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What is Human?

God is hundreds of billions of years alive.
So what is human?

Thought is created light we’re gravitating through via energy within our Soul. The word created the world. The narrator isn’t who we are. It’s a blend of light, giving us a way to know and live something, idealizing our being for depth in God. The blend of light is other races, and they have been with us since our birth.

Being human isn’t what we think it is. We don’t see the world like we think we do, and we don’t see our own existence at its level. We see what we want to see based on our level of consciousness.

The human idea is only existing because we don’t carry depth or see bacteria crawling all over us. We’re not thinking about blood arriving in our veins or how the blood knew it was to be in our veins. We exist inside of skin that is covered in bacteria but only see our idea of self. We don’t see human beings walking around as blobs of bacteria and think humanity is a monster. We’re placing the idea of human based upon this level of consciousness and what we think we see. Not what is here. 

We live in a pretend world, not knowing it’s an illusion because it lives so real. The ideologies we have placed for reality to exist never knew creation or God. Having scripture and ideas of God doesn’t equate to knowing Him. Only when we hear God’s voice do we know Him. 

The mind doesn’t ask deeper questions about the world around us and the number of imprints communicating with us without spoken language. We feel before we think we know the idea in thought. We’re not hearing a deeper level of motion. We’re only receiving algorithms in our corridor. The mind doesn’t work to undo our knowing for something else. We build in thought out of a comfort zone level of thinking. Everything has to touch something else to believe it. 


God is hundreds of billions of years alive and doesn’t need oxygen or facial features. He’s consciousness living as energy. 

No one is able to see something outside of their knowing and not knowing. We stand inside a library of ideas placed in childhood, and they become branches of ideas as we become adults. The right-minded level of knowing is realizing that placeholder ideas do not equate to Truth. They are a transitory placeholder for calling something reality. When we leave the body, every thought we carry fades. This story won’t be lived again. We’ll continue living, returning to form to experience a new level of consciousness in matter. We’ll have a new body, family, celestial history, and idea of self, and we’ll again shape the idea of self-based on the present level of human consciousness. 

The human being is not what we see. We are profoundly different. The mind has been created to live comfortably, to know what we can carry to know. We don’t perceive anything we cannot conceive. God of no form and of all form was teaching us to know His likeness is our existence. Genesis was thousands of years ago, and it did its job. It gave us a way to know we had a creator and had been created. Atoms, thinking, and consciousness didn’t live at that time to know. We didn’t know we were on a planet in space or that airplanes, cars driving themselves, and satellites would exist. 

God is a living God and can give us more about creation at every level of consciousness. We don’t live with God deep enough for that. We have religions instead. The mind of the human isn’t seeing what is here. It’s seeing what it can think is here. The word creates the world and will for eternity as we consciously evolve deeper in God. The more light we acquire, the deeper the ideas we know. The mind won’t jump tracks or disappear into another level of knowing. It moves heavenly through adjacent corridors, placing more light than where it presently is. 

We’ve been created as a variance in God’s light to know Him. His light is complex, with layers in variances beyond us. Other races build our light for us to discover it. The light we know “as self” is a created light driving out of depth in the Soul. It’s a variant within its own existence trying to know more light. Self doesn’t exist. It’s the transitory idea at this one level of consciousness. 

We’ve never considered the enormity of being created or God living hundreds of billions of years alive for what it means to be human. No one in science has known reality or even what being alive is. When we don’t know how matter exists and we know at the smallest particle there is motion, we already have ideas of more life than face value living existing. What is building what we see is resonance. Resonance is waves of conscious light. 

The word created the world. Consciousness is all that is alive. We see buildings, cars, and oceans, but if we saw creation’s level, we would see crisscrossing particles for as far as the eye could see. Everything is resonance. We don’t live in ultimate reality. We live in our thoughts only knowing what we can muster up as thought. Reality doesn’t exist until we hear God’s voice. Until then, we only know self-chatter. Human beings only live in their narrative until they hear God.

Form is an idea and isn’t permanent. Consciousness is continuous. The idea of birth and death is illusory and places a story for us. We don’t carry ideologies about resonance, vibrations, or frequencies as being human, even though that is all we are. The human idea is the conjured-up idea that we made from what we could muster up at this one level of consciousness out of an infinite. In a few thousand years, the idea of human will be different.

A layer of thought shaped reality for what it could be, not knowing what it was. 

Listen to Heaven

We’re consciousness living in a blend of light. An Angel says, “You’re an Angel.”

Human Consciousness

Human consciousness is a blend of light. It’s not a single strand or resembles anything we believe is living. It’s many races in other light weaved to shape our light. They exist deeper in God’s light and provide consciousness as well as the way for Human photosynthesis to live.

We’re blended for living in matter and to consciously evolve in God. The increase we have shapes realities and builds ideas that we bring into being. We’re living through matter in thought-shaping stories. Human consciousness is in lower mind, living in incessant thinking. Incessant thinking is jumping from one thought to the next, listening to our self chatter as life. We dream of our walk and bring it into being. 

Consciousness is resonance, and resonance is shaped by many other levels of intelligence. They weave together for human consciousness to feel it exists.