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Life is beyond how we see it.
We only see what we can think is here
but there is more here
beyond what we think.


Depth doesn’t live at the level of matter. It’s a deeper light in the Soul with substance. It doesn’t walk with mainstream concepts, nor does it sit in ideologies from family or friends. It places our eyes and ears in a light shaped far beyond the mind’s eye. We live our thoughts, and they live in a light from depth in our Soul.

Consciousness is all that is alive. It’s hundreds of trillions and trillions of light moving as algorithms. The world we see is an illusion. Only Love is real. When we leave the body, everything in this life fades, but what continues is consciousness. Love is the only energy living. Everything else is written on top and fades when we leave the body. 

The ideas we carry in this life are out of the depth we carry. We’re not going to find depth in human education or a book. There are no geniuses acquiring depth from ideologies that fit in mainstream concepts. Human education is a storyboard of ideas living at matters level. 

By the time we leave human education, we have shaped the body as self and society as reality. The thought system is in lower earthly energy, moving in ego, satan, and the little person. We have no magnitude of God. We only carry religious ideologies. The enormity of life has been shrunken to mainstream ideas. Acquiring depth is out of living deeper than society’s ways.

Our personal curriculum was designed before we were born.  When the spark in the Soul is ignited, we begin walking out of self for light and out of society as a reality for Heaven on Earth. 


God, hundreds of billions of years alive, the idea of human doesn’t live.

God created human consciousness by mixing and blending other resonances in Him. We’re not one strand of light; we are many. In the beginning, God made energy know itself and shaped hundreds of trillions of energy for self-organizing energy to exist. God is consciousness living as resonance. He is of no form and of all form. We are created in His likeness. We are not the body. We are the conscious energy inside of the body, the Spirit. 

Everything in existence is in God’s light. Nothing can exist outside of it. We’re a variation of His energy. God doesn’t have facial features or a body. He is a light beyond us in another space-time working through His idea of our existence. We don’t know creation’s level to carry depth. 

We only carry face-value assumptions about life placating God’s existence. We’re not opening Heaven on earth or living with Angels, Celestial Light, Conscious Energy, or Spark beings. We live in dogmatic rudimentary ideas of God. We haven’t grasped His existence, living hundreds of billions of years alive, or what that means to life. 

The world is moving in another light. Matter is a nothingness only existing in consciousness. Only one of us is here, with God trying to live from the many to one. It’s a psychological journey unraveling our thought system and ideas of self to light. 

When we arrive, nothing seems out of place. It’s organic and normal. Our thought system is placed in a library. The pool of consciousness carries many ideas and paths for walking in stories or out of them. We’re in a story suitable for our present level of consciousness.

We’re not awake to the bigger world. We’re in our narrative, only awake to our story of life. We don’t carry the ultimate Truth or hear God. Only what we can think is living as life. And what we can think is in the pool of consciousness. We travel in one library out of an infinite. 

We are only awake to what we can think of as a world, and what we can think of as a world is in darker earthly energy. We’re not grasping living on a planet in space, God hundreds of billions of years alive, or that we’ve been created. The child-like story has always shaped a surface idea of life. When we made money a second God and tangible goods our reward, we made living through our senses life. It was the mind’s eye making the world, but the mind knew nothing but a story in human education. 

No one has lived with God teaching about Himself for over two thousand years until now. Humanity shaped an idea of life instead of learning creation. Science never knew how matter existed to know what reality was or wasn’t. It had no idea that only one human being was hearing the world. No one in science knew our narrative is all we live as life. One level of consciousness swimming in self-chatter is the human existence with God. 

We’re trying to awaken out of our stories for His voice. Until we hear God, we only know our voice. We haven’t lived for consciously evolving in God or for enlightenment. Even though we’re a thinking species, we don’t live for more depth. We don’t live according to anything but what we can muster up as living. 

We grow up in kindergarten, elementary, middle school, and high school, being taught how to see and hear in a story. Everyone around us agrees on the story, too. No one was taught about consciousness, creation, or God. We don’t learn about the Spirit, Angels, or Celestial Light. 

Early on, we shape the idea of self and never depart from it. We build “a someone” throughout life without ever knowing the Spirit or God. 

Thought System and Illusory

Illusory doesn’t mean we know it as fake. Illusory lives very real; if we fall and scrape our knees, they may bleed. It’s one level of thinking out of an infinite we bring into being. The mind won’t differentiate a dream from being awake because human thinking is a dream.

We live in the past and future, idealizing our existence in stories. We listen to our self-chatter and believe it. The voice in our head is the narrator and who we think is the self. We drive down highways imagining what we did yesterday and if we looked good doing it. We walk, thinking about errands and chores. We’re passing through many images, some of which we carry into matter.

The idea that human beings are conscious is false. We’re not conscious of life. We are only conscious of the stories we make up. We live in incessant thinking, jumping from one thought to the next, not knowing the space between sentences. The mind is the storyteller, keeping us busy with stories. It’s not living for light or to awaken. We never leave the reality we shape. It becomes the box of knowing and not knowing we stay in. 

Something deeper in the Soul has to pine for us to change. No one changes gears effortlessly. A deeper light has to move the others.  The mind won’t live outside of itself. We create everything as an echo in life. Nothing is here but thought bouncing around and moving in matter. Everyone is a level of energy within our Soul only existing to Love. 

Other Races

If we knew God created us, we knew the idea of human…wasn’t. Being created by intelligence hundreds of billions of years alive means, we are weaved with other light. When God created human consciousness, He blended His light for it to exist. The light is other races at different levels of intelligence. Blends of algorithms make consciousness exist at different levels. Blended with other races has been our existence since God created us. 

Living from a blob of plasma to a five-year-old takes trillions of energy to shape light. Every subatomic particle is a level of other races. The world we see doesn’t exist at the creation level. We see buildings, cars, and trees, but if we saw creations level, we would see grids of energy criss crossing for as far as the eye could see. The world is resonance. Consciousness is all that is alive. 

Genesis did its job. It gave us a way to know we had a creator and had been created. It was always up to us to stay with God to know more.  When He gave the light for knowing He existed, human consciousness was in another reality. We had no idea microwaves, phones, or cars would exist. The airline didn’t exist in human consciousness neither did electricity. No one knew what an atom was or even that we lived on a planet in space. It was a different time. 

Every generation has the chance to know more, but since we shaped religion and live for false idols, we have no muscle for depth in God. Depth isn’t something that pleases others. It tends to be what ostracizes and departs from norms in life. It’s what someone might think is fringe living because it doesn’t fit into society’s ways. 

No one knows the walk with God for another human being. We have no way to know our own. Something in life sparks it; when it does, we had no idea it was the igniter. The Soul is mapping our journey, and it is the mind we want to get beyond. Love is the door in Christ and is the maker of substance. Depth requires substance. 

It’s important to remember that no one idealizes their path to God, and it is so. The organic, natural level of the Soul choosing Love and life is the way.