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If we are to understand what being alive is and the level of our world at the level of Heaven we have to realize it will be very different than what we have ever known because it’s a different level of consciousness we are learning from. Human beings have only been living in humanity’s consciousness not knowing about Heaven.

Human consciousness since the beginning has been living through a level in matter. This gave humanity the way to build a world in matter to then live through into greater levels of consciousness. Living in matter created humanity identifying life at the level of a three-dimensional world rather than the world in energy. Every level of what we are experiencing as life is only levels of energy in light including our family, friends and all people we see. Everything in matter is only in our level of consciousness.


God is energy hundreds of billions of years alive living in a level of consciousness able to live light into other levels of energy for consciousness to live in matter. God created the way for consciousness to live in matter.  God is the light all life is in. There is no level of anything outside of God.

God created human beings out of His likeness giving conscious energy the ability to live through matter at their own level of consciousness. A human being is only energy. We are not the body we are the conscious energy inside of the body. The gift God gave human beings is to live in freewill creating the experience in matter at any level one can think at. The miracle of our existence is having the ability to live as conscious energy in matter through higher levels of consciousness that eventually live in Heaven. Our purpose is to become Love just as God is Love.

Matter is only giving consciousness a way to see itself. If not for matter human beings would not have a way to exist, for humanity’s consciousness is very young. The level of what we experience as the world is only an illusion in one level of consciousness helping us to carve the Soul into greater levels of light. As we have greater levels of light we evolve to higher levels of consciousness beyond the present level of matter.

Humanity must realize that life is not in matter it is consciousness. The level of matter is only images within the light of our Soul through photosynthesis. Matter is the level of what creates the story of human consciousness. The story is only energy in light through photosynthesis. We are only ever going to experience our own level of consciousness as what is existing as life and our world.


Humanity is living in the conscious space of God. We live in Heaven. Conscious Energy is a living species in the conscious space of God giving humanity the ability to live in matter. Conscious Energy is the fabric of the mortal world giving all livingness in matter. They are the mass, force, velocity, temperature and levity in every particle. Photosynthesis is the light giving humanity the experience in matter at our level of consciousness. Gods light in photosynthesis is giving humanity life in matter it is his light in every atom giving us the way to see, feel and touch matter.

The mortal world is energy based on the light of the collective consciousness.  The world is a level of energy that is out of every human beings level of consciousness. Energy is all there is. What is experienced as life is a world that has a created history, people older than us, people younger than us, many levels of life already existing when we come into it, a purpose for our living, levels of living in trials and tribulations and a level of how we live in the world. What is living is only energy creating in matter a world for us to experience. The mortal world is an illusion only existing at one level of consciousness.

Every piece in consciousness creates what gives our consciousness something to live through at our level. If we didn’t have what was history, human beings younger and older and a world in trials and tribulations there would be nothing to live through. Everything we hear and see is only building what gives consciousness the level to exist and be in matter as we carve our Soul into higher light. Everyone we see is a level of energy in the light of our Soul. They create what we live through at our level of consciousness as we become more conscious of Love. The level of what we perceive as humanity is created from the level of humanity’s collective consciousness.

The story of everything we see is only the energy of the base collective consciousness. How we live is through our light. We all came into a world already existing for us to grow through. We learned of our existence through what is called our family and friends and we went to school where we learned how to think deeper in human consciousness. Our entire experience from birth is being conditioned to live in a reality at the level of human consciousness. If this did not take place there would be no premise of our existence in matter. The level of what has been created is to experience human consciousness at a level for us to evolve through becoming Love. God began human consciousness for humanity to know there was an earth, sky and universe. Humanity has been living at a level in consciousness only at the level of matter.

Today, humanity is beginning a new era in human history knowing life is in energy existing through light in photosynthesis. God is in every atom giving us the gift of life. We are living now to experience God and Heaven greater than ever before.

In consciousness we live through a body that is in consciousness in an experience that takes us from an embryo to a senior. Every part of this life is temporary and only for consciousness to evolve. What is living is consciousness not what is in matter. The Soul is what is alive and the Soul is the energy Love. Love is the energy that is the light in consciousness. Every human being in this life will leave the body and nothing from this world will go with us. No level of matter is brought into Heaven only the level of Love in one’s Soul.  The experience in matter was only for consciousness to evolve through.

Matter is a nothingness only existing at our level of consciousness for us to have the way to observe our consciousness and make greater choices that give us different levels of light to live through.  The mortal world is temporary and when we leave the mortal world it will no longer exist in our light as we live in our life continuum beyond these bodies. We will have a new level of consciousness to experience matter through and we will experience a different level of the mortal world.


We are living to become Love. The level in this life is to live becoming conscious of Love because Love is the light that expands consciousness giving us greater levels in living.

If we are to understand our level in life we have to always remember the human being is not the body but is the conscious energy inside of the body having an experience in matter through consciousness. What is existing is only consciousness. Consciousness is all that is alive. What we perceive as who we are, what life is, life’s purpose and meaning is only from humanity’s level of consciousness. If we can give some time to not think about our existence at the level of the present world and instead live in a moment of Heaven we have an opportunity to understand life greater than what we might believe we can conceive.

Living in energy means everything in matter is temporary and only existing in consciousness. Who we call self doesn’t even exist. The “self” is only a level for this part of life in the mortal world. Self is temporary and only a level giving us the way to experience our consciousness. In every new life we will have a different medium and Spirit that we call self. In living what is alive is only consciousness. The body is in consciousness and all matter is only a level of consciousness.

Human beings are in our light but living in another level of life beyond what we are seeing. They are living in a different level experiencing the mortal world through their own level of consciousness.  We are experiencing our consciousness and not the full light of their being because we can only can see them in our light. We do not see their light in its totality. We have only our level of light to live through in this life experiencing with different levels of energy that are of humanity’s collective consciousness. The Soul of everyone we see is in Heaven in a level of perfect living light.

As we are living through consciousness everything in matter is changing form based on our energy. This is how we are having matter give us matter to live through. Everything is having our consciousness living through it. There is nothing existing outside of our light. Just as God has everything only existing in his light. We are living with everything only in our light becoming God.


We have a parallel universe with different dimensions that are giving to our existence for us to live through consciousness in matter. How a parallel universe exist is in light having elements through hydrogen in levels of Gods consciousness. The universe is a holographic decimal living through certain frequencies with some beyond human consciousness in Heavens light only. The purpose of a parallel universe is for humanity’s life continuum. Every level of what one is living in their present life of Love will create what is the next level of life they live through in new consciousness.  How we are able to exist in a parallel universe is by only being conscious of one world. Every human being will only be conscious of one world unless God gives them the light to live in different levels of living. No level in life is able to experience a parallel universe without the light to live at the level of consciousness to do so. How humanity is evolving is how the parallel universe will become a greater level for humanity to learn about. Human ability is infinite provided humanity is living deep with God.

The emphasis of everything in existence is only levels of energy in levels of consciousness. If humanity is to live understanding life it will only be from the level of understanding Love, energy, and how God is reality.

Matter is a level human consciousness has taken for granted and not as the miracle it is. Humanity has always been living in matter identifying life at its level without any other level to give thought otherwise. When levels of life are only existing in their consciousness it is almost impossible to understand the level of Heaven giving life its consciousness because the mind is only existing at one level. As human beings live deeper in light and begin to explore beyond what they have thought life is existing as, they will begin to uncover a level that has been existing for a very long time giving humanity the ability to live and experience matter through ones level of consciousness.

Life will only be able to live at the level that can be conceived. There is no way for a human being to ever live beyond what they can conceive in life. This is why it is deafening important that humanity always live in possibility with a door open no matter what is living as fact. Fact is only relative to that one level of consciousness. There is no level in human consciousness that is permanent except Love. Love is all that is real and everything else is only a mirror giving us the level to see our consciousness through matter. Everything existing is relative and humanity should always consider there is another level in consciousness giving to how matter exists. There is more always beyond the present level of consciousness.

Human beings want to always try and go beyond what they think life is and the level of the world because the only way to bring into matter a greater level of life is to consciously evolve through it.  Humanity living in consciousness means conscious evolution is the only level existing to keep the human race alive on earth. Every level of what is being experienced is to live with Heaven while here on earth.

Humanity is definitely a species very blessed by God to have everything needed to live on earth and in levels of the universe. Human beings have never known the level of what being alive was until these writings. The level is one that is giving to the human race what is needed to have the ability to understand the mortal world is in Heaven and Heaven is living for every human being to realize the level of Love they are of.

Everything life is living as is only an image in the level of one’s Soul. There is no matter in existence beyond one’s light.  Living in energy is a beautiful gift to behold for it gives all life the ability to create in matter any level it can think to live through. This means the human race has the ability to live in utopia if it is able to live the level of Love for the light in consciousness to give what creates life in matter the way to live in peace.

Consciousness is all that is standing in the level of whether or not the human race lives in utopia. It will always only be consciousness that decides the fate of the human race. Consciousness is the only level building the level of the world being lived through to Heaven. Choosing God and living for Love is the way of the human race for it is the way of the world.

Life is living for humanity to experience Heaven.