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The Soul and Spirit are a variance of our light to know matter. The Soul is alive and consciousness. The Soul is Love and always in Heaven, giving the Spirit the way to live in matter. The Soul would be like the Sun, and the Spirit would be like the sun’s rays. 

Spirit is the light, giving thought to the way to know its existence. Spirit is made up of hundreds of trillions and trillions of energy in God. It houses the temporal level of our existence while the Soul carries the eternal. Both are living levels of our existence. At matters level, we believe the body is the self, but self doesn’t exist. The Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit are our variances with God. One God and one idea in God living in many variances.  

Spirit gives us a way to carry a persona in the matter. Thinking is the Spirit’s carrying, and the Soul is consciousness. Consciousness doesn’t change like thoughts do. It comes into us from outside of us. The universe is consciousness. Consciousness gives thinking the light to emerge from. 

The Soul and Spirit give consciousness the way to exist. For eternity, we experience matter from different levels of consciousness, going deeper into God.