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What is Human?

God is hundreds of billions of years alive.
So what is human?

We’re consciousness living out of God’s light. Human is a blend of Conscious Energy in God. The body is the temporal part of our existence for experiencing one level of consciousness in matter. Spirit is the eternal light, and the Soul is our source of living. We’re a blend of light in God, only conscious of one idea, and as we consciously evolve, we know more about our existence and God. 

God of no form and of all form told us we’re not the body; we’re the conscious energy inside of the body. God placed the Holy Spirit with us to know Him without facial features or a body. He gave us the way to know our eternal landscape. The world of humans doesn’t live for energy as our existence, but that’s all we are. We’re other races blended through God for having intelligence in matter. God created us out of His light, and His light has a plethora of variances for a different life to live at any level of consciousness in matter.

The world is alive with Conscious Energy for human photosynthesis to live. Angels, Celestial Light, and Conscious Energy are beyond human ideas and part of the fabric of living with God.  They carry us for living briefly in matter. The gift of other races has been human since God created us.

Human Consciousness

Human consciousness is a blend of light. It’s not a single strand or resembles anything we believe is living. It’s many races in other light weaved to shape our light. They exist deeper in God’s light and provide consciousness as well as the way for Human photosynthesis to live.

We’re blended for living in matter and to consciously evolve in God. The increase we have shapes realities and builds ideas that we bring into being. We’re living through matter in thought-shaping stories. Human consciousness is in lower mind, living in incessant thinking. Incessant thinking is jumping from one thought to the next, listening to our self chatter as life. We dream our walk and bring it into being. 

Being created means we’re living in something and being raised. We don’t have any capacity to see the world around us because consciousness is all that is alive.  We’re being raised in human education and creating a measure that is based upon the world living outside of us instead of through us. Science never knew how matter was existing and without that knowledge, it carried measures for life in an illusory state of thinking. 

The word created the world and our level isn’t grasping the enormity of life on a planet in space or higher intelligence. We’re deeper as other races than any idea we believe is human.  


God is hundreds of billions of years alive and doesn’t need oxygen or facial features. He’s consciousness living as energy.