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The journey out of skin to Love is our walk in this life. We’re walking in matter, trying to declothe self-identity at the matter level. We don’t carry depth in God to know the Spirit like we should. We’re trying to know Love from society’s idea of it instead of living Christ’s Love. 

The world is resonance, and we respond to it through deeper energy within our Soul. Love is the highest light in God. We’re not going to walk the path of Love until we begin to lose self for light. Leaving the idea of self is mandatory for knowing the depth of our light in all things. Everyone we see is a level of energy in our Soul existing to live Love through.

The process is only based on our thoughts and attachments to matter. What is in front of us is only a backdrop for deepening our light in God. We’re leaving one idea of life for a divine depth in God. 

 The world is placing one idea, and we’re living through it with ours. 

Consciousness is resonance and its the highest resonance in God. We see cars, trees, and buildings, but resonance is all that is here. If we saw creations level, we would see hundreds of trillions and trillions of subatomic particles moving in waves crisscrossing for as far as the eye could see. The world is energy, and our depth and substance decides the eye’s view. Matter is a nothingness only existing in consciousness.

We’re living from everything other than Love to Love. Our breath is more than one.  The world is a curriculum for transcending out of matter to Spirit. 

Love is the light all life is in & I AM the Love all life lives through–it is the arc of living and the alchemy of Love. The world responds to Love.

We perceive Love from a little person’s level without realizing that it is the core of our awareness. Love is our eyes and ears. 

The mind ( the temporal storyteller)  either carries light or darker earthly energy. The more Love we carry, the higher light is in the mind. We want to know Love as our motivator and solidifier of life. Christ gave us the way to know Love as the absolute giver of life. 

Living Love–Love is the Breath of Life

Living Love comes from a deeper place in the Soul. The light within has to see more than normal. Everything we would never want to live because the self wants to live breaks bread with Love. 

The mind won’t shift energy unless substance is present for it to move. Substance and depth are two levels for knowing Love. Leaving self is the dismantling of all ideas placed throughout kindergarten, elementary, middle, and high school. We know God, Spirit, and Heaven over society and the idea of self. 

We don’t know creation and only live face-value ideas through the senses and for what is a tangible reward. We’re not learning about energy, light, and Love, and yet that is all we are.