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Celestial History

Making A Path Through Light

We wandered into a path by circumstance and unravel it for light. Since childhood, we’ve been shaping the idea of self and placing reality for the idea of self to walk through it. The world always had more; we just didn’t have the eyes to see it with. The mind made its place with ego, and satan did everything to satisfy its brother. 

No one can know more until their time comes. History is the illusory placing ways to think differently. It’s a given for this level of consciousness. History living ten thousand years from now is not the same as it is for us. This one level of consciousness has what it needs to believe life exists and to think more. 

Religion has made God an idea only it can own. Even though God is the blueprint to life and created everything in existence, it still tries to monopolize His existence as the measure of Him. When it’s not.

Buried in us at birth is our birthright for knowing God. It isnt spoken about or seen and was placed in us without anyone else knowing about it. The world we come into is a storyboard of dreams. The word created the world, and it delivers a library to every child born. The library is a pool of consciousness, giving us a light to know. 

Making a human being isn’t out of one strand of light. We’re a variance in God, and He made us from different ideas within His mind. Nothing in our world is permanent. It’s a temporal dream we’re passing through to awaken. 


We’re walking out of one idea into another to find the light. 

Cosmic Returns

Consciousness is a burning flame flickering in all directions and, at any given time, can spread into areas no one thought it could. The mind doesn’t house it, and the universe can’t manage it. Consciousness is coming into us from outside of us. 

The worldly idea of intelligence suffices for the illusion. It doesn’t open the doors to the bigger world. We observe consciousness and can make choices in the stories, trying to find depth and substance. We only see what we can think and exist in self-chatter. The mind isn’t going to escape itself because we want wisdom. Wisdom and knowledge don’t live in illusory. Wisdom and knowledge come from cosmic ideas that don’t exist in our world. They are living to realize and were placed long before we were born. 

The mind carries a map of itself for walking what is already shaped. The idealogy maps and beliefs have been marveled upon millions of times for believing. We take history and claim it for ego and satan. We place our self-identity in it and believe it is so because it’s living as something we know. We don’t have a way to detach from it or see a more celestial return from it. The mind lives at the surface and won’t go deeper. 

We don’t live knowing that Pharoah Akhenaten brought in monotheistic living because Judaism wants to be a special idea with God. We don’t know Buddha lost his life to gain it in God because the idea of living to God doesn’t exist. The papacy made it about satan. We’re losing light because people claim God when they do not know Him. Wanting to know Him won’t ever mean we do. Very few people in the history of the human race have lived with God teaching about Himself. No religion knows Him. 

When Confucius, Socrates, and Buddha lived within hundreds of years of each other, bringing light to human ideas, we quickly covered it up for a rudimentary one instead. Power doesn’t live in enlightenment, so it places dogmatic ideas as life. No one living to control or carry life in an idea lives for going beyond the world. 

Celestial history is helping to bring light to us all. It is the winding road for depth. When we lose our lives to gain them in God, we walk out of one world for another. We lose society’s purpose for only knowng God’s will. Our views won’t be accepted by anyone else until our time comes. The invisible world emerges not from knowledge but from divinity. 

The eye of the source isn’t here; it’s not with religion, human education, or reality. It’s the celestial givings of consciousness itself, constantly birthing light for moving through. It’s beyond us and in us at the same time. We are part of something much bigger and divine than a human idea. 

Hinduism is older than Sumerian, Egyptian, and Babylonian cultures and is considered the oldest religion worshipping many gods. The polytheistic belief in multiple gods and an afterlife is similar to the time of Pharoah Akhenaten in the 14th century. We’re slowly living through ideas that lead to more. When the Pharoah Akhenaten moved into a monotheistic idea of God naming the sun Aten, it brought human consciousness into a new era of knowing Him.

Adam and Eve, Sumerians, Hinduism, Akhenaten, Buddha, Confucius, and Socrates all lived before the Hebrews existed as a coherent social group. The right-wing placing of human beings with God isn’t the same as the ones who lived with Him first. When we make ourselves part of someone else’s legacy, we lose everything. Judaism and Christianity live off of other people’s individual experiences with God instead of crossing the bridge for their own knowing of Him. 

The world before us struggled for what was beyond its present ideas. No one cared about who was right, and no one tried to be right. They genuinely fought for a depth that more people knew nothing of. We were walking in the made-up idea of God when they walked outside it in an organic desire for God.

We don’t desire God; we want to be accepted in religions instead. Our growth periods in life are stagnant because we became the know-it-alls with universities, bachelor’s degrees, and Ph.D.s. We’re not finding light like they were. Technology is part of the wiring and not as innovative as we think. We have other races like Celestial Light on the tip of every thought, bringing it into being for something to live through. 

No one is working for an idea that isn’t accepted or wants to be seen as crazy. Our fitted society of ideas is all we have. Anything outside it is astonishingly impossible to know. The mind has no eyes to see with or ears to hear with it outside of the small reality we know. 

We quickly recalibrate our ideas for acceptance. The world before us struggled for what was beyond its present ideas. We’re walking in the made-up ideas of life, tooting our horns for knowing what we made up to know. They walked outside the world with an organic desire to know God.

The world of light is the only one placing us with God. History, and everything in this world, is a temporal placement for living through not adopting. It’s giving us ways to drive deeper into the invisible world of Heaven on Earth. The more we stand for society’s ways, the more we detour from Heaven on Earth.

The gift of Celestial History places more to exist beyond our eyes. 

What we see as real—it’s only through our senses, but Celestial History gives us the way to imagine more in the present story. It fulfills a wider circle of imaginings for the mind’s curiosity to live deeper. We want to live outside of everything we know today as real to know the Truth. What we’re living through is a good story perfectly made for our imaginings. We’re fulfilling it.