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Conscious Energy

Conscious Energy is the world. Consciousness is all that is alive. Conscious Energy is the mass, force, velocity, levity, and temperature in all matter. The world is filled with multiple levels of intelligence, all resonating in God. 

Conscious Energy is Heaven and gives human consciousness the way to exist in the physical realm. This light has shaped everything in existence and is the only force that allows life to thrive. Everything we experience is a reflection of our consciousness, and our ideas shape our reality. Our personal narrative is the essence of all life. I am the light all lives in, and I am the Love all life lives through lives for every human being because only our narrative exists as life. 

No one realizes until it’s pointed out that only our thoughts exist as life. The human beings we see walking on earth are actually countless radiating atoms in resonance, numbering in the hundreds of trillions and trillions. No human beings walk the earth as we think. They are levels of energy within our Souls. The echo of consciousness reverberates throughout the universe and delivers a light within our own. 


In Sherman Oaks, I had already lived with Heaven. When God was teaching about creation, Conscious Energy made a bottle of water weigh what felt like fifteen pounds. They made my laptop feel like a cement block, made it impossible to open doors, pulled my blankets, and made lettuce hard to move. They even changed the substance of food in my mouth as I was eating.

We don’t conceptualize energy as an entity. No one understood God of no form and of all form as consciousness living. We haven’t understood the world and only walk in what we can muster up as our world. 

Without hearing God, humanity shaped its story in the lower mind. Living weaved with higher light is human. We’re a variance shaped out of God and blended with other parts of Him. Celestial living is the only idea in existence.