cells because the eyes can’t fathom we’re blended with other races for living in matter. As long as a Brady Bunch idea of life exists in human education and it places scientists in the world, we are dormant with ideas from the lower mind. 

We’re trying to be famous and wealthy on a planet in space. The idea of human existence is Brady Bunch. We’re young, naive, and stupidly existing. Two different worlds collide. Ours is the Brady Bunch version, and God’s is hundreds of billions of years alive. No one can categorize the totality of life because only one level of consciousness knows the world. Only our narrative exists as life. We are the light in the world, with everyone else assisting our story. 

Moses lived with God, and no one else did. They lived in Moses’s narrative of life. They were part of his story with God. We’re not knowing life to recognize the world living exactly as we think it to be. There are parts that trip us up, but that, too, is a variance of consciousness. Consciousness isn’t like thinking. It’s encompassing and delivers a level for knowing ideas from. Thinking is the random generator of ideas that incessantly keep coming. We’re processing hundreds of billions of algorithms every second and only know a few thousand. 

The algorithms exist in consciousness but form in thinking. The form it takes is out of the energy we carry. The world we come into has infinite energy to choose from.  We’re a walking billboard of energy instead of the body. We see the body but not the energy. God’s depth is the energy. Matter is a nothingness only existing in consciousness. We’re imprinting upon energy matters level from our level of consciousness. 

The world of other races is a natural idea with God. His level doesn’t serve human existence. He serves life and created human existence out of His light. We are a variance of God, who is hundreds of billions of years alive. The Brady Bunch analogy is because we have no magnitude of our own existence even to know our world. We’re dead alseep to life but made up a story to believe we live knowing life. The story began long ago and developed over time.

No one has known God to know creation or Heaven on Earth. Thousands of years ago we had very few people live with God teaching about Himself and mesmerized ourselves with it. We don’t comprehend that God is with us now and instead memorize laws, and do traditions and rituals denying Him daily. We treat religion like it knows God when it’s in satan, not knowing Him. No one would be a rabbi or bishop if they believed in God’s existence. 

The light we seek isn’t coming from a religious ideology. It’s the birthing of our Soul with depth. The ideologies come and go, but the Soul is with God no matter what the mind may derive. Human beings carry stories, and one religion is one story out of thousands. We have over four thousand religions in existence, and each one believes they know the way to life and God. 

It’s one-sidedly living. No one in any religion can hear God. They live in self-chatter, listening to what feeds their ego and satan. We lost hearing God long ago and haven’t idealized the depth to change it. The less we surrender, the further we go from God. Religion is playing God without knowing His existence or humanity’s. Without knowing creation, it has stood at the devil’s level of life in satan since its inception. 

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