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Living with Light 

Biblical never ends. God is always with us. We perceive matter as a permanent aspect of life, but consciousness is the only true essence of our existence; the other is temporal. Matter is essentially non-existent and only exists within consciousness. It is just one idea among an infinite number of possibilities. 

We are born into a world already existing and tend to conform to what already exists, rather than learning to live beyond it.

The mind only seeks light when a deeper part of the Soul yearns for it. As we go through human education, we believe that we understand life, but in reality, we have only been taught a story about it. Human education focuses on history and the future, and tries to instill some values for living harmoniously in the world. However, it lacks the knowledge of creation and God. It is merely an idea among an infinite number of ideas.

We are too preoccupied with shaping ourselves into something rather than knowing the formless world around us. The concepts of Spirit and God have been lost because we fail to idealize them. Our minds tend to cling to the surface level of things, akin to Satan, instead of delving deep into the invisible world within us. We make face-value living our idea instead of knowing beyond it. We live for the light when some event in our life prompts us to embark on a deeper inner journey of Spirit-knowing.

We never question the origin of our thoughts or who is thinking. We simply assume the existence of the self and continue to live accordingly. Our Spirit is the source of our being and it represents our eternal life. When we are content with conforming to society’s or the devil’s standards, we remain stuck in the mainstream. However, in order to achieve more, something within us must break and we must be willing to live beyond the status quo.


The world of resonance, algorithms, and God. Language doesn’t live in atoms only pulses from resonance do. 

The concept of self and society being real creates limitations on our ability to understand things on a deeper level. Our understanding of the world is shaped by our own perception, and we live within this framework. Light, which represents a higher intelligence, exists outside of us, but is woven into our own light to create something greater. This Celestial Light is the final destination of all thought, giving life to any idea we may have, and is a product of Heaven, designed by God for human consciousness to exist in a physical form at any level of consciousness.

More exists, but we only live what we think, but there is more here, beyond how we think. 

We often measure our existence based on what we have been taught, rather than deepening depth in God.  However, there is a significant difference between just learning what is taught and truly knowing something. When we experience a deeper understanding, it is like a beam of light that illuminates our perspective, causing us to see things differently. This kind of understanding is not fleeting like thoughts, but is a solid and unchanging part of our knowing.

Consciousness is the light thought lives from. Thought is temporal and matters level. It’s only living for this story. When we leave the body all of our thoughts fade. Consciousness is eternal. Consciousness doesn’t change as thoughts do. It’s the light all thought emerges out of. 

Everything in this life is an illusion, but our experiences are very real. For instance, if we fall and scrape our knees, they may bleed, but when we leave the body, every thought fades away. Our thoughts and experiences are only existing for this level of consciousness. When we come into the world, we already have a history, present, and future. However, when we leave this world, we begin a new life with a new body, family, and human story at a new level of consciousness. All our loved ones will manifest in a new light and will be with us for eternity.

Until we hear God’s voice, our reality is an illusion. We live in self-talk, listening to the voice in our head. The storyteller is the narrator shaping our life.

Thought is created light living in matter. The world of matter is an illusion, and human consciousness has the power to shape it through free will. The depth we’re realizing is only one of us here with God. We are shedding our skin for light.

God is keeping a measure of every atom for human consciousness to assign the atom’s purpose and the livingness of the particle. As we explore new realms, we learn about the formless world instead of the physical world we see around us, which includes buildings, cars, and trees. However, what really exists are trillions upon trillions of sub-atomic particles. We may think that our bodies are solid, but in truth, only resonance exists.

Everything is an algorithm built on top of other algorithms, moving in different directions and measuring thoughts in varying temperatures. God made energy conscious of itself and gave it a purpose. We have self-organizing energy that shapes matter as we think it into existence.

Space is a living light and is filled with other races we do not see or know until we do. As humans, we do not perceive energy as living, intelligence. We have limited knowledge and understanding of creation since we have only experienced it through human perception. However, light is a living intelligence that has existed for billions of years.

We are currently limited to human education, which has been shaped by human beings who have their own ideas of what intelligence is. However, true intelligence exists beyond just our physical selves and can only be acquired by delving deeper into our Souls. Human consciousness is just a tiny pinprick in the vastness of the universe’s living intelligence.

Atoms cannot decipher whether someone is speaking in German or English. They perceive pulses outside of any rhythm, which is an unseen level of our world. Light moves faster than our idea of speed and has the ability to exist in more than one place at once. Quantum entanglement doesn’t live for the atom’s undecisive existence. We are unable to see what is at the sun’s rims, but we can only imagine what is there. For instance, no one is going to walk around with an airplane sticking out of their head, but they will see one in the sky thirty thousand feet above them.

Acquiring depth to know matter is a nothingness only existing in consciousness hasn’t begun for humanity. We have zero knowing of resonance as the world. God can exist simultaneously in China and the United States because spacetime doesn’t apply to God. Only human consciousness measures matter. The universe is formless.

Telepathy, translight, and knowing of the future is out of light in God. Conscious Energy is the fabric of the world, as is another race of Heaven. They are the mass, force, velocity, levity, and temperature in all matter. They place ideas in human photosynthesis for knowing. Angels, Celestial Light, and Spark beings are all other races and carry Heaven on Earth. 

Light is always with us, but our depth of understanding comes only from the Soul’s depth in God.