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This is the first recording of God’s voice in the history of the human race.

When this was recorded it was at a very deep moment of God taking wounds out of my past.

Who is God? God is hundreds of billions of years alive and existing as energy. This recording was at the beginning of God coming into my life. Heaven was removing deep wounds within my light. They brought up a childhood wound that was extremely painful and God said, “Follow” while Angels said, “He Loves you, happy, happy, happy.” Within seconds this traumatic pain which had been part of my life for over forty years was gone. Literally, God and Heaven lifted it out of me within seconds that had been with me almost all my life.

This continued on for weeks as I began hearing Heaven more and more. My life was changing to live Christ consciousness and there were more miraculous occurrences beyond what anyone could imagine. This is only one recording out of many that I have. People are only able to hear it because it was at the very beginning of my ears beginning to change for Heaven. Today, what I am able to hear no human can. I’ve posted more of the early recordings that I thought people would be able to hear on the website.

We only experience what we are able to hear from our level of consciousness even though there is much more resonance in life. God created us to live through our consciousness only hearing and seeing from that level. There are more levels in life to open as we live more enlightened. I hope you can hear God’s voice in resonance.