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(The practices to heal are towards the bottom of this writing. Please read the writing to understand them.)
Life is energy, and forgiveness is the greatest level for placing light in our lives. Everything we are conscious of is in our light, and every thought of life gives us the path to become Love.

When something happens in life with other people it sends us into attack and defend. We blame and crucify them to the cross but because life is in energy it is only holding ourselves to the cross. The cycle of attack and defense is a lesson in understanding that the world is energy, and what we do to others is ultimately done to ourselves.

With more depth, we learn there is only one of us here with God. We are living to awaken to the Son of God living Love. The experience in matter helps us observe how we think. Our thoughts are the only idea living. When we live with Love in our thoughts we carry more of Heaven with us. 

A Little About Creation

Conscious Energy is the fabric of the world. No one is outside of us, they are in our light reflecting a level within our Soul. We live in our narrative with an echo carrying the world. We’re moving through images in human photosynthesis. Life is in light.

Forgiveness is a high level of Love. It is an energy that is able to heal perception and restore all levels of life to their natural divine right order. What we experience with other people stays within our light. Every thought of every person, incident or event other than Love is a level of pain in our light. We want to see everyone in our lives as Heaven to restore and renew our thoughts. God created life for human beings to understand how all levels of life are in unity within the light of our savior, and the savior is every human being alive.

The idea of society is humanity’s collective consciousness and is the level of everything other than Love we are living through to Love.  

What we experience with people and what we are conscious of stays in our light. It doesn’t leave its source. The pain and suffering are always the loudest and are always seeking to renew themselves. We end suffering by changing the way we think. Humanity thinks incessantly in self-stories from one thought to the next attaching themselves to everything at the level of matter. Incessant thinking creates a belief in reality. It weaves a story through matter, and when we feel harmed, we live it in our minds repeatedly. Never healing the level of energy in our light. We keep the energy existing by focusing on that level in matter.

To heal the experience’s in matter we have to heal how we think about them. We have to heal the energy in our light. We want to see beyond what we initially saw. Perspective is only living at our level of consciousness. It is a manifestation out of energy. We want to bring the energy of Love into our lives to experience a higher level of light in matter that removes the dark for light. We want to go beyond our initial thoughts. We can do this by living greater Love changes the light in consciousness and will heal the levels in the Soul.

Forgiveness, mercy, and compassion are all energies of Love. Jesus washed Judah’s feet to teach us to surrender our light no matter who was living to harm us. The idealogy of Love is for renewing the light of every Soul on earth. We’re not seeing our brother as wrong; we’re placing him as right. He knew that by living Love, His light would live greater than what would be upon Him if He chose a grievance.

Forgiveness is the greatest power one has in not suffering. When we forgive, we release the pain held in our light. Suffering exists in thought. Holding anger, betrayal, fear, jealousy, sorrow, or any level other than Love keeps us on the cross. We live through pain energy if we don’t transcend the idea of it. 

Thought can carry any light, and we learned as children to carry pain when we didn’t get our way. We grew up in a hidden pain, learning to live better. The mind is harboring energy that needs to be let go of. We can only begin doing this when we can choose Love over feelings. 


Forgiveness takes us off the cross and restores our energy to its divine light.  One knows the pain is gone when who they think of holds feelings of Love. Forgiveness has nothing to do with what someone else did. It is our blessing in living free from pain. The level of releasing what is experienced in thought can only be released in thought.

Here are Some Practice’s

Think of someone or a group of people in your life that had you feel suffering or upset.

See a pitcher of water being poured over their feet and say in your mind or out loud “I wash the feet of Jenny and I beg for mercy and forgiveness. I am so sorry if I harmed you in any way in my thoughts or actions. I Love you. I am the Love that all life live’s through.”  (Repeat this phrase as many times as you can staying present to saying it. Repeating it like a mantra saying it a million times is to little)

To release pain and suffering from everything in your light please use this practice.

“I wash the feet of everyone in the light of my photosynthesis and I beg for mercy and forgiveness. I am so sorry if I harmed you through my thoughts or actions. I Love you. I am the Love that all life live’s through.”  (Repeat this the same as the other knowing a milion times is to little)

We want to live in forgiveness like a mantra, repeating it over and over again, allowing a greater force to lift us out of the darkness of suffering. One might live saying it every chance they can for months or years until they finally live with Love greater than pain.

The mind has carried a lot of pain, and replacing it with Love takes the same effort. We want it be the only thought we are focusing on throughout the day. There is no way to release suffering without giving what releases the level of energy from the light in our consciousness. Love is the energy that washes us clean. 

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