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God & Religion

Scripture isn’t a religious endeavor.
It’s the Soul learning to know light.
We made knowing God a religious endeavor when it has always been the birth cycle of life. 

God created every human being to know Him. It’s not based on an idealogy. It’s based on depth in our Soul.

We haven’t walked to God because we’re born into religions. Religion doesn’t carry God it carries satan trying to be something to humanity instead of the individual losing their lives to gain them in God. We don’t do God any favors by pretending to know Him. The walk is perilously existing through a narrow gate in God. 

No one can walk through a religion to God. We never live beyond the institution’s ideas to Him.  We stay confined under them. Nothing the papacy has done during its tenure moved any human being to God. It displaced their walk and kept them in satan at the devil’s level of life. We won’t keep pretending that we know God when we cannot hear His voice. The world made a mark at the devil’s level that isn’t going to carry on doing so. 

No one knows God unless they live with God teaching about Himself. We can claim anything we want, but the obvious ignorance in that is we’re cheating ourselves from the walk to God. We mustn’t break bread with the devil. 

This life is our curriculum to God awaken to know Him. We’re unraveling everything in this temporal world to open the eternal one. Nothing here will detour God from us. We can live atheist, and He will still move in us. 


God is choosing and placing us to know Him. He’s not living for our idea of Him. Nor does He walk in our designs of knowing Him. 

Since the beginning of human existence, God has provided each level of consciousness with a way to gain more knowledge. What we do with this knowledge and how we interpret it is up to us. In the twenty-first century, we don’t believe in God; we believe in ideas of God. There are over four thousand religions, and we carry all of them. We’re making a religion something instead of losing our lives to gain them in God. 

Judaism killed God’s Son but believes it’s special to God. Christianity created itself out of the very text teaching that religion would not know God and Islam is from an Angel, not God. God is being treated by religion like He doesn’t exist.  No one would stand in a religion if they heard God’s voice. The false idols in religion are rampant, and the depth of God is shallow. We’ve been making ourselves feel better while not walking to God.

We don’t carry depth about our own existence. Because of that, we don’t strive for light and have accepted darker earthly energy in our thinking. No one who lives for God should harm life. We don’t kill on behalf of God. Every religion has done the opposite of Christ, Love, and Light. 

We tore the cloth with God long ago and conjured up ideas in satan, having no idea what a thought system is or what reality is. We aimlessly shape lower-mind ideas to separate ourselves from our brothers and dive deeper into satan. The right-minded way isn’t from a religious construct. It’s freeing the Soul. Only the individual can know God. Never will a group of people know Him. Moses knew God and everyone else including Aaron was part of His story with God. 



Judaism has made itself by knowing of God through Israelites thousands of years ago. Thousands of years ago, when humanity was living in another reality and at another level in human consciousness, God began giving human beings a way to know He existed. Where it began was never where it was going to end. No one is special, and everyone is special. 

We’re a species shaped out of God’s light, living as a variance in Him. We are created, and He is our creator. God is living for every human being to know Him regardless of what they think of Him. Nothing we deem as reality is reality. It’s a story. We came into a world that already existed and carried a celestial history, present, and future. The word created the world. 

Only what we think can live as life. Herein lies why God told us to keep Him above all things. We didn’t understand our existence, creation, or thinking. We don’t question where thought comes from even though we’ve been created. We assume we are our thoughts. But common sense tells us being created means there is more than one here.

The idea that God is going to choose an ideology based on human concepts as His is null. We’re living for eternity, and what we think is reality today will not exist in another few hundred years. In 1 AD, they had no idea cars, buses, or airplanes would exist. They didn’t know we lived on a planet in space. Moses didn’t know creation, nor did Abraham. Both heard God and lived with God’s teaching about Himself, but creation was kept from both of them. It wasn’t its time. 

We do not grasp that being created means we’re living in something and being raised. It may be godless to us, but He is here. The mind isn’t finding God because we have false idols in front of us and do not believe in Him deep enough to find Him. Believing in God is something everyone in religion swears they do. But if they did, they wouldn’t be in a religion. They would be living to God, teaching about Himself, but no one is doing that. Instead, we take the other choice and live satan’s ideas. 

We stuff God into mainstream ideas and place popes and preachers in front of us, dismissing His existence. We’ve mastered satan without ever detecting it. 

The devil’s level was shaped thousands of years ago when we made money, a second God, the body as self, and society as reality. We have never been disciplined children with God. We have always fallen out of line and detoured into human ideas of Him. We’ve worshipped other ideas of gods and dismissed His existence for popes. The false idol lives unseen because the devil hid the Truth from us long ago. 

The idealogy of every religion is broken and thwarted by vandalized prophets, sages, theologians, historians, and people with power and money. The Hebrew Bible fell to rabbinic commentary and midrash from people who couldn’t hear God, didn’t know God, and had an agenda for its existence. No one, including Philo, Rashi, or Mamaidies, heard God’s voice. They lived in lower mind with society as reality and the body as self. They didn’t know Angels, Celestial Light, Conscious Energy, or Spark Beings. 

They only had low-minded ideas about how to place Judaism into something. Once Christianity and Islam emerged, Judaism flew into high gear to be as different as possible from humanity. The Bible took over a thousand years to compile, and its beginnings are from the very text teaching humanity that religion would not know God. 

Jesus is the Son of God. There is only one God, but the variances of His light is for our variances in Him. We don’t carry a faithful muscle about our invisible world. God of no form and of all form makes us choose false idols because we don’t carry a muscle to know Him. When Judaism fell to the Roman Empire’s ideas of living with God, it was from satan. No one had acquired depth in God like Moses. Even when the Israelites were enslaved for over four hundred years, it was godless during that time. 

The quietness with God is from satan’s satisfying the ego for being someone in religion instead. As long as we feel accepted, righteous, and as good as we believe we are, even after killing someone, we make ego okay again. Human beings are scandalously living with the devil, proclaiming they love God and know Him because they are religious. 

Knowing God isn’t a mainstream idea. Very few people have lived with God teaching about Himself in the history of the human race. It’s not a cookie-cutter idea, and we don’t live with God based on Muhammed, Moses, or Abraham. They each lived their journey with God. Their journey isn’t our journey. God created us uniquely to know Him through our story. The mind is waffling for an easy way to know God instead of walking the perilous journey of losing our lives to gain them in God. 

No one is going to create a religion and detail how to live with God, and it is so. Not one religion knows creation, and not one religion can live in conversation with God. That is the devil’s game of hiding the road to God, which we carry already and were born with it. No one can discern God’s existence with another human being or pretend that we can force God to live our ideas.

The road to God is emptying everything taught about Him and life. We self-empty it because it is satan’s ideas. We come into a world already existing and go along with what is here. We’re not raised like John the Baptist by God to know His light. We live through kindergarten, elementary, middle school, and high school like a blank record with something else teaching every possible idea for reality. We’re told what history, the future, and what being human is. We have family traditions, religions, and a culture to carry. 

By the time we graduate high school or attend college, the idea of self is made as is society as reality. We never kept God above all things, and we have no clue about Heaven on earth. We have a concept that has been given to us. Every adult human being knows God based upon their family and culture – nothing else. The idea that every human being who is religious knows God is placed by the very false idols playing God. No one is carrying God. The children left home with no breadcrumbs to get back. 

We are deceiving our own Souls. Hearing God isn’t easy, but it’s not cumbersome, either. It’s different and beyond the ears that hear humans.  When God speaks to a human being, their lives change forever. It is the first time they hear another voice outside of their self-chatter. Until then, we have only lived in our narrative, listening to the voice in our heads narrate life. 

God created every human being to only experience their level of consciousness as life. The mind is a brief tool in matter for stories. We have a narrator who constantly carries thought. Thought is created light and was shaped for this story to exist. We came into the world out of no thing and there was library already placed for us to know thought. We come into an environment suitable for our level of consciousness. 

Creation has placed us in a world we know before the first breath has been taken. The mind is blank and starting to move for being read to for living parallel to where it is. Every cell has its place. We don’t question how blood knew it was going into veins or even how so much blood got inside of us. We’re not trying to blink; we just do. The world we know is very real, and if we touch something hot, it burns. 

We’re not registering the illusory or that we’ve been created. We believe more about being born rather than being created by God. Anything that is tangible or living through our senses is real to us. We weren’t taught that consciousness is at cause and matter is the effect. We think the world is outside of us instead of knowing it’s only living through us. Our narrator interprets and perceives whatever it wants. Our rendition of life is the only one existing. 

We won’t jump ship and live outside of our thought system. The thought system was shaped in childhood as a parameter of reality. We’re making mazes inside of it that we’ll repeat frequently without knowing it. Human beings are repetitive. We do the same things every day and every night but it feels brand new every time. We haven’t been conscious of life to know creation. We’re only conscious of the story we carry as life. And our story is tainted in satan, ego, and the little person. 





We are the only ones that rip ourselves out of God’s arms. 

and the Pharisees and high priests plotting to kill God’s Son, we never learned to know God. Our monotheistic concept was birthed out of polytheistic cultures. The seeking of God has existed since the beginning of human consciosuness. 

So many people claiming to know God while not one can explain to science creation or live in conversation with God. We have shaped major religions out of satan and wanting to know God, not knowing Him. 

The depth of knowing God isn’t our choice. It’s His. We don’t dance for God or make temples, branding, and marketing decrees in God. Major religions created everything they wanted to have a religion in human consciousness, but not one has God. They all equally share the idea of God while proclaiming specialness with Him, too. The world of religion only sits in satan. The individual has the way to God. No group idea does because only one level of consciousness is the world. 

Judaism, Islam, Christianity, and all major religion detour from living to God because no one lives beyond the institution to God. We only sit in satan, adhering to lower-mind ideas instead of living to God teaching about Himself. We’re not exercising God as a living God; instead, we’re carrying other people’s experiences with God without making the trek ourselves.

Muhammed, the Muslim prophet, lost his life to gain it in God. He lived at a time when deities and polytheistic ideas were deep. He moved the polytheistic belief system to a monotheistic one and lived hearing revelations from an Angel. It wasn’t with God teaching about Himself, though. The walk went where it was to be. 

The 14th-century Pharoah Akhenaten, Siddartha Gautama, Socrates, Plato, Aristotle, Confucius, and everyone living through this world walks with a level in God, whether we know He exists or not. The walk is unique to our Soul. 


The depth Pharoah Ahkenaten had for battling against the priesthood Amun in Egyptian culture is the same now for the individual to claim God. The same is true when Prophet Elijah carried depth with God over the Israelites when King Ahab and Jezebel had Israelites worshipping the god Baal. Depth is acquired when we walk outside of mainstream ideas to God. No one is shining a light while in the herd. 

The more religion exists, the less we believe in God. Not one nation on earth is adhering to the Ten Commandments, and not one religion can hear God’s voice. Living in satan has been the religious way since the highest levels of religion crucified God’s Son, they carried no eyes to see with or ears to hear with for knowing the Messiah. We’ve surprisingly dismissed religion killing God’s Son while proclaiming it knew God. We didn’t know the consequences. 

Now, we live in satan at the devil’s level with exactly the same ideals from two thousand years ago that missed God’s light. We’re not acquiring depth for Him. We’re idly going along with satan with ego satisfied, believing we know God like others say they do. The world won’t tell us we’re in satan it has no mind for allowing us to live as we choose. Depth in the Soul is what separates us from the crowd. 

Our reality and state of mind are in lower earthly energy. Humanity made money a second God long ago and we shaped matters level as life. If we live by mainstream ideas and see our bodies as self, we are building in satan. To move beyond this darker energy, we need to undergo a psychological process of losing our lives to gain them in God. This means we don’t define ourselves by titles or societal positions. Instead, we strive to move beyond the material self-identity and deeper into Spirit. We’re living from matter identification to Spirit identification. 

The Soul’s walk is deeper than the mind. We’re here to live with God teaching about Himself. Not live a mainstream religious idea of Him. There’s no point in claiming to believe in God and then seeking guidance from rabbis and preachers instead of seeking God directly. Our belief in God is reckless and weak. No one has two masters, and no one in religion kept God above all things. They kept an idealogy above all things. 

We’re not going to dictate to God who He can know or not know.
Religion believes someone needs to know their ideology before God knows them.
God is with every human being. 

Hear God's Voice

Healing and Restoring


Nicodemus, a high priest who desired to know God, was unable to cross the bridge to know the Messiah. Instead, he lived with the story of being a high priest. Every cardinal, rabbi, bishop, preacher, pope, and imam suffers the same idea. They dedicated their lives to matters level and shaped satan while claiming to know God. None can live with God in conversation, and none understand life. They don’t know creation and have no idea there is only one of us here with God. That idea probably seems crazy to those who don’t know about creation. 

The mind is a storyteller and can only deliver what we can conceive. What we can conceive is based upon the Soul’s Love. God created human consciousness so that the observer could know Him. He shaped the world only at our level of consciousness for living through to Him. We only hear our thoughts as life and live in our narrative. Consciousness is all that is alive. 

God gave us the depth in Christ to live Love beyond mainstream ideas of it. It was the way to acquire substance. We’re not here to study scripture; we are here to consciously evolve from the many to the one, leaving matter identification for Spirit identification. The world is our personal curriculum. Everything in life is the teacher. We’re unravlling every idea leaving self for light.

We don’t shape a small community to know God. We walk the knowing God placed His light in every inch of life, and all things give to Him.  When we create a small community of ideas that work for us, we live at the devil’s level in satan. 

Pharisees and High Priests

The Pharisees and high priests worshipped God while also orchestrating the killing of God’s Son. They didn’t have the ability to see or hear because they chose to create an identity for themselves instead of losing their lives to gain them in God. Whenever we place matter identification as our light, we lose muscle for going beyond it. 

Rashi, Philo, and Maimonides never heard God’s voice. They lived society as reality and were part of the many ideas from teachers, rabbis, and sages, making changes and additions to anything they could for an idea with God. And it went further as Christianity and Islam emerged.

The little person’s perspectives displaced light because satan was living more than God. Philo changed the light of the Ten Commandments, writing The Special Laws, which treated the Ten Commandments as headings. He then discussed other related commandments under them. His ideas have nothing to do with God. They are human narratives trying to be something to the Ten Commandments and Judaism, not humanity.

Maimonides was a Jewish historian and physician. He only knew society as reality. He codified Jewish law and revolutionized Jewish thinking. The explainer ruins the origins. Neither has anything to do with God. They are human perspectives shaping their narrative, trying to be associated with God when they’re not. Rashi was a rabbi who placed commentary on the Hebrew Bible and Talmud. Another human narrative for placing Judaism as more. The ideas tried to make something be something even though no one could hear God’s voice. Rashi, Maimonides, and Philo only knew society as reality and the body as self. They never understood God’s existence.

Living to God won’t move in family traditions, heritage, or lineage. Those are the little person’s ideas that fade when we leave the body. The storyteller keeps us in satan, trying to find our place in society instead of us leaving this world for God. We don’t walk where others do when going beyond the world to God.

Abraham and Moses walked an individual story with God. Everything else in the story was in their light and assisted in carving their Souls deeper into God. Moses knew God greater than anyone else. He lived with God beyond Aaron and every Israelite, just as Abraham lived beyond Sara and Lot with God.

We’re not here to live what someone else does or what anyone did in 1AD. We’re in the twenty-first century to hear God’s voice and live with Him teaching about Himself. Not an idealogy based on other people’s lives who lived with God. 

We carry God like He doesn’t exist, living for what someone else did thousands of years ago. Moses and Abraham will be superseded, as will the Bible and Talmud. God is a living God and at no time did anything biblical end. We tell the world we know God because we live by rules, laws, and human precepts. That’s the opposite of knowing a living God. 

God created each and every one of us to know Him whether we believe He exists or not. And it doesn’t matter. No one dances for God. He knows the Soul and our depth in His light. Very few people in the history of the human race have lived with God teaching about Himself. When we do, it makes history. There is no cookie-cutter hearing of God. It’s not a mainstream way of life. 

When we hear God, it never ends, and the journey to Love goes from the many to the one.


Judaism and Christianity both competed with each other; they bought the devil’s level, wanting to be something to God instead of surrendering to Him.

Judaism created an idea to be something without learning to walk to God. After the second temple fell in 70 CE, the diaspora took place, and many Israelites went to Babylonia. They tried to create unity and favor with God. Before this, they were building protocols and presenting a rudimentary idea of living with God instead of living from depth. 

Nationalism, heritage, and lineage solidify self-identity in matter and displace God because we live for building the temporal story instead of the eternal light. We don’t lose our lives to gain them in God when we build self to be “a someone.” Living society as reality is not knowing God as reality. We tear ourselves out of God’s arms whenever we listen to a rabbi, preacher, pope, minister, imam, bishop, or cardinal. God exists, and no one builds a muscle for Him while needing them.

The beginning was not the end; it was a necessary start. God let people know He existed to give to life. They were chosen at a time in human history for moving light, but it would never be the end. Adam and Eve began a chapter, and many people have carried one, too. The Pharoah Akenhaten in the 14th century played a role in bringing a monotheistic ideas to deeper levels of human consciousness. We’re riddled with individuals carrying light.

Even Buddha carried light in Christ. He is the only one to live with enlightenment until now. No one in any religion has known God like everyone else who wasn’t in religion has. The group idea of knowing God is obsolete because creation has only one of us here with God. Only the individual can know Him. 

When the Israelites were enslaved for over four hundred years it was a Godless time. For the last two thousand years, nothing has been known about God again. We carry what was given by individuals and made it into religions. We don’t live for enlightenment or in conversation with God. We pretend to know Him. The idea of scripture was to understand there was a depth we could obtain, but the Soul had to carry light and depth. 

The mind escapes the strenuous walk with God by believing we can be in a religion and know Him. For another world to exist, the individual has to undergo a complete upheaval of the mind. The thought system has to change and unravel from dark to light. We have to lose our lives to gain them in God. 

Only one of us is here with God, living through a complex story from an illusion to reality, losing self for light. When we are with God, religion doesn’t exist.  The individual is climbing, crawling, and walking out of this world for Him. The mind doesn’t map the journey, but the Soul places it.

Everything in this life that is mainstream is satan’s idea of being “a someone” to something. Learning to treat God like He exists is what every individual must do. The idea of a religion is from the ones that cannot walk to God. The soul must carry more light to have faith in Him. If we believe in God existing, we don’t need a religion. We need to get to God teaching about Himself.