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God & Religion

Scripture isn’t a religious endeavor.
It’s the Soul learning to know light.
Human beings scribed, invented, and made what would carry religions, not God.

We haven’t begun our walk to God because we choose religions instead. No one can walk through a religion to God. We lose our lives to gain them in God or we build the idea of self in a religion. We can only live one or the other. 

The false idol is the one walking in satan while claiming a knowing of God based upon teachings, writings, and worship. We’re not here for that. The Soul walks deeper, consciously evolving from one reality to another. Spirit blends into more light in God as we consciously evolve. We’re here to live with God teaching about Himself. Everything else is satan.

There is no point in saying we believe in God and then going to rabbis and preachers instead of going to God. 

The mainstream idea is the devil’s level, making the body self, and society a reality. We claim titles and positions and believe we are what they say. No one in the hierarchy of religion is losing their lives to gain in God. They are making “a someone” be something trying to please family, community, and society. We haven’t begun to awaken to God and Heaven if we are trying to fulfill an acceptance in society. The measure with God isn’t branding and marketing. It’s enlightenment living beyond every human being on earth with Him knowing creation and Heaven on earth. 


God is choosing and placing us to know Him. He’s not living for our idea of Him. Nor does He walk in our designs of knowing Him. 

We’re not going to dictate to God who He can know or not know.
Religion believes someone needs to know their ideology before God knows them. 

Hear God's Voice

Healing and Restoring

Nicodemus, a high priest who wanted to know God, couldn’t cross the bridge to see the Messiah. He lived with a story of being a high priest instead. Every cardinal, rabbi, bishop, preacher, papacy, and imam suffers the same fate. They gave their lives to satan and worship God. The Pharisees and high priests worshipped God while killing God’s Son. They didn’t carry eyes to see with or ears to hear with because they created themselves to be someone instead. 

Knowing God isn’t about having family, friends, or community acceptance. We don’t walk where others do. Very few people in the history of the human race have lived with God teaching about Himself. We don’t want Truth because ego wants anyone and everyone to know God by doing nothing but living in a religion. 

It’s ludicrous that we ourselves have bastardized God’s existence for false idols and cheap ideas. What was given thousands of years ago isn’t the Holy Grail. Hearing God is. If we’re busy studying scripture and memorizing laws, we’re busy living society as reality in a mainstream idea that only giving an idea of God based upon the religion. 

Living in ideas of God is what has become of knowing God. We’re not hearing God’s voice or living in conversation with Him. We’re upholding ideologies, protocols, and human precepts. Judaism and Christianity both competed with each other; they bought the devil’s level, wanting to be something to God instead of surrendering to Him.

Judaism has never begun surrendering to God. It has created nationalism, heritage, and lineage to solidify the world, believing it is God’s children above everyone else. What began was never going to be the end. A start had to happen, and God chose Israelites to let human beings know He existed. They weren’t the chosen ones forever. They were the ones chosen at the time. 

Israelites have made themselves special because it pronounces an identity better than anyone else. Everyone at that time wanted power, and many were being persecuted not to have it. The Israelites had been enslaved for four hundred years before Moses freed them. During that time, nothing is known about God. 

For the last two thousand years, nothing has been known about God. We carry what was designed and scribed over thousands of years as holy and dismiss God living with us. We pretend to know Him because we know scripture. The idea of scripture was for understanding a light with us not for pretending to know God. 

The mind is escaping the torturous walk with God for simply walking across the street claiming a religion. We don’t understand reality changing or our thought system changing. We live the little person’s level in satan, believing we know God perfectly because we know a religion. 

We made popes, rabbis, and preachers as knowing God when none walked to Him. They held an idealogy above Him and lived society as reality and the body as self. They have no way to hear God or carry depth with Him. They stand in mainstream ideologies playing a false idol instead of living deeper in Christ, losing their lives to gain them in God. 

When we made money a second God and had no depth for Spirit our thought system fell to lower earthly energy. We’re living in lower mind, thinking through ego, satan, and the little person. Religion often makes people feel as if they know God through traditions, branding, and rituals. The walk with God isn’t in a religion. It’s the individual freeing their Soul. 

Only the individual can consciously evolve out of one world for another. By creation’s level, we’re only living in our narrative, experiencing our level of consciousness as the world. Losing our lives to gain them in God is a process that walks out of the temporal story for living in the eternal.

We don’t design what living with God is. He doesn’t adhere to our ways. And He works outside of everything we want and believe He should do. God isn’t catering to human ideas in satan; He is shedding the outer world for the inner. We see the body, not the Spirit. We place false idols instead of knowing the Holy Spirit. 

No religion in the history of the human race has known God.  Believing in God is living to God teaching about Himself. And it’s the individual journey living through a story to Him. Moses and Abraham lived with God beyond everyone else, and they walked through the story of the time doing it. 

God doesn’t live by our ideas or by mainstream concepts. He’s working deeper in us. He created every human being to know Him and is with them whether they know Him or not. 


Buddha carried more depth in God than the bishop, cardinal, and pope. Siddartha Guatama walked deeper in Christ than anyone in any religion has. He didn’t know God or make it to hear Him, but he lived deeper in Christ than anyone else for enlightenment. Moses, had no idea what God was at the burning bush because he grew up in Egyptian culture worshipping many gods. The individual is living in something beyond the mind’s eye. 

God isn’t a religious idea. He is the blueprint to life. We’re not grasping an idealogy that places God. Were losing them. 

We stand in religions with status in ego and satan. The quiet one or atheist no one knows can live deeper than the world with God. Only one of us is here with Him, living through a complex story of reality and self for losing our lives to gain them in Him.

When we are with God, religion doesn’t exist. We’re not here for ideologies. We’re here for the eternal light in Christ. The individual is climbing, crawling, and jumping out of this world for God. The mind doesn’t map the journey the Soul places it.