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Living in Stories

We’re in an endless story living through matter from different levels of consciousness. Every blade of grass, snowflake, and raindrop lives in its own light just as every human Soul does. Reality is the slippery slope of illusions placing themselves as real as we can make them. 

Thinking is created light. The word created the world means there is a depository of light for knowing. Our depth in the light is our experience in matter. The light is infinitely living with more ideas than we know. In 1AD, they had no idea there would be airplanes, cars, or microwaves. The light has more ideas in waiting for us as we adapt to the possibility of their existence.

Incessant thinking is jumping from one thought to the next in self-chatter as we listen only to our narrative as life. The mind doesn’t stop. It keeps giving stories about the past and what we need to do in the future. We’re more asleep than awake because we don’t know our thoughts. No one is trying to know where thought comes from or why they see what they do.  We’re unaware of incessant thinking as our thought system. 

We’re carrying a library of ideas that we frequent without adding new books. The idea of life is pretty much made when we graduate college. We deepen our beliefs and build more muscle for believing them, but we don’t go beyond them. Incessant thinking is a charmer for living asleep, not observing or changing ideas. We haven’t learned to know that what we see is only what we think is here. There is more here than what we think is. The mind isn’t seeing everything and all light. It’s seeing a tiny dot of life trying to find more light. 

What Thinking Is and Isn’t

The human idea of the mind is a story only developing at our present level of consciousness. We don’t see the totality of anything, nor can we understand what is beyond our thoughts. Human thinking is subjugating thoughts with daydreams. We think about what we did in the past and what we need to do in the future. We’re not in the present moment. We’re not conscious of what reality is and isn’t because we believe our thoughts are who we are. thinking is the temporal level of life and is a transitory piece of living. Our thoughts are not who we are, and they have nothing to do with the Soul. They are Spirit’s idea at this one level of consciousness. The Soul is giving Spirit the way to live in matter. The ideas we carry at matters level are all transitory. 

The world doesn’t tell us it’s an illusion only existing at our level of consciousness. We live through it until we notice it. Everything we know is living in our narrative. We hear what we want to hear and hear what we don’t want to hear. We’re interpreting the world from light in our Soul. We’re selective in hearing only what our interpreter wants to hear and not hear. The mind won’t live outside of itself. We have to live through our present level of thinking to more light. 

Consciously evolving is from Love. It’s not the Love we know its the Love God knows. It’s a deeper energy and is a vessel within its own light for transporting our ideas to higher ones. We come into the world in lower earthly energy and live more Love to rise beyond it. 

No one taught us how to observe our thoughts. We don’t question our eyes. People tend to go along with everything they think as real. It’s not easy to know daydreams are all we live because it’s all we live. No one is living as an observer questioning why they see what they do or hear what they do. We move in life unaware and only know what the mind tells us. 

Love is the energy in God that consciousness processes for living in matter. The more we acquire, the more light in matter we have. Incessant thinking is lower mind and was shaped out of darker earthly energy. When we made money a second God, we made matters level our idea of life. When we made the body self, we shaped the ego, satan, and the little person’s level in thinking. It’s a thought system in lower mind.

Incessant thinking only serves the storyboards and doesn’t leave the illusion it came into.  The mind doesn’t find light as long as it keeps feeding thought after thought, and we keep living them. Only when we begin pausing our thoughts and questioning why we think what we do, do we begin observing light for changing it.