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The Promise Land

Life with God

The promised land was to drive us to God, not for an idea where we place meaning and attachment at matters level. We’re not living what Abraham did. He knew God above all things and carried depth in His Soul for knowing God when most thought it was the devil. We also don’t live in the storyboard of ideas for knowing God that Moses, David, or Solomon did. We’re in the twenty-first century, leaving matters level for light. 

The world is succumbing to lower the mind from not knowing the Spirit or God. We have false idols, churches, temples, and mosques that do nothing but keep our consciousness in satan, identifying God with matter instead of with light. If we have to be in a religion, we don’t know God above all things. We know the ideology above all things. God isn’t living for any idealogy; He is living for the individual to know Him, not accepting the little person’s ways. 

We live to know God and have a much deeper existence in our world. The invisible world has been a mystery to us as we try to understand what a God of no form and of all form looks like. We don’t consider human at the level of creation. We live it from face value ideas at one level of consciousness out of an infinite. Not knowing God places our eyes and ears on satan. The more we place self-identity in matter, the deeper in satan we go. The thought system won’t know light until we leave our skin for love. 


Consciousness is a blend of light in God. We have many depths of intelligence and acquire more light as we age. 


Jerusalem would not be carried as Holy if Judaism, Christianity, or Islam could hear God’s voice. We place meaning and attachment out of self-identity in matter when we don’t know the Spirit or God. We haven’t relayed depth in God to know Him and its partly becuase of this exact situation. No one is willing to know God when the ego is being challenged by a nemesis. Instead, we rationalize God’s existence with us.

Human beings have been telling the world they know God for thousands of years, while no one has. We’re pretending to know God. We have ideas of history, lineage, culture, wardrobes, titles, and positions defining who we are. No one claims God as their Father. We’re deepening our light in satan instead of thinking deeper about who God is and what we are doing here. It’s not for temporal labels, claims, and stardom.

We’re on a planet in space with a creator who knows a bigger story than the little persons claiming Jersulam as Holy. People try to be something to the world when they don’t actually carry it. Our fake it-till-you-make-it mentality steals substance and depth from living it. Life becomes shallow because many live off branding and marketing instead of depth, enlightenment, and substance. 

Nothing can replace hearing God’s voice. There is no text, law, practice, or protocol that makes God live with us. We don’t dance for God, and we don’t create our idea of stories from thousands of years ago and demand God live in them because we think it’s Holy and Sacred. God isn’t in religion or with any ethnic group. He created everything in existence, and no one is special, and everyone is special. 

Ours claiming God from what someone else lived thousands of years ago is why we are the pretenders. No one cares about what happened thousands of years ago; who can hear God today. We’re building the devil’s level in life, believing Jerusalem is a fighting place that harms children, women, and men. If peace isn’t living there, then neither is God. We won’t live with God when we stand deeper in satan. We’re not placing our light with God when we make decisions that harm life. Self-identity in matter the epitome of what we are leaving to know God. 

Kenosis and self-emptying our ideas of self is the path we all walk with God when we only know His will. 



It was never about carrying favor with God. It was always about knowing Him over everything in life. Moses initiated an idea that others tried to acquire. It was his mark with God. Moses, the individual, walked through a story with God. We’re not walking that story no matter how much we try to replicate it. The idea of life was very different and at another level in human consciousness. 

We’ve been making the ideas of God what we want instead of living to Him to know what He wants. Our ideas are satan. They don’t carry depth or knowing deeper ideas about life. We’re at a surface mentality pretending to carry depth with God. The right-minded idea won’t have clothing, titles, or positions as depth. The walk is profoundly outside of everything mainstream is. 

We’ve been denying our walk with God for society’s ideas. Knowing about biblical ideas, memorizing laws, and applying protocols aren’t knowing God; that’s satan letting us pretend we know Him. Knowing God is being able to live in conversation with God. 

Him in our ideas and have been denying Him ever since. Religion wouldn’t exist if we could hear God. Common sense already tells us this. Humanity has lived deeper into satan than towards God because of religion. 

Our ideas of God center around ideologies, culture, heritage, and family traditions. They also center around groups of people wanting power and favor with God. Religion has always been under the wing of empires and Kings for yielding power. We’re not living to know God. We’re living to accept an idea of God. We have to first choose a religion before we begin trying to know God. The devil made sure the mind wouldn’t t see the path to God. 

Right-minded thinking tells us that God created us and is the blueprint to life. Wrong-minded thinking tells us the pope knows God. The satan factor is absolute. We’re not going to live beyond any religious institution to God. We only live within it, and that’s the devil’s disguise. 




Moses, Abraham, and every Apostle walked outside of mainstream ideas and lived with God teaching about Himself. We are satan’s children in groupons of religions believing everyone knows God simply because they want to. God has become a lower-mind idea rather than an enlightened endeavor for depth. There is no cookie-cutter idea of living with God. We carry a divine light that is unique to our Soul and the entire world is the oyster building our light. No one idealogy captures God, and no one culture can. 

Every culture was given something to walk with. Whether we did or not doesn’t matter now. We don’t know God; we have ideas of God. Two thousand years have gone by while religion sits with text from thousands of years ago instead of enlightenment from hearing God’s voice. Not one person in any religion hears God’s voice. The pope can’t live in conversation with God and won’t ever have the chance as long as he carries satan. 

We’re not going to carry depth for how the promised land exists because we want matters level more than light. We want something tangible and through our senses instead of deeper motions within. We succumb to clothing, lifestyles, statues, bumper stickers, churches, temples, and false idols instead of depth. Religion’s muscle for God is null because the idealogy is living, while the individual walk to God isn’t. 

The promised land isn’t a place. It’s a depth in God. When we leave the body, every idea of land, churches, synagogues, temples, religions, family, and history fades. None will exist again. We didn’t get God of no form, and of all form was consciousness living as resonance.  The story that lives so real is an illusion placing ideas for Love. It’s the epitome of a dream, and it only exists in our narrative. We never live outside of our narrator. 

The mind is a complex tool for understanding the temporal idea of life. It twists and turns, only shaping what it can carry as a thought system. Ideologies and memories are nothing more than fanfare. No one is awake because they see life. The story lives more real than God. 

Canaan lived at another time in human history and in another reality. We’re not fighting over grazing land for our animals to eat in the twenty-first century. We have grocery stores and life is in another reality. 

When Moses freed the Israelites, it was an Individual in a story living with God through a moment in human consciousness. He psychologically walked through the fire with God, carrying more depth than anyone else with Him. The story of that time for Moses was growing up in Egyptian culture, living more atheist than anything else. He was polytheistic, worshipping many gods in Egyptian culture. 

For over four hundred years, not one Israelite in bondage heard God’s voice. No one was with Him. Moses carried something no one else did. He knew more than any Israelite about God even though he grew up in a polytheistic culture. 

Exodus was the walk for Moses to acquire more depth in God. The trials and tribulations buried and unburied faith.  The forty years shaped depth, substance, and maturity with Moses. The Exodus story is the individual curriculum of Moses with God. It never lives again, and when he left his body, it ended for everyone. 

Human consciousness carries celestial history. 

The promised land isn’t a place we know in matter. It is the Soul’s light in God. Nothing in this world remains when we leave the body. Every thought fades, including our idea of family, culture, heritage, and lineage. We don’t carry knowing a living God because we have land, temples, churches, artifacts, books, or statues. We carry a living God because we can hear Him. 

The mind of the one who needs matter doesn’t know God. We’re not carrying depth in believing in God if we value land over His light moving in us. When God moves in us, the holiest place in this world is only where He is, whether that’s Alabama, New York, or Ethiopia. No one cares about anything in matter when they can hear God. 

Hear God say, “Give Love, Love.”

The Promise Land

The holiest place in life is our light in God. There is no other place that brings us home. No temple, item, or land is Holy. Nothing at matters level is brighter than the Soul’s light in God.  Every idea of heritage, culture, and geography places self-identity at matters level. These ideas leave when we leave the body. Everything in this life was a passing story towards Love.

The light in the Soul won’t be displaced, destroyed, or harmed. Ten thousand years from now, when temples, buildings, and land have changed and gone, we’ll still have our light in God. Our light in God is the promised land we are building to know.