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The Walk with Spirit

Heaven isn’t a place we go; it’s a place we live. God is with us, and we are never alone. Angels are here, and they guide us to new life. There is no death or birth, only a continuation of consciousness.

Once we are living we stay in Heaven for eternity. We don’t leave it; we experience different variances of light. When in the body and out of the body, we’re in a different light of Heaven. We’re with God for eternity, consciously evolving for depth. 

The idea of being awake or out of body is consciousness. Nothing at matter’s level defines our existence. Only Heaven is real with the mind-making stories of self for brief moments in matter. The human experience is the transitory idea of our existence. Spirit is the eternal.  We’re already living in another part of the world, traveling to know more.

We think our parents gave birth out of consciousness. If we knew God, Spirit, and Heaven, we would know more about creation and God as our mother, father, brother, and sister. 

When God created the Heavens, he created human consciousness to live within it. No one is leaving friends of family. The light with them now is for eternity. Everything in this world we manifest again in another light when we leave the body. 


There is no birth or death, only a continuation of consciousness. The Soul is in Heaven, and nothing can displace it. 

Hear God’s Voice

Hear God’s Voice Healing. After bringing up a traumatic childhood experience, God said, “Follow,” and His Angels said He Loves you, happy , happy , happy. 

Leaving the Body 

The light of this life is one part of a story that is for eternity. There are other worlds for us to explore, beyond physical form. The body is like a suit of clothes we put on and take off in every life. It gave us a way to live this level of consciousness in matter. We live without the body in Heaven. 

Family, friends, and society all play a role in the idea of life. We’ve placed them at this one level of consciousness for Love.  They are a light in our Soul. We travel beyond this idea and know there is only one of us here with God.  Everything changes and all that was–is again.  Form changes. When we leave the body, one story fades for another. 

When we think about leaving the body, we experience fear. We haven’t lived with greater levels of Heaven like Angels, Celestial Light, Conscious Energy, and Spark beings to know Love. 

The Spirit is the essence of our being, and the Soul is our livingness. The Soul is what is alive and is always in heaven, allowing the Spirit to temporarily dwell in physical form. No one truly dies; they simply change form to experience a new level of consciousness in the physical world.

Call to me and I will answer giving the light of Heaven
in your life for eternity.

Prayer for those Leaving for Heaven

Dear God, 
Into your hands may my Spirit go, and into your heart may it live for eternity. Keep me sheltered in light with a halo of Angels surrounding me and guiding my Spirit into the light. I pray that life opens Heaven on Earth for leaving it and my light be known. May every cell be restored to its divine right order, and may Love carry me.

I pray for happiness and for my family and friends. May the thread of Angels weave knowing in us for having peace.  May light break all dark for joy. And may we enter the light of eternal knowing of our home in God.  Amen

God bless Heaven on earth for teaching us God’s light never dies or births. It builds, constantly expanding into new life. We are of it. This is one story moving into another, and all energy lives in the Soul for manifesting again. Everything lives in another light with us. We don’t lose anyone they live differently and are there for us when we leave this body for new life.