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Other Races

Other Races | Videos

We’re not alone and never were we. We’ve been created by an intelligence far beyond our idea of life. No one knew our existence was living in other races of light because we don’t carry any measure for God. When science placed a three-dimensional theory, it changed our eyes and ears for only knowing matters level. We made face-value assumptions and lived through our senses instead of diving deeper. We didn’t know how consciousness was living or what matter was.  Matter is a nothingness only existing in consciousness. Human beings are not the body; we’re the conscious energy inside of the body. The body is like a suit of clothes we put on and take off in every life. 

We’re being raised in a pool of consciousness for moving into light. Human existence is out of God’s light and is hundreds of trillions and trillions and trillions of self-organizing energy in different levels of His light. Conscious Energy is the fabric of the world and can communicate, as do Angels, Celestial Light, and God. We live with many other races for living as energy in matter. 

Conscious Energy is the mass, force, velocity, temperature, and levity in all matter. They live weaved within our light to give us the way to experience only what we think. Human consciousness only knows itself until we hear God. 

We’ve made the idea of God tiny by living with false idols. We move beyond any level mainstream is giving and outside of our ideas of human and life. Being created means we’re living in something and being raised. We’re out of God’s light and deeper in Him than we know.  We’re blended with higher intelligence for living out of plasma to a senior and through it all we increase in light. Light is changing us and moving us through the human experience.  Our True idea is Spirit. We are Love. 

Living Races in our Atmosphere

Snow Squid is another race in our atmosphere that can communicate. This was taken in Saint Louis, MO. It looks similar to the ones seen in the Apollo 16 footage. They look like species in the ocean. We don’t think about other races living as light, energy or plasma. Other races don’t have the same building blocks as humans, nor do some have facial features, bodies, need oxygen, or live in habitable ideas of life. 


Taken in Saint Louis, MO, on Arsenal St. 

Everything in life is beyond human. Human is an idea at this level of consciousness without depth in God. We don’t carry ideas beyond matter. God, hundreds of billions of years alive, and doesn’t have facial features or a body. He doesn’t need oxygen and can live in the most hostile of environments. 

Another Race in our Atmosphere

This is another life form with Snow Squid. We see it shoot out from the middle of the screen as Snow Squid enters. 

Heaven’s Hummingbird

This was taken on April 2, 2015. I posted it on Facebook for someone to slow up. When she sent the slowed video, another person commented about seeing something at the end of the video. We see Heaven’s level, and it looks like many arms are moving across the bottom of the dresser. Below are images of the Facebook comments. 


Energy is Alive and A Race

Human consciousness is an algorithm out of God’s energy. Consciousness isn’t one tiny thread of light it’s many levels of intelligence blended together for light to experience matter exactly as we think.

For nine years, I’ve lived with God teaching about Himself. Living with Angels, Celestial Light, Conscious Energy, and other races of Love. Other races don’t need to live in form and can live transparently. They can speak out of thin air, and with pulses like telepathy. They can look like creatures,  shapes, and objects. They can manifest in matter for moments but live out of sight. When we are to know them, we do and when we aren’t, we don’t. 

Sun Pods began appearing while I was in Sant Louis caring for my mother, who was leaving for Heaven. They only began showing themselves when God guided me to look right at the sun to see them. It’s been an extraordinary experience because my light lives in theirs even though they are tens of thousands of feet in the sky. While God was teaching about human photosynthesis, Conscious Energy, and the bigger world He gave the opportunity for meeting other races of Love. 

It’s only living for consciously evolving and knowing a deeper part of life. Other races give light for knowing more. Human consciousness is keeping small ideas instead of knowing the enormity of being created and that it means we’re living in something. What we’re living in is consciousness which means advanced higher intelligence. Everything around us is a living intelligence. 

Angel in the Snow

After driving in the snow, I began filming the snowfall. I saw the light of an Angel go across the street and shoot up into the sky. It wasn’t the first time having Heaven with me.

The light we see isn’t the form of the race. It’s the race giving us the way to know it’s there. We wouldn’t be able to see it. God of no form and of all form tells us if He doesn’t move in something at matters level, we would not know He’s there. Heaven’s level is the same. Energy is living races with us, giving us the way to live in matter. 

Snow Squid

Snow Squid is the first other race on film able to communicate. Snow Squid is a species in our atmosphere living as a light in plasma. I named it Snow Squid because I was in Saint Louis, and it was snowing when I met Snow Squid. Most races I’ve experienced remind me of what is in the ocean, but they live in our atmosphere. When this video was shot, there was another kind of race in the center of the shot that darted out of the way as Snow Squid came in.  

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Consciously Living

Other races allow humanity to see beyond how we do and deepen our depth about God. They’re existing for consciously evolving and are part of creation.  God created everything in existence for conscious evolution. Every piece of the puzzle changes us for light. We should live like kids in a candy store, happy to experience what we never thought possible. Love is the key when opening the more expansive world with other races. Other races can look like shapes and objects that we would never think were intelligent. They can have no facial features and communicate effortlessly. They can move through the air floating or walk transparently through matter.