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Who is Thinking? Created light is thinking


Thought is created light we’re gravitating through via energy within our Soul. The word created the world. The narrator isn’t who we are. It’s a blend of light, giving us a way to know and live something, idealizing our being for depth in God. The blend of light is other races, and they have been with us since birth.

Dreams are residual energy still moving. They exist out of the library we came into at birth. We come into a world that already exists, and in a pool of consciousness to draw from. Thought isn’t a singular idea; it’s shaped out of the many for knowing the one. We can experience thoughts that don’t exist in our repertoire when we dream. They’re being brought forward out of light in us. 

We’re building a thought system from the library we entered at birth. The paths and arches are being made out of light in us. We have been taught how to think idly, and like a blank record, we have been filled with beliefs, ideologies, and ideas of reality from childhood. We don’t recognize the path of learning, which made us as adults our knowing and not knowing. The eyes and ears were chipped away at for years, and during this time, what we would become was set. 

We don’t see or hear other light with us or how thought is handed off like a baton in a track meet, from one pulse to another. The word created the world, and our ideas have already lived on some level for existing. 

We experience feelings before we know thought. Feelings are a deeper well of ideas in consciousness. Our feelings carry more communication with life than words do. Thought isn’t only the mind; it lives as the universe’s light. The universe is our level of consciousness.   


Our path is through the human story to God, going from the many to the one. We dismantle our ideas for knowing His leaving self for light.

Created light is part of our existence. We’re a variance in God. As we deepen light in God, we know Heaven is with us and the enormity of other races alongside us. When we dream, we can experience thoughts we never knew before and see people we never saw people. Where does it all come from? It’s created light.

Other races in our light make up the pool of consciousness we swim in. God gave us the way to have a word that exists for knowing. The word is an algorithm of pulsing light. Its variance is placed only by our Soul’s light. The Soul’s tone is unique to our beingness and is the light in consciousness placing it. Thought was created long before we arrived. We’re choosing thought from the Library of Light. 

We believe the body is who we are, but it’s a temporal vessel for living in matter. Thought is the blend of light coming together for one. We’re a variance in God. The self doesn’t exist. It’s a temporal idea of the mortal world. The Soul does, and the Soul is Love and always in Heaven. The Soul is giving Spirit the way to live in matter for a brief time. We’re a variance in God much deeper than the idea of self as who we are. We are not our thoughts. They are the temporal idea of who we think we are.

The mind won’t live deep enough to know more light with us until we hear God’s voice. We’re carrying the idea of life at the matter level instead of knowing resonance. 

We’re not going to know light with us until we leave self for Love. Depth and substance are two elements needed for thought to carry light. The more we can acquire, the deeper our understanding of the temporal world.  


Thought is created light and doesn’t represent the being. It’s used for processing an idea at one level of consciousness. We’re with higher intelligence placing knowing for moving through. Being created means we’re living in something and blended with much more than our idea of self. Everything in life is a variance in God, and every algorithm is in its own light, just as every cell operates in its own light and with others. Heaven is other races by the trillions. We’re literally swimming in a pool of consciousness, being given the way to know our light in God. 

Hearing His Light

October 25, 2023, Telepathy is from light being given.  God gave me a way to hear thoughts, know my future, and translight. Jesus had telepathy and knew His future. The voice is in Heaven’s light, allowing us to hear the man’s thoughts. At 1 second, we hear, ” Help me” ( he seems lost), then at 4 seconds into the video, we hear, “ And she didn’t laugh.” At 6 seconds, we hear, “Have faith.” He was lost trying to deliver her food. It’s a brilliant giving for humanity to know how telepathy is placed. Heaven is placing it with me. 

Conscious Energy

Conscious Energy is the fabric of the world. They are the mass, force, velocity, levity, and temperature in all matter.  They carry resonance in human photosynthesis for matters light. We’re imprinting upon energy matters level from our level of consciousness. 

We see buildings, cars, and trees as we think them to be, but what is here is resonance. We’re living through images in our Soul. The mind is an instrument with libraries we haven’t discovered yet. The mind is of the infinite idea and not the rudimentary one we know. We’re placing ideas in matter because of our senses and needing feelings in something. 

Consciousness is all there is. The more love we embody, the more of God’s energy we manifest in our consciousness, bringing more light into our existence. The body serves as a vessel for this temporary journey. The body is like a suit of clothes we put on and take off in every life. We’re not the body; we’re the conscious energy inside of the body.

Our journey is to move from the individual to the divine, going from the human experience to our divine light within. It’s a path that involves inner inquisitions for self-emptying this world for another. We’re dismantling our thought system to live deeper in God. Every idea and belief we’ve been taught, we let go of to open the new. When the mind quiets down, we see more. Our society is lost in a daydream, not questioning who is doing the thinking. Until we have depth and substance we don’t think deeper about life and who is thinking.