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When God created human consciousness, He shaped only light as life. The word created the world, and the universe is consciousness. The light of matter is motion we don’t see. We see something solid but do not see the algorithms placing it in temperature. We’re not aware of the temperatures at levels smaller than quarks. We don’t understand the journey of resonance into matter because we don’t know human photosynthesis. 

Consciousness is all that is alive and is the only idea placing matter exactly as we see it. The universe living as consciousness tells us thousands of years from now, there will be another idea to its existence. Conscious Energy is the fabric of the world. They are the race of Heaven and give the mass, force, velocity, levity, and temperature in all matter. We see buses, cars, and trees, but what is here is hundreds of trillions and trillions and trillions of subatomic particles living in a pool of consciousness. 

We don’t measure algorithms. The human mind is at matters level and measuring through a filter that has placed the body as self and society as reality. Knowing motion is the only existing level in life; we know that what seems to stagnate or stay in place is an illusion. The mind is playing tricks on us for comfort. Never do we live again in the same ideas of life as we carry today. 

Everything we believe is real is fleeting. Consciousness competes itself with a history, present, and future. When we leave the body, the entire story fades. We’re living through one illusion to another, moving through thought for consciously evolving in God. As we live deeper in Christ, we live opening Heaven on earth, acquiring depth, maturity, and substance. 

There’s no idea in human education for unraveling one reality to another. Only with light do we deepen a depth for knowing. The universe is constantly opening for ideas to know it. Without magnitude and measure of light, we only shape matters level as the universe. We don’t know pulses or that the atom isn’t deciphering whether someone speaks English, German, or Russian. The microcosm of our world is a silent one until we know it. 

If ever there was a time for science to know God, it’s now. The universe living as consciousness doubles for knowing the eyes that see it only exist at one level of consciousness out of an infinite. The observer is tiny-minded and hasn’t lived in deeper light to see better. With matter as our measurement, we miss the enormity of it and the vastness of God. There is no totality for humanity. 

Human beings only experience one level of conciseness out of an infinite. We can’t measure the universe for a totality of mass because the eyes that see it are only at one level of consciousness out of an infinite. We don’t see the totality of anything – we only see what we think is there. The mind isn’t traveling to live beyond society unless we know God. 

God gave humanity the way to know He existed for having a measure outside of our own ideas. It was the only light to carry because human consciousness lives in incessant thinking, creating daydreams as life. We have no measure of our existence unless we hear God. Until then, we only live in self-chatter through what we can muster up as life. 

The universe, pebbles, ocean, and wind are consciousness.