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Quantum Light

Blended with Higher Intelligence

Every human being is born with higher intelligence blended within our light. God created us, and in His creation, He blended variances of His light. His light is ideas of Him within a variance.

We have more races with us and blended in our light for thinking only one idea of self exists. We are of “the many” but recognizing only the one. Being created already told us we were blended with something else other than our idea of self. 

God shaped human consciousness to live in matter. Otherwise, we would only be darting energy. To come out of no-thing into matter took trillions of other intelligence within our light. As we age we also increase with other intelligence. At no time are we alone. We’ve been created with more and live in a pool of consciousness. 

God is hundreds of billions of years alive and created us out of His light. His existence is energy living as resonance. We are not the body; we are the conscious energy inside the body.

Other races exist because we don’t understand what being human is. If we knew God was of no form and of all form living in all things without facial features or a body, we should understand the enormity of being human. Our existence is far more advanced than the idea of human we carry.

Human consciousness was created to know itself at a level of consciousness but that idea is a fleeting one and one day we learn more. 

Celestial Light

Celestial Light is a higher intelligence living at the tip of every thought. They bring what we think into living for living through to something else. Heaven gives us a way to increase light, no matter what level of consciousness we are at. A good way to understand Celestial Light is the shaper of thought. We’re bringing into being what we can think into being for living through to something else.

Once we come into the world, we begin aging effortlessly, living one day to the next. We keep moving forward until we leave the body. The life of a human isnt measured on this one trip in matter. It’s endless. 

The universe is consciousness and the body is consciousness. Consciousness is all that is alive. God gave us the way to live in matter. Human consciousness is shaping the story. We live for eternity, experiencing matter from any one level of consciousness.  The world is in the observer’s light and only theirs. Ultimately, there is only one of us here with God. 

Living in Human Photosynthesis

It’s the story of a mix signaling in two places simultaneously and the atom bilaterally existing in nonduality. Human photosynthesis gives us a way to see exactly how we think. When we see trees, birds, and buildings, they are not outside of us. They are living through us in our present level of thinking.

Everything is in our light and only exists at our level of consciousness. Thoughts are created light moving in God. No birds are flying out of our heads, nor do we have airplanes coming out of our ears. We see them thirty thousand feet up in our mind. Human photosynthesis is delivering it. The atom isn’t thirty thousand feet up where we see the plane it’s in our mind.

Higher intelligence places thought in matter. Conscious Energy, a living race of Heaven, is the mass, force, velocity, temperature, and levity in all matter. It is the fabric of our world.

Human beings are imprinting upon energy matters level from our level of consciousness. The sandwich on the plate, the food in our mouth, and the car going down the highway live as consciousness in human photosynthesis.