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Living with Other Races

We’re walking through a world of light but only see what is in our corridor. We don’t see the other corridors with us until we consciously evolve. 

The mind won’t detect other life until more depth has been realized.  The world isn’t about other races. It’s about finding light to consciously evolve deeper in God. We carry eyes at our level of thinking and must transcend it to open more. Other races don’t need bodies or tongues to speak. The world is advanced, and hundreds of billions of years alive, living in God. Other races aren’t known for the body. They live at different levels of consciousness. Their level of consciousness is the differentiating factor. Our idea of human doesn’t exist. We carry an idea of human at this level of consciousness, but we’re a variance in God. 


What is light?

God is hundreds of billions of years alive and doesn’t need oxygen. He can live in all form but doesn’t carry any form as His light. The quantum light of living is the only one there is. Matter is a nothingness only existing in consciousness. God is consciousness living as resonance. The fabric of the world is Conscious Energy. What we see isn’t the other race’s form. We wouldn’t see anything if they didn’t break into our level of consciousness to see it. They’re letting us know they are here.  

Other Races Don’t Have Bodies

Some don’t have facial features or bodies. They can exist in things we don’t imagine, like objects and shapes, and can be transparent. 

Another Race in Our Atmosphere

Snow Squid lives in our atmosphere and is a race of Heaven that can communicate. This was filmed in Saint Louis, MO. 

(Filmed with a Nikon P1000 Zoomed 3000mm)

Living with Other Races

God created everything in existence for depth. Some ideas are beyond us, while others aren’t. Other races give us light for consciously evolving and expanding ideas. They lead us to depth we wouldn’t carry if not for experiencing their light. 

God created us in His Likeness

Consciousness is all that is alive. God is consciousness living as resonance, and we are conscious energy. We are a variance within His light. He created us out of His light. Everything we see, including oceans, trees, and snowflakes, at the smallest particle is a wave. It’s motion. Matter has no place at Heaven’s level and is a quick trip for human living. 

The world isn’t marking our ideas; we are. We live in our narrative, only experiencing the dynamic echo of consciousness. No one is living in anything except their thoughts. The mind is a self-chattering apparatus for dreaming nonstop as we move through images in our Souls. 

Other Races With US

Heaven is other races, and we’re in Heaven. The human idea of being human doesn’t exist. We’re a variance in God, and the world is at a greater level than our ideas of it. Everything exists for conscious evolution. Sometimes, the vessel is the body. Some Sun Pods are at that level. 

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