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The Arc of the Mind

God and Human Consciousness

Mesopotamia is a light in human consciousness that swelled for the future. The walk with God has nothing to do with society’s purposes and doesn’t live in any religion, history book, or with any theologian. The theologian hasn’t left the illusion for awareness of consciousness. They grew up in elementary, middle school, and high school being taught what they would later recite as life. By the time we are fifteen, the thought system has created comfort zones, knowing and not knowing which make-up beliefs for what family and society claim is real. 

No one in any religion or science has known how matter exists to believe they know what reality is and isn’t. The doctrine of human ideas is illusory, not reality. We came into a world already existing and went along with what was here because we were young and had no way to go beyond it. But somewhere in life, that opportunity reveals itself and whether we take it or not is based on the Soul’s light in God. The individual has to awaken or not. 

We come into a world that has a history, present, and future. Consciousness completes itself for the story to live real. We discover bones millions of years old, and the mind gaps ideologies and markers for stories of life. The one discovering past decks is carrying openings for future ones. The individual has been embarking on a journey for Truth but won’t cross the bridge to hear it.


Sacred isn’t in religion. It is deeper in the Soul and every human being
has Love for opening it.  

Egypt, Syria, Iran, Iraq, Kurdistan and Turkey

The only way we can live with Truth is when we can hear God. Until then, we live in self-chatter, minding the storyteller’s ideas of life. Human beings only live in their narrative. They hear what they want to hear and hear what they don’t want to hear. Only our interpretation exists as life. 

The stories eventually awaken us, but it can take lifetimes to open. The mind works for the stories, but the Soul only wants the light. Kenosis and self-emptying what has been taught our beliefs, and ideologies are the way to live in the empty bowl for Truth. 

We’re living in a time when we have little desire to know God. We want to know religions. The idea of God is based on the little person’s interpretations, not out of deeper knowing. The monotheistic idea of God was from the Soul burning to know Him. When Akhenaten, the 14th-century Pharaoh, made the Sun Aten God, he began building in human consciousness a new path. Without a road map, he placed his light in God, similar to many that would in the future.  It’s believed he wrote the “Hymn to the Aten.” It reads:

When the land grows bright and you are risen from the Akhet (horizon) and shining in the sun-disk by day, 
All flocks (are) at rest on their grasses, trees and grasses flourishing;
Birds flown from their nest, their wings in adoration of your life-force;
All flocks prancing on foot, all that fly and alight living as you rise for them;
Ships going downstream and upstream too, every road open at your appearance;
Fish on the river leaping to your face, your rays even inside the sea.


You are in my heart,
There is no other who knows you,
Only your son, Ahkenaten
Whom you have taught your ways and your might.
[Those on] Earth come from your hand as you made them.
When you have dawned they live.
When you set they die;
You yourself are lifetime, one lives by you.
All eyes are on [your] beauty until you set.
All labor ceases when you rest in the west;
When you rise you stir [everyone] for the King,
Every leg is on the move since you founded the Earth.
You rouse them for your son who came from your body.

Akhenaten lived in a relationship with God beyond past kings, claiming a priestly role. He had depth with God and placed a heavenly father-son relationship. Akhenaten described himself as “thy son who came forth from thy limbs, thy child, the eternal son that came forth from the Sun-Disc and thine only son that came forth from thy body.”

Akhenaten was a progenitor for knowing the celestial God as opposed to gods of matter. He believed he was a conduit between God and humanity. The era for human beings knowing God better was on its way, but during Akhenaten’s time, it didn’t exist. We had no path to work from like we do now. 

Religions have hedged into existence because people don’t think about a living God. We’re trying to be someone instead of learning to know Him. There would be no pope if we believed God existed. Four thousand religions reflect a polytheistic way of knowing God. We’re learning ideas instead of living to God teaching about Himself. 

Everyone slips into satan’s cracks to live religiously accepted by mainstream standards. Akhenaten, a light for life, has weaved the cloth for monotheistic religions like Judaism, Christianity, and Islam. The teachings we carry are not fruitful. We are regurgitating what others have lived and not doing it ourselves. Everyone who adds to God has lived it. Everyone else studies it. Religions don’t walk it. They pretend to know it. 

The walker is a solo one who goes beyond everything in life to know God. Egypt, Iraq, Iran, Turkey, and Syria live with beginnings for knowing God.  They carried something we seem to dismiss. We move to Israel without carrying the magnitude of God prior to Israel. Even Adam and Eve held more light than we give credence to. They were the beginning and never heard the word of the end. 

We’re trying so hard to make Israel a level with God when it isn’t. Every human being is with God, and He doesn’t care where they live. History isn’t sacred or holy. Biblical times never ended. God has always been with us, and so has Heaven. Human beings are the only ones ripping themselves out of God’s arms. 

Ideologies, nationalism, lineage, heritage, and religions only live the devel’s level of life. We place self-identity in them and carry matters level with meaning and attachment. The thought system is shaped by attack, defend, and opponents. We don’t live enlightened and won’t leave satan for Truth. We want our land to be holy and the idea of self to be special. Ego and satan rule. 

The holiest place in life is the Soul. Only our light in God can know Him, and as long as we make matter identity our existence, we carry little depth with Him. God of no form and of all form taught us what isn’t seen is holier than what is. 

We’re learning to know God by a deeper light than mainstream religion. It requires more depth, substance, and maturity. It’s the walk Nicodemus, who lived when Jesus did, would not take. 

Never can a pope or rabbi know God. They live with a thought system at matters level in ideologies with mainstream depth and carry society as reality. Akhenaten is a good teacher for departing one world for another. His idea wasn’t from history books, scripture, or anything else. The deeper calling in his Soul caused the monotheistic ideas to exist. 

If we don’t hear a deeper calling, it’s not our time. Very few people in human history have lived with God teaching about Himself. Today, we pretend billions of people know God well and hear Him. While they live the devil’s level of life, in satan, turning to society as reality and the body as self, they don’t know the Spirit or God’s voice. It’s a society that makes the individual not walk beyond it. We carry no aptitude to leave a tiny cozy reality for God. 

Every individual is walking through corridors that twist and turn the mind out of itself. Nothing in society matters when the heart feels more. The invisible world is mysterious as we walk it. Through the forest, we find and lose pain, ego, and satan, unraveling everything we made as self. Our thought system changes as we find depth by letting go. The more we walk as Love, the more light appears. The dark forest is lit with Angels escorting us to higher ground.

Everyone lives through more than what anyone else can see. The universe meets every traveler who reaches a deeper destination in God. Angels, Celestial Light, Conscious Energy, and Spark Beings carry human beings through worlds.