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Light is moving outside of our knowing but within our ideas. Telepathy and translight are both Heaven’s level of life. 

God gave me the way to hear light. When He opens our ears, we hear more than just human levels. Telepathy is hearing pulses in another light of life. We don’t sit across a room and guess what someone is thinking. We hear their light at Heaven’s level. There is no space/time or human needed to sit in front of us. Light is a blended source in God. Telepathy and knowing our future go together. It’s light moving higher in our world and deeper in creations level of life.

Translight is the knowing of people’s past in their narrative without speaking to them and without being in any physical proximity to them. Living in Heaven while here on earth puts our light in higher levels of the world. We don’t try to hear someone’s thoughts, it’s given by God. Consciousness is all that is alive. 

he energy we feel has algorithms giving pulses of resonance through light for knowing. The world is energy and everything is part of something else. Our light is the universe and the ability to hear is through Heaven’s level in life. It’s not something we do, it’s something He gives. 

We have energy already living for our knowing. We don’t always know our depth until something happens to bridge the gap between our light and Heaven’s.  When we know something is about to happen it’s out of light in the world. Most people know when getting onto a highway who is going to let them over and who isn’t. The light we’re feeling is a language that we don’t know but decipher anyway. It’s part of our existence but part of the bigger world’s level in life. 

Our language isn’t the only language in life. We feel before we know words, and we feel in ways that speak pulses. Language is heard by everyone in English. We hear the words in our mind in English. Whether we are Spanish, Russian, or German, we know cup as cup. We’re hearing cup in our mind but speaking another language. Atoms don’t translate who is speaking in Spanish, French, or Russian.  They’re living through pulses in human photosynthesis. 

Telepathy and Translight both live outside of mainstream levels of thinking. We’re blended with other races of light for consciously evolving in God. Out of a deeper level in human consciousness, we hear Heaven’s idea instead of the human story. 

Hear His Thoughts

This video was given for humanity to understand telepathy and how it moves. Heaven is giving light for hearing outside of mainstream ideas. You’ll hear the man’s thoughts out loud, through Conscious Energy, giving the way to hear him. At 38 seconds, you’ll hear, “I’m feeling lucky.” This is the raw footage from the camera.

Hearing His Light

October 25, 2023, Telepathy is from light being given. Jesus had telepathy and knew His future. The voice is in Heaven’s light, allowing us to hear the man’s thoughts. At 1 second, we hear, ” Help me” ( he seems lost), then at 4 seconds into the video, we hear, “ And she didn’t laugh.” At 6 seconds, we hear, “Have faith.” He was lost trying to deliver her food.

Animal Light

(Actual Footage)

January 2014, I was awoken by loud noises from my heater and eventually sussed out that it was a skunk in distress because I heard it say,” Help me, I have babies here.” God had me place my hand over the grate, and my ears were opened to hearing the animals light. The video is the actual footage from that experience. Soon after, the fire department came; sure enough, it was a skunk with babies. My ears received the light through Heaven for knowing the situation and the distressed animal. All lived happily ever after and left.