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We’re blended with higher intelligence for moving through matter.
Consciousness is a blend of resonance in God.  

We have higher intelligence in our Soul.  We’re moving from lower self to our divine light. Living society as reality is matters level.  We’re in lower earthly energy. We think the body is self and don’t know higher light in us.  We make our name, job titles, hairstyle, clothing, cars, and bank accounts who we are. It’s the lower mind’s idea placing its existence at matters level. 

Lower mind is listening to our self chatter in ego, satan, and the little person.  Human consciousness is more than one strand of light and our ideas have been living within other races of light for making our thoughts in matter.  Every thought is with more light. There’s a plethora of light weaving within ours for living.

We’re with many other races placing our representative in matter from one level of consciousness to another. What we can muster up at this level of consciousness is what we can carry. Opening doors within our light doesn’t come from society’s path. It’s through deeper inquisitions that live through the journey to Love. The light of the world has more. Acquiring depth, substance, and maturity is mandatory for knowing the bigger world. The idea of there being another light within ours doesn’t serve the little person’s level. It’s Heaven’s level and part of consciousness living in a bigger light. We access more of creation.  

The Souls Light

One day while pausing incessant thinking with the dhikr, I Love you, God, I started to say it very fast and my body got very tight and my breath became short. I knew something was happening because I felt Heaven so I kept saying, “I Love you God” even faster. Then a higher level of my Soul’s light opened and greater wisdom came out of my mouth. After this experience, I knew it was just another way of light moving through me. God was teaching me about creation when this happened. I knew it was the way to testify and know deeply that being created is more than a human idea. 


This recording is perfect for knowing we are not alone. Human consciousness is a blend of higher intelligence for knowing matter. It was the early days of learning about light and human photosynthesis. The gradual changes moved in human photosynthesis as my light changed for depth. Learning about creation is all this is. It gave me a way to testify to its level. The light could move through me. 

What we hear isn’t anything other than creations level within us. We’ve been created and live in a variance of God’s light. The different vibrations within my Soul’s light come through me. It’s like consciousness in waiting. As we live Love, we enter greater levels of our light already here. We slowly realize the light in God.