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The Traveler

Everything in life is part of a bigger story. Every culture and ideology carries threads of knowing that lead to God. We don’t need to know Him to live toward Him. The road to God is everything in existence. The path is the journey to Love, and Christ is the door. We’re here to be Love. As we age, we experience different trials and tribulations that build substance, depth, and maturity to deepen life. We learn to choose Love over everything else. Living peacefully becomes more important than anything else. The world builds ways to know Love, and our thoughts try to soften for them.

Our idea of living with God has been institutionalized instead of the Soul’s journey to Love. Living with Him isn’t based on our favorite prayer, law, or worship. It’s profoundly beyond them. Moses didn’t pray to God. He grew up praying to many gods in Egyptian culture and didn’t know God until the burning bush experience. Prayer is for us to blend our light with God, but it’s not the measuring cup of God. We’re consciously evolving to know more. It is the walk of leaving self for light that places our eyes deeper with Him. Christ gave us a way to know more. Our path is living to God teaching about Himself. Living from the many to the one as the world melts away for only knowing Heaven on earth.