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Christ Meditations, Prayers & Dhikrs Building Life in Light

Knowing Love

Yah_dark_blueWhether we’ve been practicing meditation for years or this is our first time, these guided meditations will open your heart and mind to living deeper in God. With stillness, we return to our Christ nature. With peace we understand Love. Mind exercise helps us strengthen livingness in God for understanding the world as an illusion. We are either creating our thought system in darkness or Love. We want to live as Love for experiencing higher light in life.

The below meditations are prayer meditations and the dhikrs are for pausing incessant thinking and letting go of the transitory story we carry as life.

May they nurture your light in God. Enjoy and rest sitting or laying anywhere you like. Bring awareness inward to the one observing and let go of who you think you are and what reality is. Allow a deeper light to live in your being.